By: Tsukiyo Spelldust

In memory of my friend Sarah


Walking along these streets in a daze

My vision is blurry from tears in my eyes

The only wish in my heart is to see your face again

I long for the days when we were together

Smile they say, but I am finding it hard to

Because I miss you so much

I miss your smiling face and the way you would laugh

My heart breaks knowing you are no longer here with me

I know in my heart you are always with me

No matter where I go you are always by my side

I smile knowing you are watching over me

And it fills my heart with pride

I know you are my guardian angel

Keeping me safe from harm

I always feel the warmth of your arms around me

Filling my heart with joy

I no longer wish to be sad

Because I know in my heart you are happy

The memories we shared will always be kept close

Because having had you in my life was truly a blessing