Hi again. Wow. Is this for real? Am I actually updating?

This is a really short one. But reality can be short, huh.

Shout out to DemonRider404. thanks(:

It's not normal.

Weird seeing, not high-fiving, you in the hallways.

Strange to walk side by side.

Awkward to have nothing to say.

Sad to watch what we once had slip away.

We're different people.

You don't smile as often.

I don't laugh much anymore.

I think I have my friends,

sure that you have yours.

It's uncomfortable.

Those easy days gone:

your arm around me,

my head on your shoulder.

Our elbows bump.

So sorry.

I miss you.

Please don't look at me,

when your eyes are so blank.

I don't know where you are,

but come back, best friend.