Why is this happening!? Mana dived to one side as a green goblin like creature swung its knife at her.

"GIIHH!" The numerous goblins war cried as they eyed their prey.

This isn't the kind of change I was looking for!

"DEMONS DEMONS DEMONS!" A little boy shouted a little further away whilst clutching his head. Tears rolled down his bloodshot eyes as his screams penetrate the air. Suddenly more goblins manifested out of thin air encircling Mana.

Escape had been completely sealed. A large metal wall that hadn't been there before blocked the alley's entrance and goblins were between her and the only other escape route.

Is this how it ends? Mana shook in fear as the encirclement constricted on her. Mana closed her eyes to hide herself from the truth, yet the reality was still all too clear. Tears poured down her face as her teeth chattered together

I'm going to die!

Reality 01: Goodbye Old Life

"Hey Mana, did you hear?" An energetic voice called to the lethargic Mana.

"Hear what?" Mana grunted whilst unwillingly raising her head to look her friend in the eye. Today was one of the few days Mana had arrived at school on time, but her body was still half asleep.

Morning comes too early, damn sun. The sixteen year old girl cursed as she combed the fringe of her shoulder length brown hair out of her green eyes.

"Minato-sensei won the lottery and decided to retire." Mana's friend said with a smile.

"Well good riddance to the scumbag, I got tired of listening to his lectures on being punctual." Mana stated coldly. Mana was a girl whom was generally friendly, but get on her bad side and she'd hold a grudge for life.

"Geez! Mana, you can be so cruel."

"Only to those that deserve it though, Rie," Mana let out a yawn before straightening her back, "So, is a teacher retiring such big news that you had to shake me awake?"

"No, but get this," Rie beamed a million watt smile, "We're getting a new teacher and even a new transfer student! I saw him earlier and he's totally hot, the teacher I mean. I wonder if he's got a girlfriend, if not I'm totally going to make myself a candidate." Rie stated with shining eyes.

"Good for you, I wish you eternal happiness." Mana returned her face back to the table and a moment later light breathing sounds could be heard.

"Hey why the cold shoulder treatment!?"

"I wished you luck didn't I?" Mana stated without raising her head this time, "let me sleep."

"Good grief, you're a meanie, Mana. I hope dirty otakus attack you in your dreams." Rie declared whilst returning to her seat and pouting her lips in dissatisfaction.

Who's being mean when they say something like that?

Mana turned towards the window whilst still leaning her head against the desk. So bored. Nothing ever changes.

Life for Mana was like walking a predetermined path that just circled endlessly. Even if each day varied slightly it wasn't enough to tug at her heart. She would wake up, go to school, and then go home or hang out with friends. After walking round this circle countless times it's only natural for the scenerie to dull.

I don't care how, just let today be different from the rest.

Ding Dong! - The school bell acted as Mana's alarm clock and she self righted herself.

"Be seated you maggots!" A strict voice commanded. All the previously chatting students scattered to their seats at the sight of the imposing woman who walked into the classroom. This woman was the principal of Brinton Highschool. She was in her forties and was dressed entirely in a black suit, a whip hung down from her waist, a weapon she wasn't afraid of cracking at anything that displeased her.

Mana quickly straightened her posture, her half closed eyes were now fully open. The Sadohead first thing in the morning, great.

"NOW! As you termites may have heard, Minato-sensei has just retired!"

I can't stand being called a termite, but if I say anything I'll be on the receiving end of that whip. Mana kept her complaint within the confines of her own conscience.

"And so we have appointed a new teacher. He will be the one babysitting you brats!"

Oh right, Rie mentioned something about having a new teacher, thank goodness. Mana was concerned that the Sadohead was going to teach the class herself. That would be a torture on the level of being told to take a shower at a concentration camp.

The Sadohead glared at the door. "COME IN!" She shouted.

On command a handsome effeminate man in his early to mid twenties with shortish blond hair and blue eyes walked in. Despite looking like the calm and collected type he was lightly sweating as he gave his new students a light nod. As the Sadohead's glare intensified the sweat increased by proportion.

Ah, I feel bad for him.

"Introduce yourself, then get to work!" The Sadohead barked before leaving, slamming the door behind her.

The new teacher heaved a sigh after wiping his sweat, finally regaining his composure. "As you just heard, I will be your new homeroom teacher. My name is Crystal Naito. Everyone, it is nice to make all of your acquaintances." Crystal introduced.

The class gave a light applause. Crystal took the gesture in stride with a light thank you. Maybe due to the Sadohead his nerves had tensed up a bit so the student's welcoming attitude was gratefully received.

