This Legend will teach its readers about the power of Friendship, Responsibility, and Leadership.

Once long ago, in the time of the dinosaurs (65 million years ago) there were a lot of different dinosaurs on the face of the Earth. This story will take place on Prince Edward Island, Canada, on the coast of the south-west side. The dinosaurs lived a very happy life in their little island. There was a bit of food to sustain these huge creatures as well, which includes small rodents, mammals, and a variety of plants. Prince Edward Island wasn't the biggest island, so these big dinosaurs didn't have a lot to eat.

1: Victor

These berries didn't taste good. My teeth really mushed them, and I swallowed them. My mother told me to enjoy these berries since apparently there wasn't a lot of food on the island anymore. My name's Victor and I'm a Velociraptor. My whole family is worried about the lack of nourishment before we can take before we – die. The sky is getting dark so I slowly saunter back to my family's den. At least I can sleep with something in my stomach now; we haven't had food in days. I fall asleep almost immediately.

I awake to the sound of my mother's voice. I open my eyes and she looks frantic which immediately makes me worried. I stand up on my feet and she tells me that father has died. My heart drops and I stand there speechless for the longest minutes in my life. She explains that he got killed trying to steal food from another den, but it just goes right through my ears; I can't stand hearing anything more. My first instinct was to dash into the woods, which I do. The pine branches scratch and claw at me on my cheeks but I don't feel it, I just want to run away. I don't where to go, but I can't recognize these trees anymore. I remember when my mother took me on a walk around the island. It did seem small. I don't know where to go now, they could easily fine me. I couldn't believe father would try to steal food – for us. I tear up even more, but I keep running, dodging big branches and trees. I reach a circular pile of hay and I wonder if it's another den. I never seen such a strange design though, my den is a pretty normal one though, with a pile in the middle for everyone to rest in. I get to my knees and crawl around the hay. Past some boulders I see some plateosaureses. They look kind of like huge green lizards.

I try to sneak past them, but one lifts up a droopy eyelid. He momentarily had a surprised look on his face but opened his beak and screeched a high-pitched squeal that awoke the other lizards, I try to turn around and run, but my foot was caught in between a root and a small boulder. Panic got to me and I growled in aid. They think I came to try to steal their food though. Most of them rise and dash towards me. I finally break free of the root and run along the side of their den, past the sleeping and food area. I run straight, not knowing which direction I'm heading but soon reach a lake, which I run to the left of, I turn my head a bit to the side to see if they were still chasing me. They were, and there were about four plateosaureses. I sprint across the sandy coast to reach a cleared field. I look back again, but then I catch a glimpse of something bright in the corner of my eye. Not knowing what it was, I continued dashing, avoiding trenches in the grassy meadow, where then I ended up at a large pool of water. I look left and right but see no end so I assumed that I was at the coast of the island. It was a beautiful sight but I realize they were still behind me. I know I can't swim so I back up as much as I can to the water. The pack knows I'm at a

dead end and catches up to me. They slowly creep towards me with a smug grin on their small faces. I look around frantically and find the shining object in the sky again. It seems that it is coming closer to the island. I squint my eyes to shield them from the blinding light. The lizards notice I'm looking at something and turn around and do the same. It looks like it's going to hit us. My first reaction was to jump into the water. I do, but I do it hesitantly. I remember when I took a swim in cold water before; I never entered the water again. I suck it up and dive in clumsily face-first into the waves. I close my eyes and try to hold my breath. I see a flash of light above ground, even though I'm closing my eyes. Right after, there was a huge boom, the loudest noise I probably heard in my whole life. There's a ringing in my ears, and I try to get back onto the surface but I can't. I open my eyes, but can't see anything; just musty water. I flap my arms, but seem to just go deeper. My lungs seem to explode and I release my breath. Everything is dark.