Epilogue - Medals and Rings

We were called in before parliament, originally the academy had three companies of operators. Now we had one and a half, Able Company got hit the worst. The sixteen squads were down to around twelve. Four squads, nearly twenty men and women, gone before their time. "Regiment!" Chief Master Sergeant Green yelled, "Attention!" the one simulaneous clomp on the ground, the tight drill, "Regiment, Forward March!" We received a standing ovation as we enterred the Canadian House of Parliament. The Queen and Harper were standing in the speakers booth. "Regiment, halt!"

"Please be seated," Harper called, "Ladies and Gentlemen, the SOCOM Academy has trained a fine group of military Special Operations Operators, how ever, upon their baptism by fire, the group succeeded at what we thought was impossible, regardless of losing twenty of their own, intotal, they racked up body counts of over a thousand Chinese soldiers, among these operators are a small group of Canadians, Seven Canadian operators were apart of the operation, only three survived. Today we are here to thank those three for there invaluable service to the commonwealth in the launching of Operation Reprimand," He paused and looked at the regiment, "Master Corporal Troy EJ MacMullin, Third Squad, First Platoon," he again paused, "When the Oxide One one went down, Oxide two one, under the command of Master Corporal MacMullin took over the entire western flank assault of Drop zone two alpha. Even though they had encountered heavy resistance and lost two of their own, the Master Corporal led his squad to the Rally Point with unwaivering discipline and unbreakable dedication to getting the job done. Master Corporal MacMullin and his squad have eached earned the Ribbon of Valour, as a thank you,"

"Squad, Right, Turn!" I yelled, "By the center quick march!" We marched infront of the booth, "Mark time, march!" I paused, "Squad, halt, right turn," I paused, "To the front, salute!"

We didn't bow infront of the queen, when the prime minister nodded

"Sir, bowing is for the ones who don't hold themselves in high regard."

"Thank you for your service," he pinned the ribbon on my chest, I saluted again, then he turned to Raptor, "Master Corporal Brandon Harvey, we're proud of you, and your team,"

"Thank you sir,"

Then he went to Reaper, "Son, " he paused, "Your the youngest one in the company, now the youngest one to wear this Ribbon, show it proudly,"

"Yes sir,"

He turned back to the camera's and crowd, "if you'd all stand," the roomed shuffled, "Ladies and gentlemen, we cannot all get awards for valour, even though every man and woman in this outfit has shown it, I would like to present Master Corporal MacMullin with a Commonwealth Citation for the SOCOM Academy Special Operations Training Detachment. Master Corporal,"

I stepped up to the Mic, "For distinction, and unprecedented bravery in a time of crisis and war, the Royal British Commonwealth, under Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second, awards the SOCOM Academy Special Operations Training Detachment the Commonwealth Cross."

An applause erupted in the crowd as the squad marched back to the formation. "Regiment, attention!" the Sergeant yelled, "To the rear, march!"

We left the room. As quickly as it had started, it had ended.

5 Months Later: AFB MacDill;

Kirsten and I sat on the beach watching the sunset over the city. The threat and the fight was gone, the Chinese were getting their ass kicked on their home turf now. We didn't have to worry about a thing right now. It was the perfect time for me to set the rest of my life into motion, she was laying back on my chest, relaxing. "Do you think you'll ever depoly again?"

"Don't know at this point," I paused, "I've been looking at my future and there's a few things I want to be constant."

"What do you mean?"

"Do you ever think about the future Kirsten, like what you want, who you want?"

"What are you saying Troy, your not making much sense."

I reached into my pocket and pulled out the velvet case inside. "Kirsten, I've been thinking about us since I was deployed, and now there is no way I could probably live with out you." She gasped, and turned around, she knew what was about to happen, "Kirsten, hell or high water we'll make it work," I smiled, the next part I had to draw up the courage to say, "Will you marry me?"

She beamed, not knowing what to say or how to say it, she jumped on me and kissed me, nearly knocking the case out of my hand, "Yes, I will, yes,"

What she didn't know was that my phone was transmitting back to the barrack, they wanted to know the moment it happened, hell even the Colonel was there, I had set up a surprise party if she said yes. I wanted her to know how much I cared for her and that there was nothing I wouldn't do for her.

-Dedicated to Kirsten-

No matter where I am deployed, no matter how long I am overseas

I will always come home to you

For Ever Love