My name is Kornev Willows. I was born on 29th of February, so I am known as special. Special is the nicest way to put it. As you can see, I have no face. Wait, you can't. After all, I am a fictional story character. Yes, I know who you all are. Human writers are so blissfully unaware about us.

But this is about me, isn't it? So, I am a faceless human being. What am I going to do about it? Nothing. Yep. Nothing. I like it as the way I am. After all, I have friends, acing my studies and happy as a twelve year old could be. But on my thirteenth birthday, I was visited by a couple of suited men who tried to kill me. Sick, right?

Anyway, if I really got killed, I wouldn't be writing this, twenty years later, right? I easily dispatched them. I didn't mean to. But the moment they laid a finger on me, my instincts told me to fight. My mind seemed to have a random murder instinct. Ever since then, I had always wanted to turn back time and undo what I had done. But I when had the chance to do it, I didn't. And I wondered what would have happened if I did.

I was happily married, had two kids and a caring wife. I had never wanted to bring my past to my children, but when my wife died in a shooting, what could I do? I had to teach them how to fight. But that's another story. To begin that story, I have to start with mine.

It was a sunny day in July...