I heard voices above me, calling me. Before I knew it, people in big raincoats were leading me to safety. Away from the cliff, away from my parents' bodies, away from the small cottage that had housed a murderer.

The first thing I saw when I was led to the road was the blinking lights of police cars. Then I saw them. Jason and Stacy stood in front of one of the cars. They saw me too. We ran towards each other and hugged. Jason looked back at an ambulance that stood by the road.

Inside, sat Eric. His leg had been cut with the axe, but he was alive. We were alive.

Over the next few weeks, we seemed to fully grasp what had happened to us. Our grandparents took us in, and took care of us. Everyone around us said how sorry they were, but they didn't really do anything to help us. I have never felt so alone. But we were alive, and, after that night, we became closer than we ever were before. We seemed to realize how important we were to each other.

I had yet to find out who Ally was, or who Luke Wallace was, but for some reason, I want to find out. There was something about that man that I was curious to find out everything about in. Something inside me wanted to find out why a person would murder so many people.

After the storm, the police searched the coastline for hours, trying to find the body of Luke Wallace. But nothing could be found of him, not even a finger. They assured us that his body had probably been washed out to sea. But I couldn't help but feel a shiver go down my back at the thought that maybe, just maybe, Luke Wallace was aliveā€¦and we would meet again.

Author's Note: Thank you all for reading! Wasn't that fun? Hopefully you're reading this the day after Halloween, because that means you have a life, unlike me, who sits home on Halloween. But ignoring the fact that you are probably reading this the day after: Happy Halloween, and Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore."