Chapter 2

The Citadel

Later there is a right flash as the group of Heroes flash into the center of massive building. The building is shaped like a large dome with four tall towers around it. This building was a Citadel that was as old as the world of Fantasmal that is a parallel world to that of our own. This building was the resting place of the secret guild known as the Blue Moon Dogs a secret society that watches over the world of Fantasmal and our own they watch and protect us from the Dark forces like the Belitinog and the Undead.

The group teleport in the center of a large pad that was the symbol of the Blue moon Dogs which was a dog howling with a blue moon behind it. The group appears as the white glow ends. But they teleport in Marcus falls over on his but.

Michael looks in aw at the vastness of the chambers of the building they where standing in the middle of the main hall all over the main hall where artifacts from Heroes past. As he looks around the room he steps next to a full Knight battle armor but the helmet was different. Instead of the normal Knight helmet it instead had a round circular helmet with a big X on the helmet that ran to the back and it had a long blue cape that had a strange symbol on it.

He recognized the armor. It was the armor of the legendary hero Pug the Coker who had fought against the Dark forces and one. The Hero was so strong that he could go through an entire army of Orgs and not get injured. He was also the best sword master that ever lived. But he disappeared years ago after Derovic came to power.

"Hay is this the armor that he wore?" Michael asks the man as he walks over to the armor.

"Yes this is the armor to the Legendary Hero Pug the Coker." The man says and continues walking down the passageways.

Michael takes another look at the armor but then goes over to the man. Meanwhile Silvia and Ryan Lionheart step down from the platform and walk down the passageway. Silvia walks next to Ryan as they pass the armor of Pug the Coker.

"You know that the story of Pug the Coker is Michael's favorite Hero. It just that he heard his stories growing up as a kid and there is his Heroes armor. I think is mind is blown by now." Silvia says to Ryan.

"Ah I see. Well you think his mind is blown now you should wait till later on." Ryan says to Silvia.

While the two continue to walk down the passage way Marcus is still getting up off the platform along with the Sparrow Flapper who had just gotten up. Marcus starts to get up but then falls over again. Flapper lets out a laugh like tweet.

"Oh shut up. You have this much trouble if you where a heavy Human to you know." Marcus says to Flapper.

Flapper then tweets at Marcus and flies off to join Michael on his shoulder. Michael is still following the man this time he was heading into another large space. This space seemed to be the center of what looked to be a massive shrine devoted to Heroes of all time. The Shrine was of Pug the Coker but in the hand that was extended out in the air there was a real metal sword. This sword was the sword that Pug the Coker held in combat. This sword was called Dragon's blade cause it is believed that this very sword was created a meteorite that fell to the world it is believed that a Dragon's egg was inside the meteor. The blade is stronger then the toughest of metals and could chip down the blades of the opponents that the wielder faces. The sword is what gave Pug the Coker the power to never die of old age and to live on until he dies a warrior's death.

Dragon's blade emits a blue godly glow that can be seen as reflections in the shiny suits of armor that laid around the shrine these where the armor that was said that five legendary Heroes would wear to defeat the Dark Lord. The armors glow in a gold glow that shined all over the room. The glow is so bright that Michael has to cover his eyes with his arm.

Then Michael can see the others come up behind him they all where in aw as they see the man walk up to the statue and lifts his hands in the air and the glow stops. The man then starts to speak to Michael as Michael drops his arm to his side.

"It is time boy that I give you some answers." He says to Michael as Flapper flies off Michael's shoulder and lands on his shoulder then begins to speak again. "You see my young friend I am a man known as the Fate. I see how all things will end or change it to another way to end. Which is what must happen now." He says to Michael as Ryan Lionheart comes up walking up behind him then the man starts to speak again. "The man that stands beside you is the man who is now known as Ryan Lionheart he was a great Warrior in his prime and know he is one of my closest followers. You already know Silvia and the others but I only see two of the legendary five before me." He says to Michael and stops speaking.

"Wow! So wait Silvia and I are two of the legendary five Warriors the ones that are told to fight alongside Pug the Coker in the battle against the Dark Lord." Michael says to the Fate pointing at Silvia. But then feels the urge to ask a question. "But wait if we are just two who does that make Ryan?" Michael says to the Fate.

