So much turmoil, too much contentions,

Among our family is only descension,

Families are suppose to stick together,

To help and support so no matter a problem, they may weather,

Brother, sisters, what once was close,

Family gone, no longer there–only foes,

Anger boiling, resentment clear,

Distrust abundant, hatred near,

Problems come and problems go,

Where we stand, I now know,

No need to talk, no need to see,

From my sight, just go, just flee,

No longer family, no longer friend,

Our relationship has come to a devastating end,

Sick of your mockery, tired of your abuse,

We shall separate, for you I have no use,

Go on with your life and me with mine,

I've lost everything else, the sun's lost its shine,

When I fall, just kick me down,

When I am low, keep me on the ground,

When I am hurt, inflict more pain,

So more dominance you may attain,

I can't take anymore, I am done now,

Because it doesn't matter when, why or how,

I am only dirt for you to walk upon,

I wonder who will be next when I am gone,

There's no more hope, no meaning to life,

No peace to find, no rainbow left, just strife,

There's no place left for me in this family,

So I say "Go on and go be free"

Death would be a welcome release,

Atleast then there would be some peace,

Apparently it's not in my stars,

So pierce my heart with broken shards,

Good luck to you, I wish you well,

I pray that you don't rot in HELL!