People do such drastic things to get away from the pain.

Adalia Ray knew she was a hypocrite. She always tried to make people happy, tried to save them. Yet truth be told, she could hardly save herself. Death was such a pretty little thing. Why couldn't she have a part of it? Adalia knew that people had needed her. She knew she had to live for people she could help. Only sometimes, the urge was too strong. Today was one of those days. Today, Adalia was finally going to do it. Finally giving in. Suicide. It seemed so... so beautiful, so final. She liked the finality of it. Maybe she'd be missed, maybe she wouldn't. What did she care?

Adalia did care though. Some people would be lost after her death. Some would feel guilt. She just didn't want to leave in a wake of strong, negative emotions.

But she wouldn't care, now would she? She'd be dead. No more worries. Maybe there was no bliss in death, but there certainly was no pain either.

"Dahlia? Are you even listening to me?" Adalia heard a far-off voice, and snapped out of her dwelling thoughts.

"Oh, sorry Pan," she replied loftily to her friend, Pandora Conrail.

Pandora was an odd girl. She and Adalia had been friends for as long as they could remember. Pandora was a sophomore in high school now, and Adalia was a junior. The two girls contrasted in many ways, namely their looks. While Pandora had the perfect supermodel body, thin and tall, Adalia was petite and had more of an hourglass figure she tended to hide. Pandora had caramel-colored skin, thanks to her Thai heritage, with long, straight brown hair and almond-shaped eyes of chocolate to match.

Adalia, though, was as pale as a ghost, having sparse freckles on her face and arms, usually only visible in the hotter days of the year. She had long, curly red hair, a vibrant scarlet resembling the strawberries the girl frequently ate. And as for Adalia's eyes - they were special, really. She had dark blue eyes with flecks of gold and red and green and several other colors spread around her irises. As if keeping the color from spilling out, she had grey rings around her irises, too. At times, Adalia's complex eyes were mistaken for green, grey, even purple because she had such large pupils. No one could ever see much of her irises to identify the color, especially when her hair swept her face.

Anyone in their right mind would say Adalia Ray was astonishingly gorgeous, though sadly, she could never see her own beauty.

"Dahlia!" Pandora snapped her long, manicured fingers in front of Adalia's face. Only Adalia's two best friends were allowed to call her "Dahlia" and Pandora was one of them. Of course though, it was almost like playful payback, considering Adalia would call her "Pan". It was fitting, since Pandora was pansexual. Although, if Adalia were feeling generous, she would call her friend "Panda". She wasn't sure which one Pandora was more irritated by. It was funny, really.

"Adalia Ray, something's in your jacket hood, ***dammit!" chimed a sickly sweet voice from behind Adalia. It was her other best friend, Miss Evanna Lorraine. Dear Evie was not unkind, but superficial when it came to standards, and picky when it came to people she associated with. Adalia always wondered what standards she had, if she chose her friends to be Pandora and herself.

Also, Evanna did not like being called Evie. Or Eve. Or anything other than her full first name, for that matter. Yet with her two friends, she let it slide.

Evanna was different. She was extraordinarily beautiful. She had platinum blond hair that reached her waist, some days straight, some days curly. It was baffling that she didn't wear extensions. Her blond hair was faded and enhanced by multiple crazy hair dyes. Blue, red, silver, pink, orange, purple, yellow, almost any color you can picture in your mind was somewhere in her hair. Most people would look like hell, Adalia thought. Evanna looked like some kind of hipster goddess, in a very good way. She had glasses, but decided the current year, being her senior year, that she would try contacts. Adalia thought she looked stunning either way.

Evanna had her bottom lip pierced, wearing a small, silver hoop in the spot. She also had tunnels in her earlobes, a gauge size that was neither big nor small, so most people didn't complain too much about it. She had a couple of tattoos, most not visible due to her goth, steampunk style clothing covering most of her body.

She was completely cool. People admired her. Actually, all three of them were generally admired. They were disliked by very few, but admired by the majority. Adalia was the only one that couldn't see that. All she saw was a world full of hate.

And the note in her jacket would confirm such thoughts.

"Ugh, I'm so done!" Adalia groaned, ripping the note to shreds. Did people realize they could damage others with simple words? Apparently not. The note had said: Well hello ugly fuck. Tell me again why you haven't killed yourself yet?

Little did the person know she was ready to end it. Adalia Ray's life would end that night.

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