"Well you figured it out then my little friend. Ryan Lionheart and Pug the Coker are one the same." The Fate says to Michael his hands moving as he speaks.

"OK that's awesome. But why us Fate?" Michael asks the Fate.

"The reason why is because you want to change the world Michael Ondoron and what better way to do so then fighting the evil dictator that rules now. You both are very special in your own ways but only together we can stop your father." The Fate says to Michael.

"Cool." Michaels says but is then pushed aside by Silvia.

"But what about the other Heroes who are they." Silvia asks the Fate but then Ryan stops him speaking and starts to speak instead.

"You see in the legend there where five Heroes. The leader, The Follower, The Archer, The Wizard, and The Spy you are the Spy Silvia and Michael is the leader. I know that The Dark Knight or Dalg as you call him is the Archer. But as for the other two we have no idea." Ryan Lionheart says to both Michael and Silvia.

"Yes and for us to be strong enough to face the Dark Lord first we must win the approval of the people by wining the kingdom from your father. But we must get started now before your Father learns that you vanished with us. This task that we are now setting will be even harder now as the guards know by know that you are gone and that we took you. They will be hunting for you on the streets." The Fate says but then turns to Ryan and says. " Ryan I need you to get your armor ready and give Michael's and Silvia's disguises ready for them. I will be in my chambers meditating. When you are ready come to when you want leave." The Fate says and walks off to his chambers.

Then Ryan Lionheart comes to where the Fate was standing and speaks to Silvia and Michael awhile getting the sword down from the statues hand.

"Alright then you two go back into the changing areas which are strait across from Fate's chambers. Put these on for size." Ryan says to Silvia and Michael giving them a pair of peasant clothes.

After Ryan gives them the clothes Silvia and Michael head off to the changing area and change out of their royal clothing and into the villager clothes. While they're off doing that Ryan Lionheart is still trying get Dragon's blade out of the statues hand. He jumps up and lands on the statues head and then walks over to the sword and plucks it out of its hand. But as he picks up the sword he losses his balance and falls off of the statue and hits the ground. As he gets back up he is glad that the sword had not injured him and gets up and goes over and sees Silvia and Michael dressed in their Villager disguises. He puts the sword back in its holster and goes over to them.

"Hay Ryan aren't you going to wear your armor in the village?" Michael asks Ryan.

"Oh no I have decided that wearing the armor in a small village like the one we're going to would draw too much attention to us." Ryan says to Silvia and Michael and then pulls out a little glass vile from his pocket and starts to speak again. " I wanted to show you this. Its is a type of makeup that when you put it on your face it will distort your face not physically but it will distort it mentally to all that want to find you except your friends and those you want to meet. But you best put it on before we get to the village.

After they put on the makeup they disappear in a white glow and nothing is left. Over in the corner Marcus was looking at a collection of that were on a shelf as Silvia and Michael disappear. Flapper is helping Marcus look at the collection of books by going up and pulls them down for Marcus to see.

"No Flapper the big one to the left." Marcus says to Flapper.

Flapper then hops over and knocks over the big book at the end of the collection. The book is so heavy that when Marcus catches the books he hits the ground. Flapper lets out another laugh like tweet to mock Marcus.

"Oh what the heck is that supposed to mean?" Marcus says to the Sparrow.

Flapper then flies down in front of Marcus on the book. Marcus sees the bird in front of him mocking him. He gets up and dusts off the Book and on the Book it says the Legend of the Torases. He opens up the book and finds some kind of little machine. He picks up the strange device and looks at it for a moment and then he sees the Fate standing in front of him.

Marcus jumps and drops the book but not the device which he catches midair. The Fate roles his eyes at Marcus but then smiles then he leans down to pick up the book and then begins to speak.

"Ah I see that you found the ancients ear." The Fate says to Marcus as he gives him back the book.

"I'm sorry what? What are you talking about?" Marcus asks Fate.

"This is an ancient device used by even the first Hero guider to speak to the Heroes from this location. It is a machine left to us from the greatest civilization to ever live. We know them as the Torases." Fate says to Marcus.

"What excuse me but what are they exactly?" Marcus asks Fate.

"If you want to find out about the Torases and who we are up against you best read the book." Fate says to Marcus and throws him the book.

