The Invisible Scar.

We were taught to lead a virtuous life.
It doesn't matter whether you're known for it or not.
Yet everyone shows off their great deeds,
and is in turn praised for it a lot.

Everyone is a hypocrite,
too scared of standing up for the right.
They are scared of what is in front of them,
out in plain sight.

Yet they shamelessly try to hide,
every real part of themselves.
Doing all the things that make everyone else happy.

Everyone wants the advantage,
the upper hand.
But did they ever stop and think that
what may seem like gold may only be worth sand.

Long forgotten what counts,
what matters is only the image stuck on people's eyes.
But did they ever stop to think that maybe, they weren't right?

Always doing to pleasing other,
forgetting to please one's own self.
Is this really the outcome of modern thoughts?

Maybe we should stop thinking.
That way, at least there won't be a wrong.
We could then speak the truth and sing our own songs.

No one ever sees the truth;
they are very far,
deep inside the back of our brains,
deep inside the invisible scar.