The Legend Begins

This is one of the many tell that take place in the world of Fantasmal. In the city of Holdron that sits on of a cliff that overlooks the sea. The site of the castle is beautiful as the roof shimmers red in the sunlight all over the city everyone is at peace here there are never any Robberies, Fights, or Murders here everyone was happy.

This is where our story begins. On the outskirts of Holdron there is the ruins of an old burned down this is the site of something that occurred several years ago. Years ago on this very spot there a small farmhouse in this farm lived a boy with his adopted parents. The family lived happily until two years a fire engulfed the farm and the house killing the parents but not the boy. He was able to escape the inferno by crawling out the window of his bedroom. But when he got out he heard his parents they could not get the front door open from where they where. But before he could get to the door the roof collapsed on the building then the boy heard nothing. But as the boy starts to turn and run a beam is separated from the house and hits the boy knocking him out.

Now the building is abandoned and there is no life in the structure except a Sparrow that makes its nest in the old burned frame of the house. The Sparrow is sitting in a nest it had made by itself. The sparrow gets up and flies off to get food. The sparrow flies off in the direction of Holdron. As the Sparrow soars over the wall a group of guards expect a trader's cart for any items they consider hazardous to the cities peace. The sparrow turns and lands on the cart behind the trader. Beside the cart where two people one eleven-year-old girl and one ten-year-old boy the girls name Silvia that was her mother's name. The boy who was standing in front of the girl speaking to her his name was Michael.

Silvia was wearing a Sunday gown that she had bought from the market. While little Michael was wearing a vest and some cheap pants that were sown together from some other pieces of fabric. The Trader who was just wearing just his regular trading outfit had gone over to the guard. The guards wear just casual outfits for that time. But on top of the shirt a metal cast was sown to the fabric and they wore helmets made entirely out of steel the helmets themselves looked like that of Spartan helmets.

The Trader's name was Marcus he was a long time friend of the two kids. He was over speaking to the guard.

"But you have to listen to me I have authorization to own and sell these items." Marcus said to the guard with his calm and sweet voice.

"Sorry sir I cannot allow anyone to pass without his or her authorization papers. So you will need to show them to me before I can let you pass." The guard says to Marcus with his serious voice while tapping him with his hand.

"Now I swear I had my warrant. But I just left them in my other pants when we left camp this morning. Now can you just please let the children and I pass." Marcus asks the Guard.

"Sorry sir. No warrant no passage. You cannot pass but the children can." The guard replies.

The sparrow flies away as Marcus puts his hand down on the cart. The sparrow then flies over and lands on Michael's shoulder. Michael turns his head and looks at the sparrow then lifts his arm as to brush it off his shoulder. But then he hears Silvia say to him.

"No wait Michael I hear that' good luck. I think that makes you the lucky one." Silvia says to Michael with her calm gentle voice.

"Well you know what they say about luck." Michael says to Silvia with his calm and impatient voice.

"Hay Silvia, Michael we apparently have a little bit of a problem." Marcus says to both Michael and Silvia stopping when he comes to them.

"What is it Marcus?' Silvia asks Marcus.

"Well I apparently left my warrant for my cart back at the camp. I will have to return to the camp and get them before I can enter the city. But you two can enter the city while I'm gone." Marcus replies and puts his hands on both of their shoulders.

"We'll be OK Markus after all we took care of ourselves for over four years now." Michael says to Marcus.

"Well then I'll be on my way. You two watch after one another now. I'll be back before you know it. Bye my old friends." Marcus says to Silvia and Michael and starts to push his cart back to camp.

"Ok then let's get started." Michael says to Silvia and then starts to walk into the city of Holdron.

The two child start to walk their way into the city of Holdron the city is beautiful this time of day with the multi colored windows shining in the sun and the trees growing in the parks. As they enter the city the sparrow flies off Michael's arm and flies off in the distance.

The Sparrow flies towards the castle where it then lands on a windowsill. On the other side of the window a tall strong man wearing the crown of the king stands over a table looking at some sort of documents sitting on a table. The man's face is thin with a short beard on his chin. The man's eyes looked stressed from the years that he has spent as ruler of Holdron.

The man lifts his arms from the table and goes over to a chair that is sitting in front of a fire. He sits in the chair and stares into the flames. He then looks up and sees a picture with him a women and little boy all together in it sitting on top of the fireplace. He rises from the chair and goes over and picks up the picture and a music box that was sitting next to it. He then returns to his chair and pulls out a key then sticks it in the music box and turns it then releases it. As the music box plays he stares at the picture and sheds a tear.