Marcus manages to catch the book. As he catches the book he looks back up and the Fate was gone. Then goes off to the center of the chamber and starts to read the book.

Then in the village of Plestermal there is a bright flash down an alleyway. Then Silvia, Michael, and Ryan Lionheart all appear as the flash stops. Silvia lands next to a farmhouse and Michael lands on a pile of flour and Ryan lands on his legs in a kneeling position and then gets up and goes and checks on the others.

"Ah you know you could have warned us about the portal that would teleport us about twenty miles away. I think?" Michael says to Ryan.

"Oh yah sorry it becomes common when you've done it as many times as I have. I forgot you are new at this." Ryan says helping Michael up.

"OK then let's get a move on I think we are supposed to meet a friend of mine here. Now move out if we stay here to long the guards will know something is up." Ryan says to Michael and Silvia.

They then walk out of the alley and approach a city street the street is packed with people traveling the city streets looking for food to buy. Ryan, Silvia, and Michael go through the crowd of people passing by a platoon of guards that where protecting a house that the mayor lived.

They avoid any more incursions the rest of the way. Apparently the king doesn't care about this town or any other at that. They come to a stop at what looked to be a bakery.

"Stay here you two I'll be right back." Ryan tells Silvia and Michael.

The two stay outside as Ryan enters the bakery. The two fiddle around with the locals.

Inside the Bakery Ryan flings the door open and enters to bakery. In the bakery there were people who were sitting down at tables awaiting their food from the best chef in all of Fantasmal a man called Caster. Ryan looks around for a few seconds then sees a moving shell behind the counter. He goes over to the counter and looks at a humanoid lizard creature with a shell that covered its back. The creature rises up and sees Ryan.

"Hay Ryan my old buddy." The creature says to Ryan.

"Hay Caster. How's the stand going." Ryan asks the creature.

"Pretty good for now Ryan. But some pest every now and then." Caster says back to Ryan.

"Hay Caster I need you to find someone for me." Ryan tells Caster sitting down on a chair next to the counter.

"Well who would that be my friend?" Caster asks Ryan while cooking a loaf of bread.

"I need you to find a man called Frilar. Would you happen to know where he lives?" Ryan asks Caster while hold his head up like he had a bad headache.

"Frilar? I don't think I ever heard that name before Ryan. But I saw a man come in here the other day he came in and sat where you are sitting now. He sat down and told me a long story he said he knew you. But he never told me his name. But I do know that he's an old military Veteran. He lives up in the hill region of the town. If you want to go speak with him I'll take you to him my self the people in this town love me with me guiding you there is no doubt that they won't rob you on the way there." Caster says to Ryan.

"Alright Caster you can take us there." Ryan says to Caster getting up.

"Ok then let's be on our way. It's about time that you and I get on one more adventures for old times sake." Caster says coming over the counter and joining Ryan.

The two then walk outside the bakery. But when they get outside they can't find Michael or Silvia. Ryan went off angry and stormed off to find Silvia and Michael closely followed by Caster.

They later find the two at a little old shack in the outskirts of town sitting with Frilar the captain of the guard of Holdron. The man got to old to defend Holdron and so Derovic retired him.

"Yah that's him that the man that came in to my bakery a few days ago." Caster says to Ryan pointing at Frilar.

"So you're the one that I heard so much about from these kids. They also told me about what the king did to those innocent people. If the stories that they told me are true then my Pike will fight for you. But first I want an example of Prince Michael's ability to lead." Frilar says to Ryan then turns to Michael.

"What do you need me to do Frilar?" Michael asks Frilar.

"Well there is a problem in this town for lack of belief in stories of the Coker. If you can somehow persuade them to believe in those stories and make them believe the stories of your father's evil. Then and only then I will indeed fight for you." Frilar says to Michael.

Meanwhile in the castle of Holdron the Dark Knight sits in Derovic's private quarters dueling him.

"You are the top elite of the Dark Knights now strike me." Derovic says to Dalg.

