A/N : Damn. So I know this isn't a chapter post (obviously), but what went through my mind today could not go unspread to all my glorious peeps.

Serious shit.

So my sis was having her hair cut at a salon, and the hairdresser had to step in between me and her to blow her properly. (Oi. Get your mind out of the gutter. I'm talking about BLOWING HER HAIR. You perv) And it just so happened, that his ass was practically in my face. And the first few thoughts that went through my mind were :

1 - damn. he's got a nice ass.


2 - I bet he's gay.

Why do I always assume that any guy with a nice ass is gay?

Maybe it was because he was a hairdresser.

Am I being very stereotypical?

Or maybe it was because he was wearing skinny jeans and had the most gayest accent of all gay men. I kid you not. He went all "Honey, sweetheart, you've got to take care of your hair more!" Hand fling and all.

Also, my other sister was cooking wedges for my mum while she went to do some other sexist woman job, and she (my sister) burned one side of most of the wedges. When my mum came back, she said, and I quote, "You've burned everything!"

Which my sister promptly replied, "No, it's a perfect golden brown." With flourish, if I might add.

Then I thought : this would be a perfect way to stall my readers who were about to kill me for not updating (if any. I like to dream. Don't judge me.) Also, I just wanted to give you guys a good laugh. Also, because my family can't take my humour. I have weird humour. Do you think I have weird humour?

You know what? Don't even answer that previous question.