Chapter 2, your last update in this version of Telepath's story. I will be trying to come up with a new way to write this little adventure, because this plot and the new plot simply don't match as well. I wrote this when I was twelve or thirteen, so I think It's pretty good for that young...

Chapter 2

Telepath was becoming frustrated. She was sure she had been in that cave for hours. "If I'm in this blasted cave for another hour, I'm going to be blind." She sighed and showed her teeth.

Telepath sniffed the air. She started in excitement. Instead of the damp, musty smell she had been smelling, it smelled crisp and clear. She looked up. A pale light was shining near directly in front of her. Telepath ran to it, but slowed her pace, knowing there could be a steep fall between her and the light.

As the wolf neared the light, it became obvious that what she was seeing was not daylight. Telepath was going to turn around, but she seemed drawn to the light. A wolf-like shape stood in front of the light. Telepath came to a dead stop. The other wolf's eyes glowed amber.

"Come, young wolf," it said. The voice was deep and calm. Telepath took another weary step. "I won't bite, you are needed alive. I am not your enemy," he spoke calmly. Telepath saw his head cock to the side.

Telepath narrowed her eyes. Being the type of wolf that she was, she stepped boldly toward the wolf. She came closed and closer, all the time keeping her gaze aimed at those amber eyes. She was, soon enough, close enough to see the wolf. He was a gray color, with brown marks on his nose, ears, and belly. He was elderly looking, but looked strong just the same. And...he TOO had a silver collar! It contained an orange stone.

Behind the wolf was that light. The light(strangely enough) was eminating from a shiny sword. The sword's blade was a glittering silver. The handle was a pure gold color, and around the top of the handle were stones- red, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, and black. One stone appeared to be missing.

"This," said the gray wolf, "is Code Sword. Tell it your name."

Telepath stared at him as if he had just sprouted wings. "You mean... tell you my name?" she asked, hoping she was right.

"No. The sword."

Telepath rolled her eyes. "I hope this guy knows how STUPID this is..." she thought. "Telepath." she growled under her breath.

The light cut off almost immediately. After about ten seconds, the whole cave lit up! It began to shake, shattering telepath and everything else. The furious shaking grew more and more violent.

"Be strong!" screeched the gray wolf. Telepath could barely keep her feet on the ground. At that moment, the rocks shattered into pieces, and flew everywhere. Telepath screamed as she lost her footing, and flew with the rocks into the abyss. Slamming her head against hard ground, Telepath blacked out.

It was raining. a cold, fat raindrop landed directly on Telepath's nose. she opened her eyes. "Boy, do I feel strange..." she muttered. She shook the raindrop off her nose. She looked at her paws. But there were no paws to be seen! instead, she saw an arm-like that of a Two-Legged One's! It was black, and at about elbowlength, a silver, double-flared glove was there. It was red around its edges, with a red streak down the center, ending at the third finger. She lifted herself up to a sitting position. She looked in front of herself and saw two legs- shiny black, with the same kind of knee-length boots as gloves, double-flare and all!

Telepath was confused. "Am I... a Two-Legged One?" she wondered aloud. She felt her head. She could make out two distinct cone-shaped ears. She could still see a brown muzzle and black nose. She looked behind herself. besides a lond red cape, a furry brown tail could be seen. "Well, at least not completely."

(Telepath's costume consists of being completely black, with a silver belt. Starting at the collar((the same as before)) ran a thick red streak, slanting and spreading out around the end, stopping completely around half the costume. She had the flared gloves and boots. Around her head was a red headband, and behind her flowed a long red cape. She looked to be seventeen.)

She attemped to stand on two legs. With much effort(and about twenty falls) she was finally able to gain her balance. She found she had a much larger panorama of the world around her. She took a step, and found she could walk. She took a few more slow steps, becoming slightly faster every few, untill Telepath found she was quite confident with walking.

Telepath walked past some trees, picking an apple off one. She suddenly stepped on something hard. She lost her balance and fell once more. She looked directly in front of her. It was that sword! It was definitely the same sword that had glowed so brilliantly in the cave, but it looked like an ordinary, beautiful sword. Next to the sword lay a round, blue stone like the ones in the other two wolves' collars.

"So it wasn't all a dream," Telepath thought, lifting the sword in her hands.

The black wolf was sitting behind a tree. "If it was all a dream you wouldn't look like that, Telepath," he thought back, as if he had heard her mind.

Telepath seemed to have heard his thoughts. "Hey! who said that?" She yelled. The black wolf was startled. Telepath whipped her head in his direction. Her eyes burned with fury.

"Were you spying on me?" She snarled.

The black wolf's collar-stone began to glow a bright red. He was suddenly tall and standing on two legs, in a red costume with a belt appearing to be made of chainmail, and from there up to his collar was a thick stripe of chainmail. He wore orange boots with yellow rims, and at the bottom of each was a small, yellow, six-pointed star emblem. They were also on either side of his chainmail stripe, just above two jagged lightning marks cutting through the middle, and on two orange wristbands. He also wore a red headband, except it had two flowing, red streaks, as if it had been tied. The wolf's orange eyes glowed with amusement.

"Will you kill me if I say yes?" He asked, a hint of mischief in his voice.

Telepath was NOT amused. "YES!" She screamed.

The black wolf turned around and started to leave. "Allright..." he muttered. Then, the wolf whipped around, fire in his eyes.

"Defend yourself!" He pointed a sword in her direction. It was more or less an ordinary looking sword. But, Telepath (who had no experience with a sword at all) stood there and looked shocked.

"What have I gotten myself into?" She thought.

The mischievous glint returned to the wolf's eyes. "Don't worry. I'll go easy on you, since you're a girl."

Telepath took this as an insult. "YOU'RE GONNA EAT THOSE WORDS, BLINKY!" she yelled, in his face.

The black wolf blinked, utterly clueless. "Was it something I said?"

Telepath sighed in exasperation. "Duh! You're a jerk."

The wolf ignored her remark. Instead, he put down his sword and changed the subject. "Speaking of eat, how about we go on a little hamburger date later? Just you and me?"

Telepath glared in his direction. "I'm not hungry..." she growled.

"You will be, after training," the wolf stated simply, tossing the blue stone up and down.

Telepath was not amused at the mention of training. "No way! If I have to spend another second with you, I sware, I'll... blow up!" She took her sword, and began to walk quickly in the other direction.

"Wait!" The black wolf shouted. "You need this!" He held out the blue stone. Telepath did not even look back at him.

When she had gone, the wolf sighed and dropped his arm. "Nicely done," he muttered to himself. "Not only did you miss your chance to train the Chosen One, you missed out on one great hamburger date."

Telepath ran as fast and far as she could. She soon emerged outside the Deep Woods. She stopped, and caught her breath. As she stood, panting heavily, a shadow covered her whole body. She nearly stopped breathing as she slowly lifted her head. There was a huge, slimy creature, looking about twenty feet tall. It had extremely sharp claws and teeth, and too many legs for Telepath to count! Before she could even make a move, it brought down its huge, awful claws down on her. Telepath screamed.

The black wolf was out in the forest. He heard Telepath's scream. "Telepath!" he said, turning in the direction of the sound. The old gray wolf's words echoed in his head.

"Protect the Chosen One..." The wolf's eyes blazed with determination.

"I'm coming, Telepath!" He ran off into the dark.

Telepath is the Chosen One. *stare* OK, you'll find out what that means after I update in my official one I'll call "Telepath". That's why this one says "original"... O.o

Hope you enjoyed, please don't kill me for leaving you on a permanent cliffhanger. Bye. XD