"SENSEI!" Rie stood up suddenly shocking Crystal, but he quickly regained his calm.


"Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Uh, well no..."

Mana instinctively covered her ears, knowing what was coming next.

""""KKKKYYYYYAAAAAAA!"""" The girls screamed so loud you would think the world was ending. Crystal caught his hand on his desk just before the sudden outburst could knock him over.

Rie suddenly ran over to Crystal's side and gripped his hand with both of her own. "In that case please go out with me! Lets start a forbidden relationship which we must keep secret from everyone including our friends and families." Rie started fantasising as Crystal could only stare in shock.

If it's meant to be a secret forbidden relationship why are you confessing in front of the entire class? Mana slapped her forehead at her best friend's stupidity.

"And then all of a sudden when everyone learns the secret we elope to a country where no one else knows us and start a new life on the..." Rie continued until a hand grabbed her collar and dragged her away.

"Okay, that's enough of your fangirl mode for one day, Sensei is troubled." Mana stated as she forced Rie back into her seat.

Ahem! Crystal cleared his throat trying to regain what little remained of his composure after being shattered by multiple incidents that had occurred within the last few minutes.

"We got ourselves a hot teacher," a female student whispered.

"Rie-chan got a head start on me but I won't lose."

"Ha, only I'm good enough for Crystal-sensei, give up..."

Mana sighed, Rie aside, I never knew my classmates were this dumb. She thought as her gaze fell upon her best friend, who's eyes were still sparkling, living in a world of her imagination.

"Now I know this is rather sudden, being told you have a new teacher and all, but I also would like to introduce a new classmate to you all."

Chattering restarted as the students threw out all their expectations. "I hope it's a cute girl." One guy said.

"Even if it is you'd never land them with a face like that." A girl retorted with a shrug of her shoulders.

"What was that! This coming from a bitch who was going all goey eyed over Crystal-sensei just a moment ago."

Mana rolled her eyes in annoyance. Jeez don't start an argument out of jealousy in front of me.

"Come on in, Daichi," Crystal said and all voices silenced, in walked a teenage boy with spiky blond hair with tinges of red at the end of each spike. Both his ears had rings dangling from them and his dark eyes gave him a strong presence. His uniform was somewhat loose, his shirt had their sleeves rolled up and was unbottoned revealing a dark t-shirt underneath. Everything about him screamed out delinquent.

Whispers restarted among the class.

"Hey, look at his hair."

"Is he a delinquent!?"

"A complete degenerate?"

"No doubt about it."

"We best stay clear of him."

Completely stark opposite from Crystal-sensei's reception. Mana inwardly groaned as she glanced at Daichi's expression that seemed almost a little sad. Appearance aside, he might actually be the sensitive type. Mana suddenly wished that the people around her would stop all their prejudice comments.

"Well I guess this is the same old." Daichi shrugged his shoulders in indifference, almost as if he predicted this reaction. But even though he predicted it, it did not stop it from hurting. Well if I'm going to dispel their worries now would be the time to do it. He thought to himself as he straightened his back and drew air into his lungs.

"My name is Daichi Naito, it's nice to meet you all. I know you're all freaked out by my outward appearance. However! I am neither a delinquent, a degenerate, or a date rapist." Daichi loudly declared,

No one accused him of being a date rapist. Mana inwardly retorted, having to hold her breath, less she'd end up laughing out loud.

"As someone, who was famous a long time ago, once said, 'I have a dream, that one day, a person shall not be judged by there hair colour and piercings.'"

No, that's the first I've ever heard of that.

"Please judge from what you experience, not from my looks."

Everyone in the class smiled, they had realised, the boy in front of them wasn't a delinquent.

He's just an idiot. Mana thought to herself whilst smiling lightly, well, he'll fit right in. Mana casually glanced at Rie.

Noticing that the room's atmosphere had fallen in his favour, Daichi took out a sheet of paper that was filled margin to margin.

What's he doing? Mana tilted her head lightly.

"I am the one, who puts the 'M' in 'Man.'" Daichi recited.

"I am the sweet, that you just can't stop sucking."

"I am the sun, who illuminates the earth."

Is there supposed to be some sort of hidden meaning? I don't get it. Mana wasn't the only one confused, everyone in the room just stared at Daichi.

"I am the cheese, that increases the taste of your burger."

Just how much has he written?

"I am the -"

"All right, that will be quite enough, Daichi," Crystal confiscated Daichi's script and gives it a quick glance his composure was lost once again. He quickly muffled his mouth and regained his straight face.

