Monster within

Time is ticking, beating, wasting away. We washed our hands and cleaned our skin to mask the brutal innovations and destructions we hide inside. The fires that burn and sear, creating our own internal beasts, our monsters that we invent unleashing them onto the worlds. Time is ticking, ticking, forcing its way to the last fiber of existence and again and again tomorrow and tomorrow on our monsters build up like a putrid, vile, agonizing creature of mal content, clawing its way to the surface of our flesh.

My body feels hot, burning, searing flesh. The ground beneath my feet is on fire! My knees buckle beneath the weight of responsibility and hidden fears. I want to get away from the flames, the fire, the internal damnation! I know that I cannot escape. I look a head of me, I see the Monster I have created, and he is just standing there. Sparks of fire are blowing in front of his unjustified face. He is frozen in the darkness of inter-dimensional time, holding the fibers of his putrid existence together. I stop running and stair into his emotionless black eyes. He looks at me, burrowing into my soul, reading my flesh, devouring my hope. I am his everlasting creator; a grim smile of content obedience creeps across his molten fleshless face, obedience to the one he calls mother, to the destroyer of the world. I scream in silent agony. I want to run but I cannot move. I am frozen in the shadow of a being so far from beauty that I cannot look away. Vicious and rabid my monster and my destiny are intertwined. Lava protrudes from its mouth, the fiery monster laughs, spewing its vile over the surface of the world.

The lava skulks towards me, wishing to consume my body. I can feel the heat of his decomposing breath protruding my flesh, scraping at my eye balls, exhausting them to thirst. I can smell his stench of death; I stood there and watched the mayhem and destruction with every step he took towards me.

My clothes went up in flames; the molten rock he spews surrounded my feet and ankles, melting my skin. The smoke of his breath fills my lungs suffocating my screams. His voice filled my ears, his whispers of love churning my stomach to sickness. My eyes burned, my surroundings were falling down around me. Yet, I was content standing in front of my monster my beautiful creation. He grabbed my hand in his, and our skin fused together, my face melted, I was consumed by his presence. We stood, comatose in the perfect storm.