How did it end up quite like this?
This whole sad, sorry mess.
Could nothing really have been done,
to stop it go this far?

All those people had a choice:
Choose bad or walk away!
Away from everything you dream,
away from all your hopes.

And, yes, I could so easy say
"They should have walked away!
At least they could have spoken up
a little earlier."
Truth is:
I do not have the rights, to make myself their judge.
I never had to face that choice,
between my dream and what is right.
I never had to betray so much;
my family,

How did they manage to convince themselves the lie was true?
How did they manage to conceal their lying to the world?
How did they manage to deceive all and everyone?

The answer is
"I just don't know."
Nor will I ever know.

But here is something that I know;
I know I still believe.

I still believe in innocence
of those caught in the trap.
I still believe they all regret that horrid choice they made.

It's time for us to move ahead
towards a brighter day.
It's time to make the truth come out,
so everyone can see
and understand, without a doubt;
lies will be exposed.

This sport is still so beautiful,
despite its horrid past.
Let us not, let sins of past,
affect those of Today.

Let them ride so freely now,
and battle for the win.
Let them raise their hands in joy,
when victory is true.
Let them voice their frustrations,
when winning slips away.

It is a wondrous spectacle,
to watch them ride, and ride.
Why should I let murky past
affect this greatest show?

I trust we live in cleaner times,
with cheating almost gone.
While once it was the normal thing;
now it's shadows' play.

But still we need to clean this mess,
to truly face the dawn.
We need to change the way we see,
and understand the race.

Was it 'winning at all costs'
which made it go this far?
I think it was;
now it must go,
leave room for something else.
Perhaps it is already here,
slowly coming true.

A shared responsibility
from UCI to fans.
To reach a brighter day today,
and race true clean race.