The Dark Knight jumps up with his short bladed swords in his hands. He then comes down to the ground where Derovic was standing. But as the Dark Knight comes to the ground Derovic upper cuts and hits the Dark Knight sending him back down. The Dark Knight jumps back up and runs to the wall and jumps off and tries to attack Derovic who is to fast for him to hit. When he hits the ground Derovic moves out of the way and the Dark Knight hits the ground. Then comes over and slashes at the Dark Knight. The Dark Knight turns and clashes his sword with Derovic's.

"Good. Good. You are more skilled then I remember. Your merciless fighting style is what separates you from the rest of your men." Derovic says to the Dark Knight and puts away his weapon.

While Derovic speaks the Dark Knights gets back up. As he gets back up he sees Derovic summon Devian to him. The Hawk flies down on his master's shoulder.

"I will grant you the power to redeem your honor." Derovic says to the Dark Knight who was walking to him.

"How my lord?" The Dark Knight says to Derovic bowing before his king.

"You will redeem yourself by capturing my son and bringing him and his friends back here to me personally." Derovic says to The Dark Knight.

After Derovic stops speaking the Dark Knight leaves to go capture Michael and his friends.

When the Dark Knight leaves Devian flies from Derovic's shoulder and goes back to his post. Derovic walks around his chamber and then stops and looks outside at the kingdom. Then Devian flies back down on his master's shoulder. Derovic looks outside as the Dark Knight rides out on a horse along with five elite knights. They rode out of the gates and disappeared into the horizon.

"Devian follow him. I want you to make sure that he completes his task this time." Derovic says to Devian.

Devian then takes off and flies out the open window on his way to follow the Dark Knight on his task.

Then in the town of Plestermal Michael has done all Frilar has asked him to do. Now the people cheer his name as he walks the street. Meanwhile at Frilar's shack Ryan and Silvia chat while Frilar sits in a chair with his hat over his eyes.

"Hay here comes the conquering hero." Ryan tells Silvia.

Silvia turns around and sees Michael coming to them. He comes over to Frilar who is still sleeping in a chair. When he gets to him he kicks him to wake him up. Frilar jumps as Michael's foot hits his chair. Frilar looks up to see Michael staring down at him.

"Oh! Boy you're back. I didn't expect you to be back so soon." Frilar says to Michael and jumps up.

"Yes I have done everything you have asked and now the entire town knows of my father's evil deeds and now they will fight for us." Michael says to Frilar.

"Good then boy it is time for me to complete my end of the bargain. I will fight for you Michael Ondoron." Frilar says to Michael saluting him.

"That's good Michael we have one down. Two to go." Silvia says to Michael.

"Yes young Silvia. But these two will be more difficult." Ryan tells Silvia.

"Oh why would that be Ryan Lionheart?" Frilar ask Ryan.

"Cause I think I know who the Archer is. I think he's Dalg or the Dark Knight as some refer to him." Ryan tells Frilar.

"Why will it be so hard Ryan? He hates Derovic as much as we do." Silvia says to Ryan.

"It will be difficult because the Dark Knight has made a warrior's oath to follow the king of Holdron. Dalg is an honorable man and does not like to break oaths." Ryan tells to Silvia.

"But he will need to join us if we are to stop my father's rule." Michael says back to Ryan.

"Yes that is true Michael but the Dark Knight and I have been close friends for some time now. If I know anything about him it would have to be that he is strong in his beliefs. Turning him won't be easy." Ryan tells Michael.

Ryan then looks up and sees Caster running towards them his shell shacking back and forth as he runs.

"Ryan I have terrible news." Caster says to Ryan coming to a halt.

"What is it Caster?" Ryan asks Caster.

"It's the Dark Knight he has arrived at the gate to the city he has brought several other Elite Knights with him. He's looking for you." Caster says to Ryan panting.

"This is not good." Ryan says to Caster then turns to face the others. " Frilar get the kids out of here quickly. It won't him long to find us if he brought along Devian." Ryan tells Frilar.

"Come on you two we have to get out of here. Caster come with us." Frilar tells the kids and Caster.

"No Ryan wait what about you?" Michael asks Ryan.

"Don't worry about me kid you just get out of here. If you die then there is no hope for the future. I'm going to hold them off as long as I can." Ryan says to Michael and then walks off into the town.

Michael looks back as they leave Ryan behind and disappear in another flash.

Then down in the town center getting off his horse the Dark Knight speaks to the public.

