The following Monday, Adalia was up bright and early, arriving to her first class on time and a little more cheery than usual.

Matthew noticed the change in behavior. He smiled.

"Hey Ma-" the voice paused in mid-sentence, which made Matthew look over at the person greeting him. Naturally, it was Clayton. He was grinning, mirroring Matthew's expression. "She's doing better."

Matthew nodded. "Yeah." Even though it wasn't a question, he felt the need to answer. "She is. And she's… safe. She's okay. She didn't do anything."

Clayton gave him a small smirk, dumping his stuff on the lab table. "You sound surprised."

The boy paused. "… I didn't think it would work."

Clayton nodded and gave his friend a pat on the back. "You doubt yourself. But you probably just earned her more time. Keep at it."

The bell rang, signaling the start of first period: which for Clayton, Matthew, Adalia, and Pandora was Chemistry. Pandora and Adalia were lab partners, while Clayton and Matthew were partners. Though today, the instructor decided that for the lab, the students would be working in groups of four. Consequently, the two pairs' tables were near each other's, so they were all paired together. This was very much to Matthew and Adalia's delight, and even Pandora and Clayton. None of them wanted to get stuck with many of the people in that class…

"HEY GUYS!" Clayton said happily, giving Adalia and Pandora a small flourish. "Ready to explode shit?"

Just his luck, the instructor happened to pass by at that moment. The teacher was generally good-natured, so all he did was grin and smack Clayton on the head with his pointer. "Language, Master Concrete!" The teacher was a master at getting names incorrect – he was a middle-aged British man that frankly didn't care what he called his students – and one of those wrong names was his mispronunciation of Clayton's last name, which was not Concrete but Rontreese.

"Sir, it's pronounced R- never mind, I apologize sir, I will not slip up again."

Of course, that was a lie.

Halfway through "exploding shit" he managed to get burning chemicals on his foot, which resulted in him spewing every swear word he knew. All the teacher could do was try to keep him from burning a hole in his foot and tell him that screaming "fuck" over and over again was not going to make it any better.

To say the least, it was an interesting class.

Adalia walked with Matthew to her next class afterwards. She was very happy, yet still couldn't help asking him about something that made her slightly bitter. "So, how's Connor?"

The tone in her voice seemed to surprise Matthew, for he looked particularly caught off-guard. But he regained composure quickly, and painted a smug look on his face (which Adalia thought was quite attractive). "I figured Pandora and Evanna might have told you what we did with him?"

Adalia was confused. Of course, she hadn't talked much to Pandora and Evanna since Saturday, but she was sure one of them might have said something. "What do you mean?"

Matthew grinned. "Clayton and I dumped that jerk."

Adalia's mouth dropped open. As she processed what he'd said, she couldn't help but giggle. "You dumped him? What exactly did you do, Matt?" She smiled, and nearly melted right there. Little did Adalia know that Matthew was ready to melt himself.

"We threw food in his face and told him he was a bastard." Matthew said this casually, which made it all the more funny. Adalia laughed.

She seems so much happier… The one thought circled around Matthew's mind. She certainly seemed to be a lot livelier. In fact, she almost glowed she seemed so happy.

Matthew smiled as they reached Adalia's second class. "Well, here you are. I have to head to my class. Hopefully I won't be late."

Adalia blushed. "I'm so sorry! I hope I haven't made you late! You didn't have to come with me-"

"Nonsense," Matthew cut in. "I did not mind it at all. I doubt I'll be late, and if I am, it's not a big deal. It was nice talking to you. See you at lunch?"

Adalia looked down, tucking a stray curl that had fallen in front of her face behind her ear. She looked up, a big smile on her face. "Definitely."

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