Chapter 1

Greenvale, Oregon

" You're the slayer i've heard so much about." the creature said gasping for it's breath with cut's and gashes all over it's body, as the slayer walked towards him silently with the silver long barreled revolver in his hand. "Son of Edward James Kavanaugh?" the creature asked as it cockily smirked. "how do you know that," he said as he put the gun to it's head. "you look like you're mother ,Sephira. sephira was vestel she was only with one man her entire life, and that man just Happened to be you're father," the creature said as it chuckled and coughed as the slayer never took the gun off of him, "i'm doubting that You're Lucy, so you must be Trent ,huh?" the creature asked slightly sarcasticly.

"so you've heard of me," trent said as he cocked the gun back as a small cloud of smoke circled the slayers feet, "and you brought Kanvaro," the creature hissed stairing at the cloud of smoke by trent's feet, "i named him Oliver ,but whatever." trent said cockily as he shrugged his shoulders. "you may have closed the door to Wicked last time, but you wont do it again!" the creature shouted. "woah-Wait Again?" a brittish sounding voice said as the smoke formed into a shape of a person with it's arms crossed as oliver looked at trent for his reaction. "what the hell do you mean Again.!" trent asked very conserned. there were Hunter's that hunted these creatures but they all came from one place and that was a apocalyptic world called Wicked.

"you killed a few elite's and closed 3 you're passages up, did you ever think of Killing Cervantis?" the creature chuckled, relising he had some sort of advantage. "that was the point, we didnt have to lore cervantis out of wicked ,that was the plan!" trent said getting angry. "Bravo, Good work mr Kavanaugh," the creature barley got out as it laughed in mockery. "do you honestly think you and you're pet demon can kill every one of us? Hell ,even if persae you did, you'd have to kill Kanvaro to rid the world of All of them," the creauture said as it coughed roughly, as it was dying and didnt have a chance even if trent left then. "i don't have to kill them all, i just have to rid Wicked of the scum like you. the rest can stay," trent said as he smirked as a gun shot rang through out the alley way as rain fell upon the street's and light's calmly the creature turned to ash quickly.

"..So ,what now ,trent?" oliver said as he looked at trent calmly. "were done for tonight," trent said as he started walking off as oliver followed behind him. "you heard him.! he said Wicked was open!" oliver said in a complaing manner, "i Just solved the last issue ,oliver." trent said as they walked. "trent, come On.!" oliver complained. "i just got done 4 months ago sealing every damn passage i could at any given time, in the middle of the day And night, and you know what that got me? a Pissed off Boss ,a girlfriend who queston's me about everything i do and with how many times i have to leave to do This, One that thinks im Cheating on her, and most importantly a little sister that i'm pretty sure hates me." trent explained hatefuly. "don't forget a little sister that hates you're girlfriend," oliver added putting his hands on his hips following him. "Not helping ,oliver." trent sighed.

"you're making a big deal out of this ,trent." oliver said. "a big deal ,huh? i hunt down the creatures that are ten times scarier then in peoples Damn Nightmares.!" trent said a bit hatefuly, as he opened the door to his car "well who the hell Else is going to solve it," oliver nagged as he got in the car as trent sighed sitting in the drivers seat, "i'm sorry ,oliver.. but right now i just wanna go home and see lucy, i already feel like a shitty big brother enough, she's probably home from her friend melissa's by now." trent said as he started the car, "alright as long you don't stuff me in that damned Forsaken Necklace of you'res.!" oliver nagged again, "it's called a peridot necklace but whatever, now get inside of it." trent said as he took it off of his neck and held it out. "..Fine, aslong as you don't lock it.." oliver said stairing at him. "Oliver, it's like you've never trusted me before, you're my Best Friend, why would i do that?" trent said as he rolled his eyes a bit, "Point ,see yuh tomarro ,mate." oliver said as he turned into smoke and vanished into the peridot necklace. "why Wouldent i lock it," trent chuckled as he pushed the back notch down on the necklace,

-later that night- 6:49 pm

the door opened to the apartment as trent walked through it taking his jacket off, "Oh Hey trent.! ; hey, my brother's home, can i call you later?" the teenage girl said as she held the phone to her ear as she giggled a little, "um-Yeah Okay, i'll see you then.. Bye," she smiled and blushed a little as she hung up the phone. "Woah, who was that?" trent said as he chuckled closing the door. "oh just some guy at my school ive been talking to a lot." lucy said as she put her phone on down and sat down at the table. "i sent you to private school so you Didnt meet guy's you talk to at night ,alone in my house," trent said as he walked to the kitchen and sat at the table infront of her. "Privite school not an All-Girls school," lucy said as she chuckled. "same thing.!" trent said as he tossed his hands up lightly in the air as lucy laughed.

