Chapter 1

Elizabeth, daughter of Hades (God of the Dead), rose up out of the Underworld, into the Mortal world that was filled with a thousand golden leaves that were swirling angrily in the wind.
She'd rose up outside Brighton in the countryside; just over the small hill that she could see, her best friend's cottage was situated – Deniz and her younger sister Kenie (Ken-i) lived there; they were both daughters of Poseidon (God of the Sea) and through that meant that were also cousins.
She set off for the house; the closer she got the sharper the wind became and soon she could smell the salt in the air, coming from the sea. A few more steps and she was there – the landscape was suddenly painted out before her.
The luscious jade grass was spread beautifully out below before the creamy, pale shore took its place, until that too was swallowed by the sparkling, sapphire water that shimmered like glass in the burning sunlight.
Elizabeth could see a figure down at the water's edge and she saw the sunlight reflect off hair the colour of cinnamon – Deniz. Elizabeth smiled before making the journey down to the sea. She never made a sound when she walked but Deniz had a sixth sense; she knew when someone was coming up behind her or when something was going to happen.
"Heya Liz." Deniz grinned when Elizabeth was a few steps away.
"Hi Dee. How are you?" She asked, as she kicked off her flip-flops, and they began to paddle in the sea.
"I'm great. How about you?" Dee questioned, concerned, her aqua eyes filled with compassion directed towards Elizabeth.
"Same old, same old." Elizabeth shrugged, brushing off Deniz's concern.
"As long as you're coping." Deniz checked, infuriatingly compassionate.
"Dee, for the love of Hades', I'm fine." Elizabeth stressed, her head in her hands.
"Okay, okay. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you." Deniz apologised, putting her arm around Elizabeth.
"I'm okay. Now stop pestering me, Sea-Girl." Elizabeth laughed, splashing water at Deniz.
She laughed, her aqua eyes glinting playfully. "Do you really want to start that again?" She asked, calling on her power over water and causing a wave to knock Elizabeth over.
She got up, spluttering and sent a wall of 'death' at Deniz; for those of you who are wondering, a wall of death is a rush of air that will make normal mortals (you and me, for example), overcome by a wave of fatigue; this wave of fatigue, if it is strong enough, can stop the heart. However, if sent at a God/Goddess, like Deniz, it will only slow them down a little, and maybe stop their powers a little; depending on the strength of the person sending the Wall and the power of the person receiving it.
Elizabeth and Deniz were both equally matched and Deniz stumbled a little on the wave she had created, before it collapsed completely, and she was dumped into the water.
Elizabeth held open her hand and her beloved blade, a Stygian Iron sword, flew out of the ground and into her hand.
"Haha, alright then, we'll play that way!" Deniz laughed, the waves rising up and her favourite sword, a Celestial Bronze blade, with aqua-coloured jewels in the hilt, formed straight out of the water. Elizabeth felt a stab of jealousy before she pushed it down as the two blades clanged.
The girls parried and strike, in a continuous pattern; at a random point, one of the two would use their own magical speciality to throw the other off balance.
"Caught." Deniz laughed, as she knocked her best friend's blade out of her hand and put her blade at Elizabeth's throat.
"Nice." Elizabeth grinned, pushing the blade away from her throat and sitting down in the surf, as the ground around them rippled and a woman with glossy, creamy, golden-blonde hair that looked as smooth as silk and mossy green eyes, rose up from the ground.
Elizabeth sighed as she stood up. "Hi Mom." She muttered, not looking the woman in the eye.
"You're Father forbade this, Kynthia." The woman glared, her eyes glowing.
"I don't care. Deniz is my best friend, and my name is Elizabeth, not Kynthia." She snapped, and the woman snarled.
"Watch your step, child. Your Father might be lenient when it comes to you, but I am not. If he says you cannot come here, then you cannot come here." She spat, grabbing the girl by her jacket and the two of them sunk in the ground.
"Bye, Elizabeth!" Deniz called, as she watched her friend sink beneath the ground.

Author's Note:

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