I'm exhausted and oh so tired,

Of being tied down in all muck and mire,

I'm sick of hearing "you never do right,"

I've had enough of this constant fight,

Calm and peace eludes my grasp,

A broken shell, a tattered clasp,

No such luck, no happenstance,

I can no longer do this insidious dance,

Leave me alone, stay out of my life,

I am tired of you and your nagging strife,

Too many feelings, too many emotions,

Stay your incessant commotions,

Anxiety and despair you always bring,

And kills my heart with a resounding sting,

My nerves are shot, my sanity frayed,

I have to wonder why I have stayed,

I'm finally tired of all your shit,

Your words are like a sword , a hit,

A whole new life I wish to start,

Where tranquility and joy is in my heart,

Me, the boys–no longer your family,

From your tyrannical reign, I want to be free,

I'm not you door mat, I'm not your dirt,

I'm done with your constant hurt,

I'm not human by your gaze,

An end has come to your terror ways,

Whether I succeed or I do fail,

It won't be determined by your icy wail,

To love me, to accept me as I am, I so want,

Without my past for you to always flaunt,

I am who I am, like it or not,

Lets begin again, we can be taught,

If we fail, my words are for naught,

Baby steps first then we will see,

If we can overcome and be a family,

And if we can't, I will say goodbye,

With a deep regret and a disheartened sigh,

I'm not you whipping girl anymore,

I'm done with it to my deepest core,

Now if I can make myself believe,

May some sanity I will receive,

Your days of abuse is unbearably bad,

I'm finished with it–no more to be had,

Here's my LAST warning to you:

"I'm done! NO more! I AM THRU!

This poem is not about an ex boyfriend or my sons father as it appears to be. Actually this is about my sisters and my brother–especially my brother.

I have and always have had a very dysfunctional family dynamic.