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"Rumour Has It"

The band once known as "Rumor has it," have now come out of the shadows to explain what caused their band to split. The pop band was most famous in 2010 for releasing their second album 'Keeping Secrets'. After just a year of being in the limelight they decided to call it quits. The three members of the band all have their own story to tell.

"I am truly happy with my life right now and I don't regret the decision I made one bit"

'Katie Rodgers, Travis Statter and Leon Marvis all became friends in high school.' Though we recently discovered that that fact was not true for all the members. "Katie and Travis met in middle school and had always been close friends, I met Travis when we both were freshman's at Lionsdale high school in 2008. I later met Katie in 2009 when she arrived at Lionsdale for the first time as a freshman," Leon tells us in an interview. Leon was the bass guitarist and also happened to be the guy all the girl fans seemed to fancy. When Rumor Has It was discovered they had only been playing together in a group for a little less than a year. At the time Katie and Leon were in a relationship and had been together since the band was formed in late 2009. We then interviewed Katie to see what she had to say. "Me and Travis had always been great friends and when he moved away for high school I felt so alone. Luckily I had some other amazing friends and thankfully enough I ended up going to Travis' high school a year later. When I moved to Lionsdale high I realized I wasn't the only one who had made new friends over our time apart. That's when I met Leon. He and Travis had been best friends and surprisingly I ended up getting along with Leon really well. "

When Rumor Has It was at their peek Travis and Leon were Juniors while Katie was a Sophomore. Katie continued to inform us more about why the band ended so suddenly. "We had just released Keeping Secrets when things started to unbuckle. Leon and I were no longer seeing eye to eye and we were having some relationship issues. The boys also had college to think about seeing as they were juniors," Katie stated. We then had a quick chat to Trevor. "I was the drummer in "Rumor Has It". I loved being a part of the band though the thing was, I was a junior at the time and our manager wanted us to go on this huge group tour for year. To be honest I never thought we would make it so big and I had always wanted to have a great education and go to a really awesome collage after I was finished with school. I had never considered becoming famous and having a career as a drummer. It wasn't what I had planned and I truly didn't want it. I realize now that most people would kill to have what I had and people may say I was selfish for giving all that up, but I am truly happy with my life right now and I don't regret the decision I made one bit."

"After just a month of releasing 'Keeping Secrets' me and Leon broke up and the band fell apart from there. Travis had discussed with us the fact that he wanted to go back to school and finish his Junior and senior off as a normal teenager. I had told him at the time that he could never just be a normal teenager again. He would go down in history as the drummer of Rumor Has It and nothing could change that fact. He agreed with me though said he didn't think he had it in him to do a tour. All Travis really wanted was to finish school off and get good grades and go to his dream college. I knew college was important to Travis and it always had been. I asked Leon how he felt but I think he liked the attention way to much to care about his grades. He seemed to think the dream would go on forever, that we would never stop being loved by our fans. The sad thing is that isn't how we ended. We were so well loved at the time of our break up that our fans thought it was fair that we quit when we did. It was too tough for all of us to handle and after Leon and me decided to end our relationship nothing could be the same and the band went down like a ship." Katie told us in her one on one interview. "After the band split we all went our separate ways. Leon still holds a grudge over the break up. He blames Travis and I as the reason that the band ended and he believes it was our fault for the sudden ending. While Leon and I don't get along that well anymore me and Travis have recently gotten engaged after being together for just over two years."

We then had to ask Travis about the engagement. "I have always had secret feelings for Katie though always kept them locked up. It was so painful watching Katie and Leon be together when all I wanted was Katie for myself. I never told Leon about my feelings for Katie because I was always confused about them because I knew Katie didn't reciprocate those feeling. I didn't want to ruin our friendship so I never admitted to liking Katie. Then when Leon and Katie got together I didn't want to ruin their relationship because all I wanted was for Katie to be happy and if it wasn't with me then why not with my friend. Though after they broke up Leon became a jerk to the both of us. I was there for Katie and I guess she started having feeling for me. I finally admitted my feelings for her and we then started going out. I recently asked if she would like to be with me forever because I can't imagine myself with anyone else. She thankfully agreed and we will soon be tying the knot."

"After the band split I went back to high school and realized that I missed Katie. I started to get depressed and ended up drinking excessively. It didn't help though it just made it worse. I didn't have many friends at the time and I ended up getting in the wrong crowd. I then made the huge mistake of taking drugs. Only a few months later I tried to committed suicide though luckily didn't succeed. I then had a reality check and realized I needed help. I finally got it and I became happy again. I still miss being in the band and I don't think I could ever forget Katie because I truly did love her and I will always have a place in my heart for her. I still regret how I acted when we were together but I no longer want to kill myself for it. What's done is done and I can't go back and erase it. I hope Katie is happy as well as Travis because as long as they are, I am. I also recently met a really amazing girl who I've been dating for about a month now and I'm so glad I met her. I'm also so glad I didn't end up dying because it would have been the worst decision in my life." Leon later confesses.

'Rumor Has It' will always be loved by their fans and it certainly was a shame to see them break up when they did. Though after all that they have gone through it seems they are now happy with the lives they are living. They are all now in college and seem to be having a great time. I think its safe to say that you can keep all your merchandise that you bought. So don't chuck any of it away just yet because I'm sure one day they may reappear. Until that day we wish them all the best of happiness and success in the future.