"Now listen if any of you have seen these men and this woman please report your findings to me at once. The king will be most gracious for the information." The Dark Knight tells the citizens.

"I'm right here Dalg!" The Dark Knight hears a man say out in the crowd.

The Dark Knight gets back up on his horse and looks through the crowd and sees

Ryan Lionheart at the very back of the crowd.

"YOU?" The Dark Knight says pointing his finger at Ryan and jumps off his horse.

The Dark Knight starts to walk to Ryan. The crowd splits as the Dark Knights walks down the crowd to get to Ryan. Then at the end of the crowd they stand a few feet from each other. Ryan is looking down at the ground and as the Dark Knight approaches he slowly raises his head to look at the Dark Knight's helmet.

"You? The mighty Ryan Lionheart. What are you doing here my old friend?' The Dark Knight asks Ryan.

"I'm here to buy my friends some time." Ryan says to the Dark Knight and draws Dragon's Blade.

"I don't want to fight you my friend." The Dark Knight says taking a step back.

"You don't want to fight. How am I supposed to believe that when you help Derovic murder the innocent?" Ryan says to the Dark Knight pulling Dragon's Blade into attack position.

"Fine then my friend. If it's a fight you want then it's a fight you'll get." The Dark Knight says to Ryan and pulls out his swords and twirls them in his hands.

The two then circle each other both holding their weapons in attack position. Then they stop and the two jump at each other and strike. Their weapons then clash sending sparks in the air. They then hump from each other and begin the battle.

The dark Knight uppercuts and Ryan is able to dodge the attack and kicks the Dark Knight in the chest. The Dark Knight is stunned by Ryan's attack and is unable to move he looks up and sees Ryan flying at him. The Dark Knight then rolls and kicks Ryan in the head sending the man back a few feet. Ryan recovers and charges at the Dark Knight. The Dark Knight recovers and also charges at Ryan. Nut then the Dark Knight jumps up in the air and kicks Ryan in the face again. Ryan is knocked back and begins to bleed from his mouth some. But he then brings dragon's Blade up to stop the Dark Knights sword from going into him. The Dark Knight grunts as his swords collide with Dragon's Blade. Ryan is able to push the Dark Knight off him and then strikes the Dark Knight on his armor chest plate.

The Dark Knight then uppercuts this time he is able to cut Ryan on his chest. Ryan looks down at his wound. He then looks up as the Dark Knight charges at him once more. But this time Ryan braces himself and flips the Dark Knight right over him. The Dark Knight is able to land on the ground. He then turns and pulls Ryan down to the ground. Ryan falls and hits the ground next to the Dark Knight. The Dark Knight then tries to stab Ryan before he could get away. But before he could Ryan rolls out of the way and his swords run into the ground. Ryan then jumps up and kicks the Dark Knight in the face knocking him over. Then Ryan stops his attack.

Instead of fighting Ryan points Dragon's Blade at the Dark Knight who was on the ground in pain.

"It's over Dalg. Give up." Ryan tells the Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight stands back up and looks Ryan in the eyes and laughs.

"Ryan you have changed." The Dark Knight says the coughs.

Then two of the Elite Knights come up behind Ryan and grab him. They knock away Dragon's Blade and hold him up off the ground. The Dark Knight comes over to Ryan with his helmet off. There was blood coming from his mouth.

"You have changed Ryan into a cowardly fool. You think that the son of the king will change anything. I follow Derovic cause he is a wise and strong leader. Not because he's a dictator." The Dark Knight says next to Ryan's face.

"You have changed as well my friend. You forget who your friends are. You think that staying to your oath is honor. Honor comes to warriors that earn it from doing great things. You have no honor now." Ryan says to the Dark Knight.

"You are a pathetic old man that sat in a hole like a coward for so many years! You left me to fight the threats of this land on my own! You filled my head with this mythic destiny that I'm supposed to be part of!" The Dark Knight yells to Ryan's face.

The guards take Ryan away to take back to the king on their horses. After the rest of the Knights leave the Dark Knight mounts his horse and looks at the citizens as he rides off to meet the rest of his Knights at the castle.

