There are many worlds beyond what many have perceived; some drastically different and some quite the same. These worlds have different rules applied to them and can be just as random as the lives we live. No one knows how these 'other' worlds came to be. All anyone knows is that sometimes you just have to learn how to survive them.

The world known as Forever Winter is a massive desolate wasteland that ends with stiff cliffs on all sides. The wasteland has no sun and is always blanketed in the cover of darkness and shadow; there isn't even a glimmer of the faintest star in its sky above. Its inhabitants suffer daily from frostbite and other wintry ailments that come with the snow. Frigid winds can bite like a sharp predator's teeth and death is around every corner.

But the wasteland isn't completely devoid of life because scattered throughout its lands are little towns and villages that struggle to survive and in the wasteland's center lies the sole source of light that can be seen for miles, the city of Lumiere. This city was filled with special people known as Lighters, people who have the ability to produce light from their very bodies. These people are looked upon as the guardians of this dark world who would light their way through the darkness and drive the shadows back. However, our story does not start here. In fact it starts many miles away from the grand city with one lone Lighter who traverses the wasteland and braves the dangers and horrors alone.

John was currently on his way to a village that had sent for need of assistance for the constant Shadow attacks that were slowly crippling it. Though, right now he was taking a break from his long trek from the city and had made a small, feeble fire to keep warm from the biting, chilly wind that was constantly whipping his body. The fire barely provided any comfort from the wind but John liked to think it was helping him keep warm. John took some food from his bag and bit into it. Unsurprisingly, the food had froze during his trip and nearly chipped one of his teeth. He placed it near the fire to thaw it out, waiting patiently as his stomach growled in protest and impatience. John sighed depressingly and looked around. The fire did not show anything past the immediate vicinity but John knew what was out there; an empty, desolate, wintry wasteland. Another sigh escaped him this time lamenting his lack of companionship; the human contact that eluded him and also that he rejected.

After his food had thawed out sufficiently that it could now be chewed, John ate it slowly, savoring each bite of its bland, tastelessness. A noise from beyond his sight made him stop chewing. Even though the wind was howling in his ears he knew that something was beyond the darkness, his instincts told him so. He kept still, listening intently, hoping with every fiber of his being that it was his imagination and that there really was nothing there. Regardless, John kept still, focused on the little surroundings that he could perceive. He was so focused that he didn't notice that he had stopped breathing, hearing his heartbeat in his ears. John was tired from travelling for so long and still had a little more to go; he wouldn't have the strength to fight effectively. He already knew that lighting a fire was already a gamble.

After a minute or so, John produced several orbs of light from his hand and sent them beyond the light of the fire. What he saw filled him with terror. Shadows have surrounded him and it wasn't just one or two, but a Wave of shadows. As the orbs of light came approached the shadows, they shied away from the light that they produced as though somehow they were being hurt by it but were also preparing themselves to attack. They knew that the tiny orbs of light would dissipate soon enough.

Upon seeing the surrounding Wave, John bolted from his campfire in the direction of the village that needed assistance. It was impossible for him to keep all of the Wave at bay in his current condition. John quickly created a ball of light that was large enough that it surrounded his body with light. He knew he would be safe as long as he had enough energy to maintain it. The Shadows in front of him quickly jumped out of the way as he approached but as he ran he could hear them chasing after him. Although they pursued the Shadows were not able to touch him because of the light that surrounded him. He hoped that when he arrived at the village they would be able to assist him. After fifteen minutes of sprinting towards his destination he was relieved that he arrived at the village. Unfortunately, as he looked closer all his hopes were smothered like the fire that he left not long ago.

It was already in ruins, there was no light, no humans, no life. The shabby shelters that were home to the villagers were torn apart and its remnants were strewn across the snowy ground. But that wasn't the worst of it. What made matters worse was that the Shadows that attacked the village were still there and all of them knew that he was there.