There once was a man named Jack O'Brien. He was a mean spirited, greedy man. Name a sin, Jack probably has committed it. Murder, theft, lying and others that would be too uncomfortable to talk about.

But his favourite? The one he loved the most? Cheating. Jack loved to cheat people out of things. Money, cars, the deeds to their homes and drinks at the local bar. Jack was well known across the state by the time he turned twenty five, so he went further afield. Despite his reputation, Jack still found a way to cheat people out of what he wanted. It came to the stage where Jack boasted he could cheat the Devil himself. Of course, it didn't take long for this bit of news to reach the Devil.

Now, the Devil loved four things. A sinner, an arrogant person, a challenge and a good deal. Jack was most defiantly a sinner. He was arrogant and he offered a challenge. Three out of the four things he loved, how could the Devil refuse? So the Devil made his way to the town where Jack lived, using the name Harry O. Turnbull. He sat at the bar every night for a week, waiting for Jack to arrive, for Jack was in another part of the state, cheating someone out of the deeds to their oil rich land. When Jack did arrive, the devil staggered up to him, pretending to be drunk and presented him with a card that read: "H. O. Turnbull. Investment Banker."

"You wanna talk to old Harry?" the Devil asked Jack.

"It would be my pleasure," Jack answered.

Authors Note: Since Halloween is so near, I thought I would write this version of the story of Jack O'Latern. More chapters to follow if you think its good.