Once upon a time there was a little girl. A little princess to be in fact. A little, snobby, stuck-up, princess. That's what she was. Everyone across the land despised her, as they duely could because of her stuckupedness. One day, when this princess was waltzing around on her pony (one of them), she came across another little girl crying. This other little girl was sitting by a lake of blue, staring down into its water depths of the gentle hue.

"Why do you cry?" Curiosity etched in her mind.

"I cry because I am unhappy. My family do not have enough money for food, and without that, we will surely die."

The princess sat beside her. "You should get a job, then you'll get some money."

"I do, and what little I get goes to my ill mother."

Suddenly amongst the water a ripple began and as the two girls watched, it grew and grew. It continued as such until a wizard popped out, wringing water from his hat.

"Dear little girls, why are there tears in my lake. That's my house you're crying into you know."

Both girls sat back surprised, astounded by the magical man.

"I'm sorry," replied the poor girl, finding her words quicker.

"Well you can't take them back now, and I'm in a good mood. Who wants a wish?"

The princess and the poor girl leapt at the chance.

"I want a wish," the princess demanded.

"Please," the poor girl asked.

"I only have one wish." The wizard said, looking between the girls.

"I want it," the princess said. "Give me a wish."

Now this is a princess we're talking about and the not obey her would mean, depending which fairy tale we've entered, certain doom.

So the wizard gave the princess the wish.

"I wish I would get double servings of dessert tonight," she said, mindless to the fact that she could never manage more than one.

The wizard granted her her wish, the princess went away to dinner and the poor girl, she went away home.

The End

This narrator must prevail a question upon the reader. A small question. Are you satisfied, or do you feel something's not quite right with this story? Like the end is not the right end? Or the person, not the right person? And that answer, will get you your moral to this story.