A/N: Hello! Disgusting Puppy here with more horror! This here is a collection of very short scary stories, like the ones were use to tell to fellow classmates when we were little. Of course they're very short and have the same cheap and cliche scares we use to make up. They're not meant to be adult horror, more like children's scary stories. Please enjoy!

If there was one thing Ana enjoyed about babysitting her younger sister, was taking a shower. Of course during shower time Ana was completely alone, no matter where she went in the house Beth, her sister, followed. So naturally she was grateful the solitude she had in the shower.

Ana stood in the shower letting her mind wander as warm water cascaded over her. Her trail of thought soon faded away as she heard the door knob rattle. With a frown on her face she sighed, "Beth, leave me alone, just wait for bit till I'm done ok?"

Suddenly the door opened up, followed by the sound of giggling and small feet on the tiles.

"Beth get of here!", Ana reached for the curtain as she let out a groan.

Suddenly there was knocking on the door and a very familiar whine.

"Ana! Ana! Hurry up in there I need to go potty!"

Beth? She's not in here? But then…who is?

The giggling was getting louder now.