Never, Because Everyone is special.

Never give up on what you believe in

Fight for what you love

Times may get hard,

But push on and

You will find a happier time

Never let people put you down

Fight for your dreams

You may fall

But stand up and

Wipe the dirt off

Never let your fears beat you

Fight for your right to live

You might cry

But always wipe the tears away and

Carry on living


When you're told you can't do something,

You do it!

When you fight

You win!

When you lose

There is always another day!

When you cry and wipe the tears away

You show you will stand

When you fall

You get back up!

Never give up on what you believe!

Never let people put you down!

Never let fear control you!

Never stay down,

Get back up and fight.

Everyone is special,

Everyone deserves to be happy,

Trust in yourself,

And fight on!