New friends are scary.

Today I wondered how much you mean to me. It seems kind of strange, how this all happened so quickly. For an entire semester, you were just...there. I knew who you were. You knew who I was. And that was it. We respected each other; we were merely friendly acquaintances.

But then he sat next to me in math class, and everything changed. All it took was a mutual friend. I talked to him, you talked to him, so we ended up talking to each other.

You kept me up really late during finals week. Do you know how I remember that? I fell asleep during my math final because I was up so late. Laughing. With you.

You're such a dork. You're lazy and annoying and make fun of me for everything.

But I told you I loved you anyways. You never said it back, because you said you never did and never would say it.

I meant it as a joke, of course. But to some extent, I did mean it. Somewhere along the way, you started to matter to me. Maybe it was from the very start.

It scares me a little, how quickly you just wheedled your smartass into my life.

It frightens me a little, how much I miss you now that we can't talk as much anymore.

It worries me a lot, wondering what's going to happen.

What's going to happen today, tomorrow, and when and if this blows over?

Because I have no idea what happened yesterday.

You crossed a line; I snapped. I crossed a line; you snapped.

And everything broke like never before.