The music plays the man goes over to the window and stares out over the city. The man is the king his name Derovic Ondoron. He is an old man about the age of twenty-five and he has suffered many loses over the years. Derovic looks over the city from his spire or his private quarters in the castle. As he looks he walks over to a telescope that he had set up to look at any new comers come in through the gate.

He sees a crowd entering the city. After he is done looking he leaves the telescope he returns to his chair.

Outside the Sparrow is still looking at the king chirping. The sparrow starts to jump closer to the window. But he stops as a large Hawk sores down from the sky and lands next to the Sparrow. The Hawk has a scar on its right eye and has a large crack in its beak. The Hawk menacingly walks to the sparrow with its wings behind him.

The Sparrow jumps back and hits a corner. The Sparrow stops to see the Hawk preparing to attack. The Hawk jumps forward with a shriek. The Sparrow dodges the Hawk and sees it crash into the corner. With a chirp the Sparrow flies off. When the Hawk recovers it looks around and cannot find the Sparrow. It shrieks and then gets in the spire through a little fabric door that was over the window. The Hawk swoops down to rest on a stand that was right next to Derovic's chair.

"Ah Devian. I hope your hunt went well for you my old feathered friend." Derovic says with his old light voice petting the Hawk whose name is Devian Derovic's pet Hawk.

The Hawk chirps as his master pets his head.

Meanwhile outside the castle the Sparrow flies back through the town and tries to find Silvia and Michael. The Sparrow flies on top of a post and looks down on the crowd of people that just entered the city. The Sparrow jumps back and forth as it looks for the two kids.

Unknown to the Sparrow Silvia and Michael are actually right under him. The two are talking to each other about the city. But Silvia stops as she looks off at the castle.

"Castle Holdron looks cheery this time of year doesn't it?" Silvia says looking at castle Holdron that sits on top of the cliff.

The castle is a huge building built to be the best kingdom in all the land. Built for the royal family of the Ondorons. The castle was beautifully built with the windows depicting significant events in their history like the slaying of the Demon Dragon Belvano. The castle was shimmering a beautiful red shine that looked there where Rubies on the roof.

"Yah well I guess it looks pretty." Michael says to Silvia looking at the castle with her.

"Yah. Do you think that king Derovic is lonely in that castle all by himself? I mean after the disappearance of his son and the death of his wife. It must get rather lonely up there." Silvia tells Michael.

Then the Sparrow looks down and sees Silvia and Michael. But as the Sparrow starts to fly down it looks over the left and sees Devian land on a store sign and has his sight concentrated on him. The Sparrow then takes to the skies. Devian then lets a shriek and takes to the skies following the Sparrow. The Sparrow turns his head and sees Devian right behind him. The Sparrow banks left hard. Devian banks left also still behind the Sparrow.

The Sparrow tries with all his might to keep in front of the massive Hawk but the Hawk is just too strong. Devian was right behind the Sparrow and opens up his mouth as if to eat the Sparrow. The Sparrow banks left fast. Devian does not notice the Sparrow and flies head first into a pie that was sitting on a windowsill. As Devian hits the pie jam squirts everywhere. The sparrow looks back and then lets out a tweet and flies away.

Devian rises from the pie and spits out some jam from his mouth. As he rises he sees the Sparrow fly over to Silvia and Michael. The Sparrow lands on Michael's shoulder.

"Hay Michael it's that Sparrow again. I think he likes you." Silvia says and points at the Sparrow.

Michael looks over at the Sparrow. The Sparrow tweets at Michael.

"What should we call him?" Michael asks Silvia.

"Well why don't we call him Flapper. You know because he's a bird." Silvia replies to Michael.

"Well my little friend do you like it?" Michael asks the Sparrow.

The Sparrow shakes his head as if to say yes then he lets out another tweet.

"OK then. He likes it. We'll call you Flapper." Michael says to the Sparrow.

The kids and their little Sparrow friend walk around the town. Devian watches as the group walks off then flies to keep up with them as they walk around the corner. The Hawk lands on the sign of another store. The group continues to walk down the street. In front of them the Hawk can see a Knight who wore full body armor that had a spike coming from his back.

The Knight did not wear a helmet in the city streets. His face looked like that of a strong Warrior that had fought in many battles. He had short cut hair. He stood nearly seven foot tall and was bigger than the children.

The Hawk takes off again and this time lands on the Knight shoulder. The Knight looks over and sees the Hawk.

"Devian? What are you doing here?" The Knight says with a deep Heroic voice.

The Hawk shrieks as the group of kids comes closer to the Knight.

The Knight turns around and sees the kids coming to him. The Knight was curious to know where their mother and father where because it was uncommon for children to walk the streets alone.

