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An empty cave. The cave was completely empty, apart from a lot of rocks and dust. Kenneth blinked, and cautiously took a step forward. He blinked once more, making sure he saw what was in front of him clearly. There was a wooden stake... with a dead body through it. That man on the stake looked familiar to Kenneth... it was the man from the inn! Our hero looked at the wall of the cave, only to find a message, probably written in the man's blood.

'This man is dead. You're next.' It read.

Kenneth's eyes widened. "Fik... I really have a bad feeling about this..." He said in a whisper, fear taking over his face.

There was a chuckle. A high pitched, yet devious chuckle. "Oh Kenny. You're such a fool. I was hoping it wouldn't come to this,
but you've left me no choice."

"F-Fik...?" Kenny asked, shaking. He looked around, as if he was expecting another person in the cave, or for this to all be a joke or a bad dream. Maybe he was never arrested. Maybe it was just a bad dream. Maybe it was just what happened when he drank too much apple juice before bed. This wasn't the case. This was real. Kenneth didn't want to believe it, and he closed his eyes and tried to wake himself up. He refused to believe this was actually happening. It was just a bad dream. In a matter of moments he would wake up, in his old bed with a red quilt, next to an empty mug of apple juice.

"You see, Kenneth, life is unfair. Sometimes, we have to get used to it." Fik started. "That one night, four or so years ago, I left your presence. In blood lust. I killed the people. I blamed it on you. I took your bow. I got you landed in prison. I've been deceiving you and your family your whole life, really. You're just too much of an idiot to realize it. I was never on your side. I never wanted to help you. I may be your guardian spirit, but I absolutely despise you..."

"W-Why? Why, Fik? Why would you do this?" Kenneth asked, forcing tears back. After all they had been through, it was nearly impossible to beleive the one Kenny had once called his best friend had murdered many innocent people and blamed it on him. "I thought you were my friend... my family..." He clenched his fists in pure rage, feeling a sudden adreneline rush flow through every vein in his body. "You dirty traitor!"

"I'm not a traitor, Kenneth. I was never on your side," Fik replied. "You're an idiot, boy. You're not hard to deceive. No wonder you got your blonde ass landed in prison. And now that you know everything..." He started slowly. "... I must kill you."

Kenneth shook his head, his vision becoming blurry with tears. "No... never... You won't kill me..."

"But I will. I will not hesitate to put a knife through your throat! Why won't you understand?! I'm not on your side. I was never on your side. And I will never be on your side! I'm not your friend, let alone best friend. We're not family. Now, calm down and let me kill you."

Kenneth bit his lip. He had to act. Fast. "You can't kill me if you're already dead! I'll kill you!" He yelled, pulling the blood stained, rusty sword back out of it's sheath. Fik only chuckled.

"You can't kill me. You can't even see me. How are you going to kill me, Kenny, if, techinically, I'm not even here? You've been like this for as long as I can remember. You never think things through. You never stop and think. Here's an idea. Just stay still and let me kill you. Don't worry, I'll make it quick and painless."

Kenneth shuddered, and suddenly, his whole life flashed before his eyes. All the memories... all the adventures... all the laughter, and everything in between... all lies. Fik's laughs became louder as they came closer, and Kenneth started sobbing.

"Quit crying. Shut up and let me stick this knife in your throat!"

The blonde stood up, tears streaming down his face. He scowled, stepping away from the sound of Fik's voice. "Never. A Fear will never give up, against all odds. And I swear to Thor I will kill you!"

Fik chuckled in an evil manner. "So be it then, Kenneth. You have chosen to die the hard way, and I promise you; I will not make it quick and painless. Unless you want to surrender right now." Kenneth shook his head.


"When I get my hands on you, I'll drag you all the way back to your family farm and kill you, in front of your family, friends, and that little childhood sweetheart you and your brother fought over. They will all watch you die at my hands. And then, I shall kill them. One by one."

"Bring it, deer." Kenneth replied, holding his sword out in front of him, swinging. There was a high pitched yelp, and Kenny smirked. "You've never been just a voice to the naked eye, have you? I remember all the stories when I was little. Only godly spirits could disappear completely. You've been here the whole time."

Fik laughed. "Since you're so much of a weakling, I'll show myself to you. In a human form. To give you a fair chance." A mere seconds later, a man with brown hair appeared,
in place of the deer.

Kenneth smirked. "Whatever will kill you faster." And with that statement, he struck with the sword in his hand. The human Fik ducked, pulling out an ax. And at that same moment, the two started hacking and slashing at each other like there was no tomorrow. Blood spilled everywhere. Fik was about to strike a finishing blow, when Kenneth knocked the steel ax out of his hand. He pushed the other down, sword in both hands. "Say hello to the Devil for me, would you?" he said with a tired but proud smirk. And the sword when into Fik, his eyes and mouth wide. Kenneth smiled down at the now dead Fik, deciding to just leave the sword. He made his way out of the cave, eyes sparkling with joy and a small hint of sadness.

Everyone had said revenge was a stupid waste of time, not worth getting. But to Kenneth, it was everything. And this revenge, was certainly worth getting. Killing the man -or in this case, deer- who had thrown you in prison for a crime you didn't do, was such a rewarding feeling, knowing you stood up for the families of the killed men and women, and for yourself. Though there was a feeling of emptiness filling his heart, there was also a nice, happy, proud feeling.

And this, my dear friends, is the story of Kenneth Fear and his quest for vengeance. He, against all odds, killed his best friend, and worst enemy, living to tell the heroic tale. It was a hard time, but looking at it now, he doesn't regret a thing.

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