Prologue: A Very Memorable Memory

Paige, a six-year old little girl, watched in awe, as a boy who she didn't know, wrap his scarf around her neck and blew hot air into her freezing hands. The warmth was welcoming and such a treat for her pink fingertips.

It was Christmas morning and Paige, out of excitement, had run out of her house to play with her new sled. She had forgotten to dress appropriately for such a harsh weather coming her way and wasn't stopped by her parents, for they weren't even able to catch a glimpse of her before leaving.

She was there at the park that was barely a block away from her home and was sitting down at the bottom of the steepest hill there. Sitting on her knees with the sled somewhere along the farther end of her, she just sat still, noting how bashful she was being so suddenly. Being normally quiet an outspoken girl with magnified vision, this sort of behavior was out-of-character.

" Don't catch a cold, " was what the boy had said to her, before covering her up from the wind. Even though his own ears were reddening quite so and his trembling breath became more evident, he continued all that he was doing for a stranger. His eyes were the deepest of forest greens and he was quite thin for a boy ranging about six or seven-years. Too many freckles, dusting his cheeks and a rather natural pair of rosy cheeks. " Merry Christmas, Paige, " he smiled so gently that had Paige's innocent, tiny heart go a-flutter. The butterflies in her stomach buzzed about ten-fold as she curtained her eyes with her bangs. " I'm Matthew. "

" H-how... ? " She started so hesitantly that she actually stopped mid-sentence and said no more. But the way 'Matthew' tightened his grasp on Paige's hands, gave her the slightest of clues to keep going. " You know my name. "

Matthew nodded, " I do! " And he started to laugh, " we're in the same class. "

Paige choked on her own saliva as the temperature to her face rose. " I didn't know that, " she replied, trying her best to smile, but felt far too ashamed to even muster up enough courage to flash it in his direction with confidence. She felt rather small in his grasp and though she did adore such a feeling, it also bugged her - just a little. She tried pulling away, but he made sure she couldn't escape. But without being desperate in her attempts, she wouldn't be able to leave anytime soon with her sled and go home. The butterflies could only be calmed with hot chocolate and the chorusing voices of both her parents and howling golden retriever puppy of four weeks. " Thank you... M-Matthew... But it's getting a l-little late... " She had been playing all morning, and her parents deserved to know where she was and to know if she was okay. She had to get home before they, themselves, would come looking for her personally.

The boy looked a little heartbroken to hear such words come from her, but he continued to smile any way. He only nodded and helped her up from the snow. They remained in such a way for what felt like the longest hour of all eternity from Paige's perspective - but they've been standing for merely a minute.

" I'll see you in school then? " He asked with at tilt of his head. Pure eyes of no harmful intent. An innocent little crush on the loudest girl in class.

" Y-yeah. "

" Keep the scarf, Paige. Just give it to me in class, okay? "

Paige nodded with a goofy little grin of her own; trying so very hard to mirror his kindness and gentle manner.

Paige went home that day a very happy girl, indeed.

Matthew Williams was the name of the boy born in December, with the sweetest personality. He hated the snow, though; but at the same time he loved it so much - because Paige liked it, being surrounded with sunflowers and budding flowers.

The scarf was an excuse for Matthew to actually hang out with Paige. He was known to be a very soft-spoken boy who was constantly cautious and aware of the ongoings. He was scared of the world and the boys who could obviously out power him in a mere second. There was nothing in those eyes but worry but also a bit of laughter.

The two children continued to hang around each other and were inseparable to the hip. Always together and were always invited to one another's birthday parties. All the other schoolmates around them started disappearing over the years, while new ones came along. But Paige and Matthew remained, smiling and having not a care in the world.

However; by the time Paige reached the stage where she's wanting the attention of boys, was when things between the children started to waver and fall apart.

Afraid of the separation because they've been together for so long, Matthew grew desperate. He clung to Paige with dear life and was always with her; with every opportunity he could get, he would be there.

And then there was Paige, a teenager who was neither labelled as "bad" or "good", but did honestly get annoyed of the clingy Matthew. Even though Paige's parents adored Matthew's presence and found him to be a very good influence on Paige, she did not want him to be constantly at her feet, begging her to not leave.

Then one day - one special day that comes once every year - Paige's sixteenth birthday: Was when everything was flipped over it's head for Paige, and she was thrown to rock bottom with an aching heart.

Matthew had confessed to her.

Red-faced averting eyes. He was clenching his jaw, afraid of random outbursts to ruin the moment, and his fists shook to such pressure; his knuckles turned white.

Paige was only at awe.

" Matthew... "

" Don't say anything yet, Paige. I know this is all a surprise to you, and just so sudden, but I just don't want you to give me an answer right away. "

" But I don't - "

" Don't. "

Paige didn't love him the way he was hoping she did. Maybe she did that one time in the snow, but she had only developed a crush on him for the moment. After spending so much time with him as kids and even growing up with him, she realized, all she did was care for him as though he were her younger brother by a few months.

" So how about some cake? " She asked, to which he smiled too. He was trembling; giving the impression that he might break down and cry. But he was so much stronger than that. " My mom made it. Want to come over? "

" I'd like that a lot. Your mom makes the best cakes. "

" I wouldn't say the best. The flour is already premade in a box. "

" I say it's great. "

" Okay, well, I have to get to English, so, I'll be seeing you after school. "

" Paige! "

" Huh? "

" I love you. "

" Uh... Yeah... Okay... "

Alright, so, this is my first time writing a story with romance as a genre. So this may not be very good, but I'll try my best. :D

I hope you guys liked it! Stay tuned for the first chapter coming soon!

Thank you for your time. C: