Everywhere I look,

there is nothing.

I don't know where I'm headed.

I just keep moving forward.

In my past,

many of my loved ones were lost.

All of them were consumed

by the darkness I see now.

My entire life has been darkness.

All of my memories are filled with it.

In this dark, quiet world,

it is all I can see,

and I love it.

The dark hides my transgressions,

and shields my weaknesses.

And when the dawning of a new day comes,

I will be forced to run.

For the light reveals my true being,

and frightens people.

With the dawning of a new day,

comes only fear and hate and regret;

and all of it is my burden to carry.

~Daisies at Sunrise~

Whew! Finally done uploading all my new poems! :)