Chapter 4


LakeDale , california

later that night


"You're really not kidding are you ,girl?" Jackle said in dis-belief with his eye brows raised.

"Kavanaugh has something to do with this, i know it." Phoebe said crossing her arms. "OK. But, Why the hell should we care," Axel said sitting at the table with jackle.

"Yeah, he's got a good point, cause i don't really give a shit." jackle said shrugging his shoulders.

"The way i see it, the Slayer saved us a bunch of lives," jackle said.

"More importantly, dropped guns." Axel cut in and immediently Phoebe sighed in disgust at him

"Because when the Slayer close all the gates to Wicked, He locked the Praytorii's Paladin inside." Phoebe said to them.

"Wasn't the Praytorii's paladin a major ass?" Axel asked jackle ignoring her. "Probably, he was in the Praytorii for god's sakes ,there All asses." jack ansered him.

"Fine, Ignore the fact that our Paladin was Hecuba." Phoebe tossled her hair and turned around begining to walk with the clicking of her red high heels stomping the floor.

"Woah!" jackle leaned up from his chair looking at her. "like Hecuba as in ,The Hecuba? Section 6 Hecuba?!" Axel asked her with a new found anticipation.

Phoebe smirked and turned around. "Yes. The Praytorii Paladin was a former member of Section 6. then he relised you guy's were a bunch of Ignorant Bafoon's and that he was to smart for that and joined the Praytorii." Phoebe snapped.

"I thought he had a Different name , because i would've recignized Hecuba somewhere.!" Axel exclaimed.

"For such a fanboy you seem to not know anything about Hecuba. Hecuba's a Witch, who's Real Name Is Pan Chaplin. But the first time he was found he broke out of Hecuba Prison, which was Inside Wicked." Phoebe said.

she had there full attention now. she relized mentioning a Former allias was Easily working better then his Real name. and Phoebe was one to take advantage of any oppritunity: Fair or not.

"Which is Probably where he is at now, and i'de like to get my Paladin back if you woulden't mind." Phoebe said with her arms crossed glaring at them.

"Alright, you got our attention, but.. How do we get Hecuba - Out of Wicked. Slayer closed all the damn entrances and if we open them we could be opening an obvious trail for Cervantis and last time i checked, Cervantis was still the leader of Wicked. He'd do that shit if we gave him an Easy trail." jackle told her.

"Exsacly. But do you Really think that the Kavanaugh family , Dosen't have there own entrance to Wicked. We make Slayer open it. he think's he does work, i get Pan out of there and everyones happy. Problem solved." Phoebe said unamused.

"You ever try getting Slayer to do anything? Cause I feel like it's not gonna work." Axel said.

"Leave that to me, i just need the Section's back up when i do it. Praytorii plans on replacing Pan, and i want to get him back Before then, which is going to be soon. I'll make the plan, You guy's just do it." Phoebe said to them.

"Well, i have a plan to make," Phoebe said with tired tone in her voice.

"I'll get back to you on details." she said as she turned around and all that was heard with the clicking of her heels on the wooden floor.




"A little silent in here ,huh?" Trent said sitting at the dinner table with Addilynn and Lucy sitting on eatch side of him.

... "Yep.." Lucy sighed. "So , Lucy, the guy's are gonna come out in a little bit that way we can-" Trent said after being interupted. "Watch crappy movies and drink orange soda night!" Lucy finally smiled.

"Yeah, and i realized , i have to many Wendsday traditions.." Trent said as he chuckled a little seeing addilyn slowly eating silently. She didn't look happy at all. it wasn't often he could get them in the same room and One of them even be smiling.

"It's the only time you don't forget about me , Nate ,Mitchell and even Bass." Lucy teased. "I thought you forgot about it." Lucy said in a relieved voice.

"Ofcourse not." Trent said. he Did forget for a while, but he once again managed to throw everything together in a giant Cluster mess. trent new it was a stupid tradition but it kept his relationship with his little sister.

and since his friends Knew that there were issues with them, they all joined in it too to help Trent out. "I'm gonna go get a shower before the guy's come over." Lucy said picking her plate up with a smile on her face. she took the plate to the sink and went to the bathroom closed the door and turned the shower on.

"Are you Ever going to tell her?" Addilyn complained to him. "Tell her ,What?" Trent said to addilyn sounding a bit confused. "Trent , we could be having a Baby.!" Addilyn said to him.

"I realize this. But," Trent went on as Addilyn sighed a bit angry. "Neither of you two like hearing about eatch other. and i Really want to keep wendsday a night where no matter how much you two hate eatch other: I still have my baby sister." Trent said to her.

he was annoyed with the Entire situation. the Second life and All. None of it was putting him in the best mood.

"Tell her tonight, Trent, she'll be fine.!" Addilyn complained as Trent immediently sighed. "Addilyn, No." Trent said angry. Addilyn could tell she hit a nerve.

There was dead silence as Trent staired at her with a completley serious look on his face.

... "Whatever, i'm going then." Addilyn said standing up and walking out the door and slamming it.

"God Dammit." Trent sighed running his hands through his hair and leaning back with his eyes closed.

"Hey there ,trouble maker." Oliver said appearing beside him with dark smoke flowing around him. Oliver was leaning on the table with his arm's crossed.

Trent leaned back up and looked at him. "Hey ,Oliver." he sighed.

"Who lit the fuse on her tampon?" Oliver asked as he chuckled and Trent looked at him Scornfully.

"Alright ,alright." Oliver sighed. "Seriously, though, what the hell was That?"

"Me being pissed off ,Pure bad luck, Call it whatever you'd like." Trent said standing up.

"That's unfourtenate ,Slayer."

"I can't tell you how much i'm tired of that name." Trent said between oliver's sentence. "Anywho, Back to Achaul Lifes in danger, Gonna do anything about this Wicked problem?" Oliver asked impatiently.

"I have a few ..Other problems to solve before that." Trent said picking up his and Addilyn's plates and walking them to the sink.

"a Little friendly reminder though , Lucy's 18'th birthday's coming up.. Good luck with That." Oliver said fading away and appearing beside him again.

"You gotta be Kidding me.! How do i keep up with all of this shit!" Trent complained. "You.. Don't really.. i just kind of remind you, so you can balance you're cluster fuck you call a life." Oliver said shrugging his shoulders.

"Thanks for the support ,there ,Oliver." Trent said Sarcasticly.

"I'll be Damned. Your buddy's are here, Alright, I'm Out. but really.. Good luck with ,keeping your friends, Lucy, Lucy's birthday, Addilyn. And most importantly, Wicked." was the last word Oliver said as he faded into pure air.

"Let's get this shit over with.." Trent said trying to force his mind to think possitivley.