"Hay kids stop right there. Where are your parents?" The Knight says stopping the kids and kneeling down to their height.

"Oh sorry. You see sir we are orphans. I'm Silvia Beravan and this is Michael." Silvia says and points over to Michael.

The Knight leans over and puts his hand on Michael's head next the Sparrow. He brushes his hand on his hair for a little bit but then something catches his eye. He then brushes up some of Michael's hair and below the hair he sees a strange birthmark. It looked like a little Dragon on his head. The Knight is surprised to see the mark of the Ondorons on his head.

"Boy who where your parents?" The Knight asks Michael.

"I don't know who my parents where I was adopted when I was very little. I grew up on a farm until it was burned down in a fire a few years ago." Michael says to the Knight.

The Knight then gets back up and Devian flies off to the castle. The Knight takes another look at the children. Then says a little spooked.

"So long kids I will be back soon." The Knight says then runs off.

The two children sit down and wait for the Knight to return.

Later the Knight appears in the castle running down the massive hallway. The Knight runs up a flight of stairs and takes a left to Derovic's chambers that were down a long tall passageway.

The passageway is outlined by lines of suits of armor the rugs that the suits sit on top of a long red rug that led to Derovic's chamber. The chamber doors are made of solid gold and are shaped like the door but at the top the metal forms little spikes and form these spikes there where what looked like gold plants coming from them. This was to symbolize the Ondorons leadership and acts of kindness from fear and war.

The Knight reaches the two guards that guarded the door. The Knight stops between the two guards as they stop him. The two guards were wearing standard military uniforms like the one that was guarding the entrance. Their weapons were a combination of a musket and a sword that was called Muskills. The blade of the Muskills extended from the barrel of the gun but was sticking in front of the gun but below the barrel. The trigger was in the sword hilt.

"Oh? Sir Dalg. We didn't know it was you." The guards say to the Knight pulling away their Muskills.

"Good soldier. I will go into lord Derovic's chambers now." Dalg says then walks into Derovic's chambers.

As Dalg enters the chamber the mood changes from beautiful and cheery to Dark and scary. The king had left his candles die out and the artifacts on the walls made the room look like the inside of a dungeon. As Dalg approaches Derovic he could see the king's face the chair was facing him. He could see Derovic's hand petting Devian that was sitting ion his stand next to his master's chair.

Dalg kneels down. Then he hears the voice of Derovic say to him from the other side of the chair.

"Leave me be Dark Knight can't you see that I'm upset. Just let me be." The king says turning towards Dalg or as called by his nickname the Dark Knight.

"I'm sorry my lord it's just that. While I was making my rounds in the city today I saw a boy that looked like your little boy." The Dark Knight says to Derovic.

"This doesn't mean anything Dark Knight. Now please leave me and my son out of this." Derovic says to the Dark Knight angered by his words.

"No my king. This boy was different. He looked much like you and he even had the same birthmark as you do. He is an Ondoron." The Dark Knight says to Derovic.

Then Derovic gets up out of his chair and turns his head towards the Dark Knight and then walks over to him his eyes on the Dark Knight the entire time. When Derovic reaches the Dark Knight he puts his hand on the Dark Knight's chest and then jumps with joy and said.

"My son is alive oh happy day. All of these years I thought he was dead."

He then goes over and hugs the Dark Knight and then dances over to his fireplace.

"Uh sire? Uh what am I to go sire about your son?" The Dark Knight ask Derovic surprised that for the first time he actually sees the man dancing which he had never seen before.

"Oh yes yes yes yes. Dark Knight I want you to go out and pick him up along with any of his friends." Derovic says then slides over to the Dark Knight and hugs him again.

"Tonight we shall have a feast. Tonight we celebrate. Hurray!" Derovic says and sticks his arm out in front of the Dark Knight then jumps off.

The Dark Knight left that day and went to pick up Michael and Silvia and bring them to the castle. At the castle Michael learned that he was indeed Derovic's son and that he was the prince he then moved into the castle with his father. Silvia was a friend of Michael and so Derovic allowed her to move into the castle as well. As for their little Sparrow Flapper he became Michel's best friend and was able to live in the castle with Michael and Silvia.

Over the years Silvia and Michael had become the best of friends and they grew fond of each other even though they don't know it. The Sparrow grew up alongside them he no longer had to fear Devian the Hawk. Except in some cases. As the years go by Michael and Silvia began to forget about their troubles. They were happy to live in a castle and Michael was happy to be with his true father.

I would like to say that they lived happily ever after right now. But truth be told this was not end of our story the future is where our story truly begins.