Later at the Citadel of Heroes Silvia, Caster, Frilar, and Michael all appear in the center room and spook Marcus who was still reading the book. Frilar is amazed by the vastness of the building and walks away from the pad first. Then Caster leaves to look at the structure with Frilar. Then Michael and Silvia walk off the platform. The two come to the Fate who was standing in front of the teleporting pad.

"I see only three Heroes that have come to this place where is the fourth young leader?" Fate asks Michael.

"Ryan gave his life to see that we got here safely." Michael tells Fate.

"May I ask did he give his life to for your safety?' Fate asks Michael.

"It was a man Fate. A man named Dalg or the Dark Knight as some people calls him." Silvia says to the Fate.

"The Dark Knight? Yes Ryan has told me much of this warrior that calls himself a Knight. We both believe that he is the Archer from the legends." Fate tells Silvia and Michael.

"Well legendary Warrior or not he just killed the greatest warrior that the world has ever seen." Michael says to Fate walking away from him.

"Michael the Dark Knight and Ryan Lionheart may be sworn enemies by now. But if I understand this Dalg's fighting style that he would not kill him instead he would take him to his master." Fate says to Michael following him.

"Well if he took Ryan to Holdron then we have to go get him." Silvia tells Fate coming up behind him.

"No little lady that isn't going to happen. It's just three of us vs. an entire army. Trust me with those odds we aren't going to win." Frilar yells at Silvia.

"The Follower is right Silvia we cannot launch a full out attack on the castle of Holdron. At least not now." Fate stops and tells Silvia.

"If we do not attack now they could be torturing him or killing him." Silvia tells Fate.

"No young Silvia. Ryan will live he can only die in combat. Not torture or old age." Fate tells Silvia.

"But if we cannot attack now then when? If the Dark Knight is the Archer then sooner or later." Michael asks the Fate.

"Well boy it would be best if we attack after we find the Wizard Scenario." Fate tells Michael.

"Well then why aren't we off now?" Michael asks the Fate.

"Because boy you still have much that I need to teach you in the absences of Ryan Lionheart. Now you must come with me to the statue when you are ready to begin your training in the fighting style of the Knights." Fate says to Michael then walks off to the statue room.

Michael is a little bit upset about that Fate just got angry with him. He puts his head down and walks back to the pad. But as he starts to walk he confronts Marcus.

"Um my lord I would like to tell you that I have been reading through the these books that fate had given me. Just let me tell you that I have learned a great amount of knowledge." Marcus tells Michael.

"OK Marcus what exactly did you learn?" Michael asks Marcus.

"Let me show you sire." Marcus says then pulls out the little machine. " Like this my lord it is actually a small device that allows me to speak to you in combat I currently have one in my ear as we speak. It's actually quite comfortable." Marcus says to Michael.

"So Marcus was there anything else you wanted to tell me?" Michael asks Marcus.

"Oh well let me think of that. Oh yes there was something that came up in the records that intrigued me." Marcus tells Michael.

"What is that Marcus?" Michael asks Marcus.

"Well master it's about the Dark Lord you are going to face in the near future. I was reading in the stories and it turns out that the Torases that where the first great civilization to ever live where in fact the first to face the Dark Lord that they called Belitinog." Marcus tells Michael.

"That's great Marcus tell me when you learn more about this Belitinog." Michael tells Marcus.

"At once sire." Marcus tells Michael and walks back to the book.

Michael turns and walks by Silvia who watches as he walks to the statue chamber. Then Behind her Caster walked up.

"You love him don't you?" Caster said to Silvia.

"No I. How can you tell?" Silvia asks Caster who was now walking over to the wall beside her.

"Well I saw that in another young human much like you and him." Caster says looking at a trophy on the wall.

"What happened to them?" Silvia asked.

"Oh they were happy together. They got married. But sadly the girl died giving birth to a son that his father named Michael." Caster tells Silvia.

"Wait you're talking about Derovic and Michael aren't you." Silvia tells Caster.

"Yes. Just remember that love comes from every where even after death but you best enjoy it while it last." Caster tells Silvia and walks off again.

Then in the statue chamber of the Citadel the Fate waits in the center of the room with Flapper in his hand. Then Michael walks in and Flapper flies out of Fate's hand and lands on Michael's shoulder. The Fate turns around to see him.

"Ah you are here Michael. Now we can let the training begin." Fate tells Michael.

