Flashes of red blobs burst through the fragile defenses and bled slowly into the misty golden haze that was clouding my vision. Gradually, distorted images began to take shape and the blinding light, though now as white as snow, sharpened all my senses, especially my eyesight.

I was in a cluster of shrubs with berries as red as blood. I was surrounded completely by foreign plants and trees with colours so bright but I could see every detail on each and every leaf and flower. The dancing, unearthly dust motes fizzled in the strong light and heat seemed to trap my physical body. Exploding up into the sky were four invincible transparent glass walls and roof. In the distance was a waterfall cascading down into a beautiful lagoon with otters, frogs, small fish, hovering dragonflies and turtles. Some were sunbathing on large brown rocks while others played about in the refreshing slime of algae. Intoxicating aromas wafted all around the room from one direction to another but there was absolutely no breeze.

It was like an indoor nature wonderland. I turned to the left where separate strands of rainbows shot out from a cluster of coconut trees and gleamed on the musky soil.

My heart seemed to swell and my body relaxed as I started into a brisk walk then into a series of bounding, graceful, powerful leaps. I flew towards the aura of happiness and purity effortlessly, towards the lagoon. No wind accompanied me in this flight- just a crisp clear sense of ice cream on a sweltering summer day.

Whizzing past were trees of every colour, shape and size and I finally landed gracefully to a stop on an overhanging rock pool, which was dotted with the terrifying beauty of black, poison sea urchins. I scanned the lighted room eagerly for two particular turtles- My turtles- while tasting the strange drafts of flavors that floated mindlessly around.

A small earthquake vibrated the earth and I enjoyed the massage of my bare feet. I looked at the water, which was a rich deep aquamarine and glimpsed my reflection. It showed myself much smaller in size wearing a pale yellow dress, which suddenly prickled my skin and sent tiny facets of clear light into the air. It felt like spring. Flying stars…

The reverberating in my feet turned up in volume and a textured green and red head about the size of a table came into view. I was aware of being completely still as a huge humped shell with thick foresty legs that was its moving castle lumbered past me, its quick beady eyes glancing at me with controlled curiosity then paying me no mind as it moved slowly and lowered itself carefully into the aqua water. Deafening sounds of spurting, whistling and bubbling swam into my ears while torrents of ocean, lake and pond liquid overflowed the pool, rapidly emerging the place in an underwater flood.

All around me, flowers bloomed, fruits ripened, grass blades shone with dew and trees stood erect to welcome the moisture that quenched their never ending thirst and the world was again refilled with even bolder, breathtaking colour, scents and tastes.

The ancient turtle let out a long, steady hiss- like steam out of a kettle. Though it sounded ten times louder, it was also at the same time ten times gentler and almost like a movement of air.

My eyelids flickered open extremely wide and then I felt it. Breezes and winds, narrow and powerful and cutting through me like a knife but my body remained intact. I laughed out with joy then ran as fast as a gale, zooming through an area with flashing lights and pouring snow, a rocky wilderness with cacti and camels and back... I paused.

Beside the waterfall, into the distance, was a cluster of rocks. I leaned forward and peered closer and immediately saw the close up, clear sight of my two turtles. Their backs were facing me and heads stretched out at full length, peering into the water. I strained a bit more and saw what it was. Eggs.

I couldn't wait until they hatched.

All of a sudden, I was sucked out of the brilliance of blinding clear light, clarity and nature, through the misty golden haze and into an old fashioned room in a wooden log cottage.

My senses had returned to its slow hesitant, blurry ways and I was ten years older with pure white, blinding hair all the way down to the middle of my back. I was looking at an ancient wall with a wry, light, content smile on my face. I seemed lost in thought and completely absorbed in another world. Taped on the wall, almost like an abstract collage, were hundreds and thousands of pictures. Some bright, some colourful, some faded, some worn. Some of happy events, some sad, some embarrassing, some cherished and treasured...

It was everything.