don't forget me

we started with hello
and ended with goodbye,
but i wanted to tell you
to stay and (be with me).
you're the one
i've been looking for -
the nice guy,
with a big heart,
and a bigger smile.
the sweet boy,
with sweeter gestures,
and love so profound.
you think it's hard
to find love when
you are who you are,
but didn't you know?
(bad boys are overrated)
and i tell myself
i don't stand a chance,
but in my dreams,
you tell me different,
and i'm swept away in you.
and every time i try
to forget you,
i tell myself maybe,
just maybe,
i'll get a chance and
you'll see me here,
waiting for you.
and because i
can't forget about you,
please don't forget about me.
don't forget me.