"Alright what do we do now? Oh about I beat up some dummies or throw knifes at targets like an Archer. Oh how about how to use a sword like Ryan." Michael asks Fate.

"No young Michael every great Hero learns their own fighting style over there own experience. You to will learn your fighting style in combat not from a master." Fate tells Michael.

"Oh? Then what are we going to do then?" Michael asks Fate.

"What I will teach you Michael is an ability that only few humans can have. You see young Michael all members of your family have the gift of using almost all of your brain instead of fifty. This allows you to speak to the world around you feel the pain that nature feels and this also allows you to call nature to your side. Like your little Sparrow friend but be warned that your father also has this ability." Fate tells Michael.

After the Fate speaks Michael looks over and looks at Flapper and hears nothing.

"Um? Are you sure that I have this ability because I don't hear anything." Michael says to Fate.

"You do have the gift Michael but first you have to believe you do. Then you must clear your mind of all thoughts then and only then can you hear nature around you." Fate says to Michael.

Michael then believes in himself. And then did what Fate told him to do then he heard a voice come into his mind and say.

"Hello Michael."

Michael almost jumps by the shock he looks in front of his face where the voice came from and all there is was Flapper.

"Wow. That's cool." Michael says looking at Fate and then turns his head and looks at Flapper.

"I have been waiting to speak with you for some time now Michael." Flapper says to Michael.

"Um OK Flapper can you not speak to me for a while because this is kind of creepy." Michael says to Flapper.

"OK then Michael we will have time to speak later." Flapper says to Michael.

"You see Michael you don't need weapons or skills to have incredible abilities." Fate tells Michael.

"OK then oh might master. What do I do now?" Michael says to Fate.

"Now you will head to the city of Plinto there I feel you will find the Wizard then and only then you will be strong enough to face your father and take the throne. Now go be the leader you where born to be. But a warning Michael I do not have enough energy to teleport everyone. I only have enough power to teleport two of you. You must go and choose who will come with you." Fate tells Michael.

Then Michael leaves the room with Flapper still on his arm. As he exits the room there is movement up in the rafters of the ceiling. As a small shadow moves from rafter to rafter the shadow moves very fast staying behind Michael as he goes down the passageway. The shadow then stops in the light and the creature is not like anything on earth. It was a tall thin creature that looked to be made entirely of human skeleton parts. The creature wears human Wizard outfit. It wears a hat made out of other creature's horn. This creature was a undead skeleton this one was special cause he was the leader of them his name is the Dark King.

The Dark King then disappears in a puff of smoke. On the ground Michael approaches Silvia.

"Hay uh Silvia. Do you know anything about the swamp?" Michael asks Silvia.

"Uh well I know how to traverse the swamp easily. Why did you ask?" Silvia says to Michael.

"Well unfortunately Fate can't transport all of us at once so I can only bring one person along with me and well I think you would be the best bet to come with me Plinto to go find the wizard Scenario." Michael says to Silvia.

"Well I'm ready when you're ready." Silvia says to Michael.

"Well then let's get started." Michael says to Silvia.

Then the two go off to the teleport pad. But then Marcus comes up to Michael.

"My lord I need to report to you something." Marcus tells Michael.

"Marcus what is it?" Michael asks Marcus.

"My lord before you it would be safe for me to tell you of the swamp spirits." Marcus tells Michael.

"Swamp spirits?" Silvia asks Marcus.

"Yes lady Silvia apparently the book says that the Dark Lord created these like elemental warriors called demons." Marcus tells Silvia.

"Tell me Marcus." Michael tells Marcus.

"Well master that's the point. It doesn't have much on those creatures. It just says watch the shadows." Marcus tells Michael.

"We'll be careful Marcus. Now come on Michael." Silvia tells Michael.

Michael then leaves Marcus and joins Silvia on the pad.

"Master I will keep in touch with you." Marcus tells Michael.

After Marcus speaks there is a bright flash once again and the two are gone. Marcus then walks back to the book and continues to read. Behind him there is a loud crash. When Marcus turns around he sees a suit of armor knocked on the ground and Caster stand above it holding one of the suits arms. He then pulls the arm behind his back then chuckles and waves at Marcus.

Marcus roles his eyes and turns back to his book.