A/N This one's about my history teacher. He's the nicest, sweetest guy you'll ever meet in your life. So, I wrote a poem about him. An appreciation poem. My first try at writing this poem made me sound like I was helplessly in love with him. But thank goodness, I edited it, and ended up with this. Hope you like it!

His encouraging smile

Pushing us to go on

Linking our lives

To the content of the books


The mere presence of his

Making the lesson fun

Economic, social, political

We all found it fascinating


With passion burning in his eyes

Educating us about things outside the textbook

Giving us knowledge

About the vast world around us


This teacher of ours

For his wisdom and guidance

For instilling a love for history in us

We owe him all our gratitude

A/N Well, that was it. I'm really not exaggerating his qualities. He's really really nice and sweet, and he has a great sense of humour, and he's really wise, and so on. He's really that awesome. Well, I hope you guys liked it! Thanks for reading and leave a review!