WARNING: This is old and doesn't quite follow the improved plot and dialogue in my latest version of the comic I've written...but for now I don't plan on keeping this out here for long, or continuing on to post this. So as soon as I post chapter 2, no more will be updated. But I hope to rewrite this and continue in writing it to make the entire enthralling epic of Telepath.

Chapter One

"Telepath..." Murmered the wind, as a brown wolf with a silver collar stood in the open moonlight. The mystical winds blew and continued to call her name. The she-wolf closed her eyes and lifted her head, allowing the wind to flow freely through her neck. She released a great howl, and to her it seemed this world was the only thing she needed to be happy. When she stopped, she saw a Two-Legged One coming toward her. It seemed to say, "Come with me, Telepath." Telepath followed the figure, and together they raced across the open valley floor.

The voices she had heard before grew louder. "Telepath..." She came to a stop. The Two-Legged One disappeared in a mist. Telepath caught her breath. "Telepath? Where are you?" said the voice. "Telepath..." The mists were surrounding her. "Hey! Where are you, whoever you are?" a bedazzled Telepath wondered aloud. Then was the utter, total blackness.

"TELEPATH!" shouted an angry voice. Telepath's eyes opened in an instant, and she was knocked to her side. Telepath looked up into the black-and-white face and blue eyes of-her own mother, Destiny.

"What the!...Oh, Mom. It's just you."

Destiny removed herself from her daughter. "We've been looking for you all morning! It's time to go hunting."

Telepath breathed a sigh of exasperation. "Mom, look. I don't want to go hunting. Why can't we be like the Two-Legged Ones? You know, just walk in and eat what has already been prepared?"

"Because Two-Legged Ones are lazy! They don't hunt and cook for themselves for survival like they used to!" Destiny snapped. "You should embrace your wolf heritage. Come and hunt."

Telepath growled underneath her breath and followed her mother, neck down and eyes narrowed. Destiny was an excellent hunter, her black fur blending with the shadows and rocks near the Deep Forest. The Deep Forest was a forbidden place... full of monsters, as Destiny put it. She did not allow her pups, Telepath and Keven(who was younger than Telepath and born on a different day) to enter that wood.

Destiny was also a temperamental wolf, as most males underestimate this quality by her beauty. Her face had several scars(mostly on her ears and around her nose and eyes), and underneath her sleek black pelt, heathy muscles could be seen.

Telepath had quite a bit of her mother's personality(stubbornness and unpredictability) and often dreamt of being like the Two-Legged Ones(which was unlike her mother, as Destiny strongly opposed their kind). She wore an odd, silver collar of sorts around her neck. There was a goldish-yellow attatchment on the front of the collar, with an empty space in its center about the size of a large bouncing ball. Telepath had no idea where it came from or how she aquired it.(Read on, and maybe there will be a purpose revealed)

Destiny and Telepath moved behind a rock, where young Keven was waiting. He had tan fur, with brown markings on his ears, around his eyes, and on his tail-tip. There was even some brown on his belly. He had Destiny's blue eyes(Telepath had her father's amber eyes) and was wearing a collar identical to Telepath's.

"Well, family, are we ready to go?" Destiny asked. Eager Keven wagged his tail. "Yes, Momma!" he whimpered happily.

Destiny waved her tail and beckoned for the pups to follow. After walking for a while, she picked up the scent of a young deer.

She bent down low, and she and Keven stalked the beast. Telepath(as you might have guessed) Was not paying attention to the deer. She had spotted a prey a little more challenging(to her, that is). It was a plump rabbit, its nose twitching. Telepath, instead of stalking like a proper wolf, dashed right after it. The rabbit took off in an instant. Telepath was on its tail.

They dashed accross the open ground, and Telepath was so intensely focused on the chase that she scarcely noticed the crunching of twigs beneath her paws or the thick cover of trees above her head. At last, she was close enough to pounce! She leapt up, outstretched her claws, and landed on- dirt and twigs! She stood up, covered in dust.

"Ugh! Missed it! See what I mean, Mom?" When there was no reply, Telepath repeated, "Mom?" She turned around. "Keven? Anybody?" She saw nothing but empty trees, engulfed in total darkness. She felt her heart beat faster in fear.

A sudden noise nearly spooked Telepath out of her wits. It was followed by a low growling noise, coming from a bush to her right. Telepath looked in that direction. "Okay, guys, this isn't funny!" she muttered, glaring at the bush. Her voice slightly trembled as she spoke. What she saw was unlike anything she had ever seen! It was at least seven feet tall, and resembled some sort of lizard, except with fangs and glowing red eyes.

"This must be the Deep Forest," Telepath thought, suddenly coming to reality.

Back in the Grassy Valley, Destiny and Keven had brought down the young deer. They were just about to dig in when Keven noticed something different.

"Mom, where's Telepath?"

Destiny looked up. "Telepath? Are you there?" When there was no reply, destiny walked a little ways back where they had come from, her scarred nose to the ground. After tracking their way back, Destiny stopped. "I've found Telepath's scent." She sniffed again. "Hare. And it smells as if she was chasing it..." Destiny looked up. Straight in front of her lay the Deep Forest, its trees' leaves falling to the ground. "Oh, no.."

Keven looked at his frantic mother. "What is it? Where is she?"

Destiny trotted back to Keven. "Just come on," she muttered, then forced the pup along with her big, white paw.

"But, Mom..." Keven complained. Destiny was silent.

Meanwhile, in the Deep Forest, a black wolf watched from the safety of a tree. He was sleek and agile-looking. The strangest thing was, however, the collar he wore around his neck. It looked mysteriously like the collar worn around Telepath's own neck. But from the center, however, a perfectly round, red stone fit where the empty place should have been.

"Interesting," he murmered to himself. "Let's see how she copes."

But as Telepath looked up into the eyes of that monster, she was frozen. The creature made no move against her as she stared.

The dark wolf sighed and rolled his eyes. "She obviously doesn't know about the enchantings of the beasts in this forest. I have to stop her." He leapt down from his perch. "PSSST!" he spat through his teeth. Telepath broke her gaze, and saw the wolf for the first time. He motioned with his head for Telepath to follow. At almost the same moment, the monster roared, and slashed with its claws. Telepath narrowly escaped, the beast's claws just missing her tail.

The black wolf turned tail and ran, Telepath two wolf-lengths or so behind him. "Good," Telepath thought, "I can finally get out of this forest." But Telepath soon realized that, she was not being led out of the Deep Forest, but further in!

Telepath followed the wolf untill the land grew dark and rocky. Steep, craggy rocks soon surrounded her on either side, untill she found she was in a cave. She stopped, suddenly realizing she could not see a thing. "Hey! Where'd you go?" she cried. But the black wolf was gone. Not even a pawstep was heard.

"Never mind," thought Telepath, "I can find my own way out." Then, making sure that wolf could hear her, she howled, "WHO NEEDS HIM ANYWAY?"

The black wolf (who was, in fact, still in the cave) cocked his head back.

Telepath gave a prompt "hmph!" and trotted off.

The wolf licked his nose, and stood. He looked down at the proud wolf and shook his head. "Telepath, whether you realize it or not..." He squeezed out a gap in the cave wall. "You need me."

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