"so you're gonna see this kid, huh." trent asked her conserned, it wasnt often trent got to sit down and achaully Talk to lucy , even though she lived with him their relation ship got a bit distant after he became a slayer a long time ago, ofcourse he couldent let her know that though. "Yeah, Achaully tonight.. is that okay?" lucy asked not sure if it would upset him or not. trent was a very hard charactor to read , you never knew what he was exsacly thinking and she was one of the closest people to him. "i thought this was the night we were gonna hang out?" trent asked her, "i knooow, and i'm like So sorry.! if you want i can just cancel," lucy said feeling a bit guilty, lucy was really just a sweet girl ,she was never a trouble maker, she was always a good kid and tryed to do the right thing. "i'm Kidding, go have fun," trent said as he chuckled and smiled at her, "OH MY GOD! Thank you sooo much!" she said as she ran over to him and hugged him and kissed his cheek.

"so when am i meeting this ,kid?" trent asked her, "umm why do you wanna meet him? you scared off the Last guy i brought home to meet you," lucy asked as she looked at him weirdly. "cause if some guy's dating my little sister ide like to meet him and make sure he's good enough, and plus the last guy was a chump anyways, i dont see the big deal" he said,

"the Big Deal is that you're 6 ft 3 and covered in tattoo's and expect a 15 year old Not to be scared of you? Besides I choose who i date Not you," lucy said as she smiled a bit at him. "aww you're so oblivious," he said as he then chuckled "that's too precious,"

"really ,Trent." she pleaded as he laughed a bit, "i'll pick who i date and you can pick who you date , even if there a Preppy Snob." she smiled playfully as she check her phone and walked to the end table and grabed and slid her phone into her purse,"melissa texted me ,she's waiting outside," "that's Serisouly un-called for about the preppy snob thing.!" trent said as he pointed at her, "Byyyye ,Trent" she sang in a mocking manor as she giggled and opened the door, "Have fun,baby girl. and Hey, don't you skip out tomarro on Watch a crappy movie and drink orange soda night," trent said as he chuckled, "Every Wendsday ,wouldent miss it for the world.!" lucy said as she chuckled and closed the door.

trent then sighed i exaustion and layed his head acrost the table still sore from fighting the creature he just shot earlier, "oh Treeeent!" the same brittish voice sang as he appeared right beside him as trent didnt even flinch, "..what do you want ,oliver?" trent said with his head acrost the table and his eyes closed. "oh nothing, just checking on my Favorite slayer," oliver said as he patted him on the back as trent groaned in a bit of pain, "i thought i locked you in the damn peridot." trent complained, "why Yes ,Yes you did, Care to explain why?" oliver asked as he crossed his arms and sat on the side of the table. "i have a lot to focus on right now ,oliver." trent said tiredly, "so you lock my in you're Enchated Hell-hole Necklace, eh?" oliver said sounding a bit angry, "...worked didnt it did," trent said as he didnt move at all ,not even opening his eyes, for he was quite sleep deprived, but that was normal for him, for the past 6 years he had just gotten used to it ,and could go like normal on 5 hours of sleep, it was un-healthy Sure, but so was getting killed.

"Temporarly." oliver corrected, "look, i'm sure that guy was just lying about Wicked, i solved practicly Everything i could in that category now i'm trying to fix Other things." trent explained finally opening his eyes looking at him. "Like what?" oliver asked, "oh i dont know," trent said sarcasticly, "my almost broken ties with my girlfriend who lucy also hates to death, then make lucy not Hate me anymore, and make sure they see Nothing i've done in the process, and all of that takes Time and Focus," he explained,

"Lucy doesnt hate you," oliver said rolling his eyes a bit, "the past year i've done nothing but ignore her, helping the people in Wicked and the clueless people out here." trent said tiredly and slightly regretfuly, "think of it this way, you're Kindof the savior of the world, That's cool.!" oliver said smiling big as trent just rolled his eyes at him, "on a serious note, maybe if you just broke things off with addilyn lucy wouldent be so resentful," oliver tryed giving him advice,

"..maybe your right.." trent said souning a bit upset, "i mean, who means more to you, Lucy or Addilyn?" oliver asked

"Lucy," he replied without having to think about it

"Ofcourse she would ,she's you're baby sister. So leave addilyn cut lucy's curfew let her go hang out with that guy she's talking to and come stop LakeDale from becoming Wickeds Wonderland," oliver said as he clapped his hands together finishing the sentance, "Cut her curfew?!" trent said as he leaned up and looked at him, "yeah ,why not? it would make her happy and she wouldent be so resentful," oliver said smiling a bit. "cut her curfew in a town where i have to go out at various time like 1 in the morning to kill demons hiding in the corners of the city, Yeah where could This go wrong- The hells wrong with you?!" trent almost shouted at him looking at him like he's crazy,

