There was blood everywhere.

On the ceiling, on the walls, and on the floor. And on that floor lay the dead bodies of her servants, friends, and family.

The girl rushed to her parents' room. Wanting—no, needing to know if they were all right. She swears to Death, if something happened to them, she would—

The young girl fell to her knees. Her innocent eyes had witnessed some stranger stab her mother right through her heart. Her father, on the other hand, was on his knees clutching his armless shoulder in pain.

"FATHER!" The child shouted in despair.

"Celestia!?" Her father's head snapped to her direction before remembering the situation. "RUN!" He ordered.

"Ho?" A man turned to her. He had striking blood-red eyes and jet-black hair. A smirk was adorning his pale face. He wore a suit, his dress shirt was unbuttoned and bloody, the jacket was shredded and torn. And yet, not a single injury could be spotted on his body.

"Run Celestia!" Her father yelled once more. However, his plead fell on deaf ears as his daughter just knelt there seemingly frozen whilst staring into the stranger's eyes.

"For Death's sake, run before he kills you!" He shouted once again. This time, it was enough to snap the girl out of her trance.

The girl's eyes widened in recognition. This man in front of her was an Assassin! She had heard of them from her maid. Her dead maid.

Her eyes then wandered to her mother's corpse, the sword was still stabbing right through her. Then, they wandered to her father. He was definitely weakening from the blood loss and would probably die from it.

Finally, his body couldn't take it anymore causing him to collapse. The Assassin was quick to act and immediately pulled the sword out of the woman's body. He would be the one to kill his prey. He turned to the almost-dead man. "Before I finish you off, mind telling me this?" He spoke in a stern voice. "Why did you abandon me, Father?" Celestia's eyes widened once more when the Assassin referred to her father as his father.

"We… didn't." The girl's father said weakly. "I-it was you… who drifted from us…"

"SILENCE!" The Assassin exclaimed, cutting their father's head off. He then turned to his sister. Her eyes were filled with fear and confusion. "What's with that face little sister?" He asked, emphasizing 'little sister.' "It's me, your older brother Francisco." Francisco spoke in a sickeningly sweet voice. "I'm known as the 'Hunter.'" He said proudly before smirking, blood thirst evident.

Celestia stared into her brother's blood-red eyes as he lifted his sword over his head. The girl couldn't move, nor scream, fore her entire body been rendered immobile by fear.

He smirked the same smirk he wore before he killed her father.

He killed her father.

And mother.

For only one reason: Revenge.

… Revenge…

It sounded absolutely wonderful…