"Um, excuse me…." A quiet, stuttering voice, called out meekly.

Daichi and Crystal looked to the voice's source. Sat there was a small girl with short hair, green eyes and a kind looking face.

"What's wrong, Ojou-chan?" Daichi asked.

A few students were trying hard not to laugh for some reason.

Well it's only natural he made that mistake.

"Okay, I'll bite, what was so funny?" Daichi asked in confusion.

"Umm...I'm...a boy." The 'girl' answered. "I just like… wear cute…..clothes."

Yep, "she" is actually a "he" it pisses me off that he's cuter than me though.

Daichi's mouth was stuck wide open in shock. A few moment elapse when reality finally sinks in. "Man, with always being with Crystal I thought I'd be used to this kind of thing." Daichi whispered under his breath before turning back to the 'girl'. "So, what was your question?" he asked.

"Umm…..are the two of you…..related? Well… have the same surname." The 'girl' asked with a shaky voice. 'She' clearly lacked self esteem.

"Oh right, we didn't mention that did we?" Daichi said as he faced Crystal.

"Yes, we're siblings," Crystal answered.

"SERIOUSLY!?" Rie shouted at the top of her lungs, "In that case Daichi-kun, please call me Onee-chan from now on!"

She still hasn't given up on that fantasy. Mana slammed her head against the table.

Daichi took a step back at Rie's strong gaze. "Well that aside I prepared a little something special given that I've only just transferred."

"Wait Daichi is that!" Crystal choked as Daichi pulled a CD out of his jacket pocket before placing the disk into the interactive board at the front of the classroom.

Huh? Why is Sensei sweating? Mana gazed on in blissful ignorance as a slideshow automatically started on the board. The opening page was entitled 'All you need to know about Daichi Naito in five minutes (not for the faint of heart)'.

It went onto the next slide automatically. This is… Mana's as well as every other student's eyes were assaulted by the next slide. On the slide, it mentioned Daichi's Date of birth, Blood type, place of birth, hobbies, and interests. No problem with the information. However, to the side of the information, was a picture. A picture of Daichi, in swim gear, striking a pose that one would only see in a porn magazine.

The next slide followed the same format as the previous one. Some information, and a picture of Daichi posing in an illicit way. This continued throughout the entire slide show. Info, picture, info, picture.

The class just watched with eyes wide open, like hypnotised sheep, not so much as blinking. Daichi wore a huge smile on his face. Crystal had his hand held to his forehead whilst shaking his head.

Finally, it reached the last slide which contained the credits. It read 'Made by Daichi, for those that don't know Daichi, Music added by Daichi, Sound effects added by Daichi, pictures added by Daichi, Other special effects added by Daichi, Special thanks to Daichi.'

Why did he add a credits page when all the credit is going to him?

Even after the slideshow ended everyone was surprised beyond belief. The slide show that Daichi publicly and willingly showed to his classmates, was the type other people would have used as blackmail material.

However, the slide show did hold true to its title. 'All you need to know about Daichi Naito in five minutes.' I think I know a bit TOO much though. Mana sighed for the umpteenth time today.

"Just hurry up and take a seat at the back, Daichi," Crystal tried his best to resist the migraine.

"Yes, Crystal-sensei~!" Daichi replied almost mockingly.

Well at least that torture is over. Mana thought to herself as a smile appeared on her lips like she had survived a dangerous battlefield.

Suddenly the interactive board started to show the opening page to Daichi's slideshow.

"Oh, I set it to auto repeat." Daichi stated aloud as he takes the seat next to Mana.

""""NOOOOOOOOO!"""" The class' wounds were to be re-opened.

A man stood on top of a building close to Brinton Highschool. He was staring down at the students who were leaving. He wore a grey coat that went down to his ankles, the hood was pulled low leaving only his mouth visible.

The students were running out of the school, like a bunch of mice attempting to get the last slice of cheese. They were aiming to catch the first tram they could, to get home as fast as possible.

"R-Waves.…" The man said in a quiet, yet sinister, voice. "A Realitist, they seem unable to control their power. Or is it, lack of awareness?" If a passer-by had heard the man's monologue, they would just take him for a stoned drug addict. However, there was no one there to hear him. The man continued to talk to himself. "Either way, I guess I'll play a little game." he smiled to himself.

Mana walked out of Brinton Highschool with sluggish steps. Save for those doing club activities, the school was vacant of students. The reason she was leaving a lot later than her classmates was because it was her turn to clean the classroom.

