In this world, there are many forms of torture, but none so sinister, so evil, as the eternal prison. The torture you endure within this wall-less institution is one that no one should have to suffer through. The worst part about it, however, is realizing that there is no escape, and that the only reason that you are there, is because you chose it.

The pain that one feels cannot be described in words, for it is one that must be felt firsthand. The reason why this pain is indescribable is because there is no such word to describe the feeling you get when you lose everything, and, in return, gain nothing but a contract, a contract of immortality.

How can you describe the pain you feel when the ones you love grow old and die, right before your eyes, all while you stay the same? How do you describe the feeling of warmth on your skin when the blood that runs through your veins are as cold as ice? How do you describe the pain that is felt during one's final hour, only for that hour to pass and still be able to stand? How can you describe the feeling and pain of cold, sharp steel, slowly being drawn across your throat, only to live and breathe once more? In this, eternal prison, there is no escape, there is only what's ahead.