Chapter 2

"Kynthia, I expected better than this from you." Hades sighed, as Kynthia scowled, glaring at the floor. "Kynthia, look at me, when I'm speaking to you." Hades ordered, and Kynthia sulkily met his dark eyes, as black as night.
"I've told you before not to visit the surface of the Earth and especially not to visit them." Hades scolded her and Elizabeth's face darkened.
"They, are my best friends and my family." Elizabeth snarled and Leto growled, deep in her throat, from behind Hades' throne.
"Now, now." Hades calmed his wife, and regarded Elizabeth, his head tilted to one side. "You disappoint me, Kynthia. I thought we had a true daughter of Hades' here, but apparently not." Hades sighed, clearly disappointed. Elizabeth knew she should probably be upset and stung by her Father's words, but she was too angry with her parents to care.
"Leto, take Kynthia to her room." Hades ordered, turning away from Elizabeth completely and Leto materialised next to her, grabbing her arm and pulling her out of Hades' favourite room, past the skeletal guards and out into the Black Orchard.
"Oh and take off those ridiculous clothes and put some proper 'godly' clothes on!" Hades shouted after the pair and Elizabeth tried to keep her temper from flaring.

"Urgh!" Elizabeth exclaimed, slamming her fists against her solid brick wall, startling her Teumessian Fox, Flynn, who was snoozing in his bed. He glared at Elizabeth reproachfully and she smiled, stroking his gorgeous red fur. He closed his eyes happily, sighing in delight and Elizabeth laughed.
"What are you going to do?" Flynn asked her and she shrugged.
"I don't know. Not much really I can do, is there? If I keep sneaking out, Father will, eventually, lock me in here. And that is not cool – I hate this room." Elizabeth sighed looking around – her room was made out of solid brick and the door opened sideways but that could easily be stopped by Hades, if he so wished. There weren't many furnishings in the room – two beds (Elizabeth's and Flynn's), a wardrobe and a bookshelf, filled with more books than you'd ever seen in your life; Elizabeth had read them all.
Flynn's intelligent golden eyes looked up at Elizabeth's sad grey ones and he pounced off the bed, wagging his furry tail. "Let's go see Pegasus. He always knows what to do." Flynn suggested but Elizabeth hesitated.
"C'mon – it's not like we're going to see any of the actual Gods – it's only Pegasus." Flynn pointed out and Elizabeth smiled.
"Alright then. Let's go." She said, grabbing her bag and shoving her latest book in there, (Noughts & Crosses) before pressing her hand against the opening wall – it slid open smoothly and she followed Flynn out, ignoring the feeling in the pit of her stomach that was protesting against this idea.