"Damn stupid school chores, why don't they just hire a cleaner?" Mana complained.

The sinister man moved along the skyscrapers, looking down at the people that were walking along the streets. He eventually noticed a lone child around eleven years old.

"I guess, I'll use him then." The man's voice was full of ill intent. "Nothing personal, this is all-" the man's smile grew thinner as he spoke "For the sake of…." A brief pause as the man took air into his lungs "MY FUN! MY SCENARIO!" He screamed before vanishing.

The young boy feeling a presence turned around. Stood there was the sinister man.

"AHH…..Uuuuu!" The man grabbed the boy and smothered his mouth. The two then suddenly disappeared almost like they had been spirited away.

Mana continued trekking down the hill whilst cursing the unfairness of being made to stay behind because of the school's use of student labour in place of its budget.


"Huh?" Mana stopped and looked around. What was that groan?

Upon further searching Mana spotted a young boy on the ground in an alleyway.

"Hey! are you okay!?" Mana asked as she rushed to the boy's aid. She placed a hand on the trembling boy's shoulder.

BRRRRR! Mana turned to a loud noise and stared in disbelief at the sight. A solid metal wall was growing out of the ground. The entrance had been sealed off.

"Wha! What on earth is going on!?" She asked herself as her body shook. "How is that even possible?"

No now isn't the time. Mana shook her head before returning her attention to the young boy. "Are you all right?" She asked. The boy held one hand against his head in pain whilst pulling himself up with the other. Suddenly he pushed Mana back, making her land on the hard concrete.

"UGGHH!" Mana painfully rubbed where she landed. "What did you do that for!? You damn brat!" she shouted.

The boy stood up whilst holding his head. Tears flowed out both his eyes. A terrified expression was plastered over his face, his body was shaking. His trembling legs looked like they were having trouble supporting his weight.

"ARRGGHHHHHHH~~~!" The boy screeched, "DEMONS! DEMONS! DEMONS!" He yelled with a voice of despair.

As if to answer the boy's scream, three goblin like creatures manifested out of thin air before him. They were about half the size of a man, and had green skin, pointy ears, razor sharp teeth with saliva running down their mouths, and wielded long knives.

The three goblins although glancing briefly at the boy quickly turned their attention to Mana, who gulped in fear to the monsters snarling.

Why is this happening!? Mana dived to one side as one of the goblins swung its knife at her.

"GIIHH!" The numerous goblins war cried as they eyed their prey.

This isn't the kind of change I was looking for!

"DEMONS DEMONS DEMONS!" The boy screamed again whilst clutching his head. Suddenly more goblins manifested out of thin air encircling Mana.

Escape had been completely sealed. The large metal wall blocked the alley's entrance and the goblins were between her and the only other escape route.

Is this how it ends? Mana shook in fear as the encirclement constricted on her. Mana closed her eyes to hide herself from the truth, yet the reality was still all too clear. Tears poured down her face as her teeth chattered together

I'm going to die!

"GYAAA!" Mana slowly opened her eyes at the loud screeches. When she did, she noticed all the goblins were lying on the floor decapitated. The remains including the blood slowly dissolved into the atmosphere.

Mana raised her head and looked at her saviours. Standing there were the Naito siblings, Daichi and Crystal.

"You'll be safe now, Fenton-san." Crystal reassured his student with a smile.

Mana nodded lightly, the shock kept her kneeling on the ground.

"Daichi, can you take care of the kid?" Crystal asked.

"Leave it to me." Daichi replied fearlessly as he pulled out a chunk of metal from his jacket pocket. The metal suddenly glowed and expanded. After the light subsided what Daichi held in his hand was a long thin sword.

"What!? What did he just do!?" Mana questioned as she stared at her classmate in disbelief.

She's letting out R-waves unconsciously, it would be best to tell her the truth. Crystal thought as he looked down at the kneeling Mana. "That is the power of a Realitist, the ability to re-write reality."

"Realitist? Re-write reality?" Mana repeated.

"Like what you just saw, Daichi turned that metal into a sword by distorting reality. By believing he was holding a sword from the beginning his mind altered reality."

By just believing he can create a sword from a chunk of metal? How is that possible!? Mana thought to herself, all her values had been tipped on its head.

"The laws of physics do not apply to Realitists. We can ignore the world's reality and create our own." Crystal further explained.

With the explanation seemingly over, Mana and Crystal returned their gazes to Daichi and his adversaries. Numerous goblins were sliced and diced as they charged at him.