"Okay ,good point. ..then give her the house to herself and her boyfriend for a night, and come help then" oliver said smiling once again. "let a hormanal teen age boy, that ive never met in my house with my 16 year old sister.. In a house that has a passage way to a demention people think as HELL.!" trent said still giving him the look like he's physcotic, "Hey ,that's your fault on the passage way to Wicked ,you're the one who wanted it here, Not me." oliver said as he pointed at him blamingly. "so nobody would steal it and get murdered! Point is oliver, i have to right My wrongs Here ,before i right Their own wrong's There," trent said as he ran his hang through his Brunette hair. "you're not serious about this are you trent..?" oliver asked curiously, as trent shrugged and stood up,

"Trent , you're one of the last Slayers in the world, if you stop who the hell else is going to do this!" oliver said as he almost pleaded. "they have team's for it, it's not like im the Only person doing this." trent said trying to find more reason. "..who Rely on YOU! do you seriously think that whitley and argento's team can handle all of this on there Own, we had to steal the second passage to Wicked from them just to keep them from killing themselves, these guy's are Clearly not cut out for this stuff!" oliver explained strictly. he was almost to the point of begging. "their still alive ,aren't they." trent ansered bleakly, "Barley.! how many times have You saved there lifes," oliver asked retoricaly. "maybe it's time somebody Else learned how to do this temporarly, Atleast till i figure everything out.." trent said as he sighed,

"people know how to do this ,but from my eyes you're the best," oliver told him calmly, "..what about Lucy or Addilyn, just because i care about lucy more dosent mean i still dont care about addilyn," trent told him ,somewhat Venting to him, "you love lucy, do you love addilyn?" oliver asked him. "i do love lucy, but loves a very strong word, more strong then people treat it now a days." trent said still confuesd. "so let addilyn go.!" oliver said as he stood up. "Seriously.! How did you get out of the peridot!" trent asked, those were the words trent did Not want to here, mostly cause he was sure they could have been right. "i'm bounded to you And the peridot ,you bafoon." oliver said as he chuckled a bit.

"Dammit.." trent said as he accepted defeat in that arguement, "look trent; you're a slayer, no matter where you go or who you try being, you're a the last of a slayer Heritage, that wont change ,Ever. Oh! Take lucy , she's in the heritage too.! Great brother sister time," olvier said as he smiled big putting his arms out.

"that is byfar the worst idea that has ever came out of you're mouth," trent said as he crossed his arms and began looking at him like he was stupid. "i'll have you know when me and My brother went slaughtering Humans , we bonded Very quickly, we were practicly best friends by the end of the night, ofcourse till he got killed by you're mother, but Still.!" oliver said still smiling, trent just chuckled as the phone rang he walked over to it, "you gotta be kidding me.." trent said as he sighed, "What?, Sure we killed a few innocent people but it was all in good fun ,i promise." oliver defended as he put his hands on his hips. "no ,no not you, it's Addilyn. give me just a minute ,oliver," trent said as he ansered the phone, "okay, "oliver said as he walked over to the fridge and opened it, "Hey, hon, what's goin' on?" trent said as he ansered the phone,

"oh not much; hey, i was thinking ,wanna have dinner tomarrow night? you've been pretty busy, so i thought maybe we could see eatch other then," addilyn said over the phone, she was in her room sitting on her bed stairing at the ceiline. as trent sighed, as she sighed also, "What now?" addilyn said getting a bit upset with him, "tomarrow's wendsday me and lucy always spend the entire night together, but uhmm-how about in the morning?" trent said as he looked over at oliver and oliver gave him a thumbs up and chuckled oliver then walked acrost the room and looked out the giant pitchure window, "that'd be great.!" addilyn said with joy in her voice, "i achaully gota go soon , my room mates making soup ,so i'll talk to you later?" addilyn said over to the phone as she smiled. "yeah, tomarro morning, at the diner you always go to," he ansered. "good, ..good night, trent." addilyn said sweetly, "good night ,addilyn." trent said as he smiled a bit as they hung up,

"hey ,buddy.." oliver said with plainess in his voice looking out the window, "yeah?" trent ansered a bit conserned, " do you feel about one last Slaying for tonight?" oliver asked as trent walked over to the window as oliver pointed down to an alley with a creature chewing on an old bone, "...Well fuck my life.." trent said as he sighed, "you grab the cross bow ,i'll get the peridot." oliver asked so normally. "mhm,"