Elfipino's people are called Elfo's. They are about half the size of an average adult human, they have blue skin and three days after they are born, they are clothed in a purple and green suit with the small symbol of Elfipino printed on to it, which is a small star with a picture of the current King on it and a script saying " Elfipin. Paradise For Everyone" which starts to stick to their skin after a week and cleans itself so they never have to take it off. It's made of Hyper Material, which is the only material on the planet, so everything is made out of it, there are some other things it's used for. Elfo's only have one eye and are actually blind, but when they're born, they have a one – eyed goggle which lets them see properly ( also made out of Hyper Material ) No Elfo's have to work, because they only have one thing they need to survive. Donuts. There are donut trees everywhere, in everybody's garden. They grow from small donut seeds which are also produced on the tree. The only different meal they have is donut pie, which is rare because every single Elfo has to dig for their dough wich is what the centre of the planet is made of. There are no shops because everyone has everything they need. Instead of T.V, Elfipino has Triangular Screens, which are essentially triangular shaped T.V's, but instead of a channels, you can get a "chip" which is basically a different type of channel. They have names like: Donut Star, Donut Circle, Dough T.V and Elfipino News. Both the chips and The Triangular Screen, more commonly known among the Elfo's as T.S, are also made out of a form of Hyper Material. Elfipino, as an actual planet, is made out of bouncy silver land, which is not so much sticky, but gooey and the Elfo's get around on land by bouncing far distances, though the planet is only a couple of miles long and wide. They can also get around by Super Pods, which are large see through balls, big enough for about three Elfos to fit inside. They are also made out of Hyper Material (as is everything) and are vocally controlled. They can actually reach speeds of 100 miles per hour! Elfipino is a sphere that actually has no atmosphere or gravity, but little suction pads on the soles of Elfo's feet keep them from flying away. There are also two long rivers that cross over each other twice, at each end of the planet. They are called the Oogwama River and the Oogtama River. They are not filled with water like Rivers on earth, but a transparent substance called Sed (pronounced Si – eed) which is actually not vital for them to live, but Elfo's enjoy drinking it. Their houses are all pretty much the same, except for the King's. They are all like tents, with four poles supporting them and extra thin sheets of Hyper Material forming a roof and three walls (the empty frame is used as a door) They may sound crummy but it's actually very uselfull for the Elfo's. They're not very big, because each Elfo (they don't have different genders) has a family of six (every Elfo produces three children) and they sleep in one large bed witch has been claimed the softest in the universe. Each habitat is given a donut tree seed, a house, a T.S and the latest chips. Every time one is born, one dies, and they generally have a life span of about thirty years. Though Elfo's normally wear their green and purple suit, one every year, they have to wear a sort of space suit on top, because every year Catalab Gas comes pouring into their planet from Mars. It's not the Martians fault, but they can't stop it, so every year, they wear their special Gas proof suits and take shelter on Earth. Elfo's don't actually celebrate this, but they come on Christmas Day. They have to hide and scavenge for donuts, and then the next day they simply fly back home in their Super Pods. Catalab Gas is more commonly known as " Mars – Stench ". Elfipino stays the same temperature throughout the year, it is always, (by Earth recordings) – 43 degrees, which may seem cold, but the Elfo's green and purple suits keep them warm. Elfipino revolves around our sun, but never actually sees it in any way, because it is always blocked by Mars. However, they do not need the sun, because their planet is warmed by the big dough ball in the centre, and it makes the planet – 43 degrees. It doesn't spin round on an axis, like Earth, but stays completely still. It has one which changes its shap , one for each month. Instead of twelve months in a year, Elfo's have six months in a Qitor (year) The first month is Squiggle Month, the second is Juggle Month, the third is Ping Month, the fourth is Wiggle Month, the fifth is Boing Month and the sixth is Sledger Month. Each month is nine Zoogles (days). The six moons are named after the months, and every month, the moon changed. Instead of Sir Names, Elfo's use numbers. Their first names are often random words like Skittle or Ping, or Chewy, and because there isn't such a wide range of names than on Earth, you have to have a number as your sir name. Every single Elfo has a different one, and the only way you can tell if someone's family or not, is by using a Tracking Device. Elfo's have an advanced language which they have been using since their race began, called Oggle language, which is a backwards version of English. There are no different languages spoken, as Elfipino is a very united planet and has no different countries, rulers or even cities and towns. This may seem like a copy of England, but it turns out that Elfipino was born long before Earth, right at the beginning of the Big Bang, and the English language evolved from when Elfo's were in hiding on The Mars – Stench day. In fact, Elfipino has been circulating the way described since it was created, and is a much more sophisticated planet than Earth is. Elfipino doesn't have any celebrities or anyone famous. The chips are created by the King of Elfipino, who also supplies the protective suits for the Mars Stench, the T.S's and any other conveniences the Elfo's need. They are a very peaceful race and no one ever kills or harms anyone else. They have a symbol which was created and marked onto a bit of the planet by the first King of Elfipino, King Chuff. It's a small star with the picture of the current King marked on it (it's made of a special type of Hyper Material which changes itself according to who's on the throne) and a small script saying: "Elfipino. Paradise for everyone" and this has stuck. It is branded onto every house ever made, and on international Donut Day (A festival celebrated on 5th Squiggle Month) seven fireworks all over the planet are lit up, in shapes of the symbol. Elfo's are considered children until they are ten years of age (bear in mind they only live until thirty) and that is when they can mate (mating season is the 3rd Sledger Month to the 8th Sledger Month) and have a house of their own. Children don't have to go to school, because knowing about maths is pointless to them because they will never need to use it, there is no literature on their planet to learn about, everywhere on Elfipino is pretty much the same, and there are no more scientific discoveries to be made, so all subjects are pointless. However, their parents often tell them about past and present Kings, they are born with the simple ability to write and speak (in Oggle Language) and they learn enough from travelling in their Super Pods. Elfipino has not yet been discovered by intelligence on Earth because it does not have an atmosphere. The only way Human scientists can trace or even see planets is by their atmosphere leakage, but because Elfipino hasn't got one, they can't find it. That's also the reason why The Mars – Stench gets into Elfipino, and why they have to hide on Earth, because Earth's atmosphere protects us from it.