Daichi slowly advanced to the boy, who was still shaking in fear. Daichi raised his sword and Mana was hit with a sudden fear "WAIT! NAITO-KUN! Are you planning on killing that boy!? DON'T DO IT!" She screamed.

Daichi turned his head. "Don't worry, I won't kill him. This boy is just a victim. However, he is the cause of those monsters. I can't just leave him be." Daichi replied whilst refocusing on the boy.


Like before, monsters appeared in front of the boy. They all charged towards Daichi, however, Daichi was not fazed. The goblins lunged in with their knives, attempted to impale Daichi, who in retaliation took a single swipe with his blade, this broke the monster's knives. With his second swipe, the goblins lost their heads and they disintegrated into nothing. Daichi slowly walked up to the boy.

"There is no such thing as demons this is nothing more than a nightmare. But don't worry, I'm going to drag you out of that hell," Daichi said gently.

"Urgh," The boy groaned as Daichi tightly gripped a pressure point in his neck, knocking him out. Daichi cushioned the boy's fall then laid him on the ground. The boy's fearful expression slowly faded.

"I guess with this the case is clo..." Daichi began

Clap clap clap! The sudden applause drew Daichi, Mana, and Crystal's attention to a coated figure that was sitting on top of the metal wall.

When did he get there? I never felt his presence. A chill ran down Crystal's neck.

"Well done, you dealt with that brilliantly, I enjoyed the show." The man said with a thin smile. A smile that was further emphasised with the upper half of his face hidden by his hood.

"Are you the one who did this to that boy?" Crystal interrogated.

"Indeed, I used hypnotism to remove the barriers in his brain that made him believe in the world's reality and instilled a belief that demons exist." The mysterious man explained.

"Are you the reason for the increase in Demi-Realitists within this city?" Crystal further questioned.

"Well, I am one of many." The man replied half heartedly.

"A group!?" Crystal whispered. "So we're not just dealing with an individual." It looks like the worst case scenario is upon us.

"All right, considering everything has been going so smoothly that I've been growing bored why don't I give you some information as a reward. Well, not that you Genesis Realitists stand a chance against us." The man stood up and paced along the wall.

He's leaving himself wide open to an attack. He's confident he can handle us regardless. Crystal thought to himself.

"We are Venus. A group of Realitists, that are trying to turn all regular humans into Realitists!" The man declared.

"What are you saying!? Do you understand the consequences of doing such a thing!?" Crystal shouted. "Have you no morals or humanity within you?" Crystal questioned in anger.

The man sat back down on the wall "Morals? Humanity? Such things don't exist in my reality. The human brain is capable of so much, morals are nothing more than a weakness. A weakness that lessens a Realitist's power, by placing barriers around the brain." He stated.

"You even used a child like this as a tool." Daichi glared at the menacing man.

"In my reality, humans only exist for entertainment purposes. That boy should be smiling in glee that I had a\ use for him." The man's words were twisted but truthful. He honestly thought nothing of human life.

"YOU MONSTER!" Mana screamed as she got to her feet, she did not understand everything. However, she did know that the man before her, could not be called human.

"HA HA HA HA!" The man laughed hysterically. Mana, Crystal and Daichi instinctively stepped back, cold sweat ran down their faces. This man was both dangerous, and unpredictable. Whether the three of them lived or died would be entirely decided by his whim.

The current us doesn't stand a chance against this man. Crystal thought fearfully, he had been in several life and death situations, but none more dangerous than this.

The man smiled as if shrugging everything else off. "Well, that's all for today. Although today's act was meant to be that girl's death scene, I'll let it go. I love twists after all, especially ones I don't foresee." The man stood up and removed his hood revealing murky red hair and obsidian eyes. He glared at the trio with his eyes of darkness causing them all to tremble. "I am one of Venus' Reality Seven, Pendulum. I hope you look forward to the next stage I'll prepare, ha ha ha."

After introducing himself, darkness surrounded Pendulum and he disappeared into thin air.

A few moments later the metal wall sealing the alleyway shattered, and turned to dust.

"Daichi, grab that boy. We can not let him start giving birth to demons again." Crystal ordered, his body was still trembling.

"Okay," Daichi agreed, hoping moving his body a little would calm him down.

"We must report what happened today. Fenton-san, please come with us, we need to explain a few things to you, in heart of this event." Crystal stated.

Mana nodded her head. She was still shaken by what had just transpired.

Is this the change in life that I was looking for?

Author Notes

Well I'm re-writing this finally. Trying to work on increasing the pace a little bit. So if you spot anything that could be taken out to speed things along please do share.