John stood there at the entrance of the alley looking warily. The girl recognized him first and went to him completely ignoring Myra..

"John, you're back!" she cried as she hugged him which he returned as well. "When did you get back?"

"Just now, I see that you met Myra already."

"You know each other?" Myra and the girl said simultaneously.

John grinned and introduced the girl.

"Anna, this is Myra. She is someone I picked up, unfortunately I was too late to save her village in time. We've been travelling since. And Myra this is Anna, a fellow lighter and a long time friend."

"Charmed," Anna said but Myra did not say anything. They both were glowering at each other.

"It's a good thing I found you, but it looks like you were able to handle yourself well enough." John said looking around the alley that was filled with down men. "Myra, I would like to get to the council soon, is that alright with you? I would rather have it that you did not get lost either."

Myra flushed with agitation. "I'm not a child!" She protested.

"So you have said but that seems that you have to be treated like one."

"You're going to the council?" Anna said abruptly, "I'll come with you; I have business there as well."

"That's fine." John replied but Myra also protested this as well.

"Don't you have these people to take care of?" she said pointing to unconscious Sweepers.

"No, they are not my problem and it is not my fault that they chose to fight and lost. They can go back licking their wounds. Plus as a Lighter of this city I have to make sure that any outsiders do not cause any more trouble like you have today." Anna said coldly.

"As harsh as always, I see." John said playfully.

"But it's true!" Anna countered.

"I didn't disagree." John said as he continued to smile.

All three of them made their way towards the council hall. Both John and Anna knew their way around the city well enough but Myra was still being a little childish wasn't paying complete attention to where they were going. Twice John had to catch her wrist because she was going to the wrong way which made Myra flush with embarrassment while catching cold glares from Anna. Soon enough they arrived at a grand, white building that seemingly glowed even though the city was full of light. On the top there was a large inscription that said "The Justice We Serve is a Pure as the Light We Produce." It was guarded by several people, armed and covered in armor. John went up to one of them and started talking to them.

"I am Lighter John requesting permission to bring this outsider in with me to be processed as my Guardian."

The guard looked at John and then looked at Myra.

"Permission granted." The guard responded. "She may enter and be processed."

"Thank you," John said.

They all entered the building and it was as white as it was in the inside as it was on the outside. It still gave an eerie feeling that it did glow because inside there were no windows or lights but everything could still be seen clearly. They made their way down several hallways and arrived at a small office that was labeled "Processing". John started to explain everything to Myra.

"Myra, you will have to stay here while Anna and I meet with the council. You will need to fill out a considerable amount of paperwork. They will explain everything to you if you have any questions. When you are done, they will escort you to the council hall where we have to make your official introduction to the Council. Don't worry though, it'll be short and you won't have to do anything else besides introduce yourself officially."

Myra nodded showing that she understood and waited in the little office while Anna and John made their way to the council hall.

"That girl is going to be your new Guardian?" Anna asked in hush tone.

"Yes." John replied simply.

"John, I…" Anna began to say but was cut off by John.

"Anna, I know what you're going to say and I'm fine. You don't have to worry about it. It was a long time ago. I have to move on." John said those last words a little sadly.

Anna sighed. "Well, if you think that it's a good idea then I'll support you on it."

It wasn't long before they reached the entrance of the hall. The hall was in the middle of the building whose entrance was giant double doors guarded by another two armed guards.

"Halt!" They both said, "And state your business."

"Lighter John reporting back and to introduce my Guardian."

"You may enter."

The doors opened engulfing both of them in a bright light as they stepped forward to meet the council.