Reality 10: Pendulum And Miasma VS Genesis (American Branch)

"It looks like we are above the airspace of Genesis' American branch"

The one who spoke was a boy in his mid to late teens with hair that bordered between red and brown, skin that was as pale as a ghost's and was wearing a long illuminating scarf. He was one of Venus' most powerful Realitist's, a member of Reality Seven, Miasma.

"I don't like long boring trips, I sure hope it is worth it."

The man who responded was a man who wore a huge grey coat that covered him from head to toe the hood was pulled down and covered the top half of his face, forcing anyone who was to look at him to concentrate their sight on his mouth which is the only facial feature visible. But it was always plastered into a sadistic smile. This smile was capable of inciting fear into almost anybody friend or foe alike. He was another member of Reality Seven, Pendulum.

"How should we go about this then?" Miasma asked.

"No point in taking care of this in a round about method, it's been a while since I took the stage personally." Pendulum replied

"If you want, you can just sit back and leave it to me," Miasma said without a hint of nervousness, he was one hundred percent sure that he could do so.

"Even those who work behind the scenes want to be in the spotlight from time to time. No plan, no script, let's just improvise." Pendulums smile was stretching his skin even further. "Pilot, launch a missile at the enemy base."

"Roger that," *Click, Click* "Missile launched, impact will be momentarily…."

*Boom* - A bright flash of flames flooded through the windows.

*Beep beep beep* - An alarm was sounding from within their vehicle

"Several heat sources are approaching us, the missile has been shot down." The pilot reports.

Miasma and Pendulum did not waste a single second, they opened the door to the plane and jumped out, neither men was carrying a parachute, the pilot was still in his seat at the front of the plane.

*BOOOOM!* Another large bang could be heard, their plane had been shot down with the pilot still in it. The two Venus members could have easily have saved the pilot, but they simply didn't.

Miasma and Pendulum landed softly on the ground in the vicinity of the American Genesis branch. The building was in the shape of a dome, its entirety was painted pure white and was in the middle of nowhere, there were no roads or any other buildings. It was in a desolate place where no one would even think to come.

"We just lost our ride back." Miasma said in a rather disinterested mockingly sarcastic tone.

"Well, I think it's safe to say after that little barrage, they know we're here, I'm itching with excitement." Pendulums voice was full of sinister enthusiasm.

Inside of the American Genesis base.

A room that was largely filled with computers and people working on them, they were all talking loudly giving reports as new information came in, almost like they were in a state of emergency, although that was just the case.

"Sir the auto defence system detected and successfully shot down an enemy missile and the enemy plane, however our images show that two people escaped from the plane before it was destroyed." A man wearing a headset reports to his superior.

"Can you identify the enemy?" The superior officer asks, his name was Brian Jacubs. He was the leader of Genesis' American branch, like Twistache he was a S ranked Realitist. He was in his thirties and had blond hair that was cut short but not shaved, he wore a black shirt accompanied with a white tie and navy blue trousers.

"One of the two fits the description of a man named Pendulum whom attacked a few of our agents in Brinton. The other man is unknown." The man wearing the headset replies.

"Pendulum, which means it's Venus?" Brian concludes, "Use our long ranged weapons, don't let them near this building!"

"Yes sir!" His subordinates answer in sync.

"Order all the A and B ranked agents to split up into mixed teams, one team is to attack the enemy, the other is to secure the artefacts in this base. We cannot allow them to fall into Venus' hands." Brian further orders.


"I too shall fight on the front lines, all hands in here process information about the enemies that come in from our agents and distribute it. Try to find counter measures against the enemy."

"Yes Sir!" They all shouted as they gave a salute to their boss.

After giving a few more detailed instructions Brian ran out of the room, intending to intercept the enemy.

Back outside the base.

"We are being underestimated." Pendulum said with anger in his voice, his pride hurt.

"Conventional means like regular artillery? This won't even slow us down." Miasma supplements.

Miasma and Pendulum were walking towards the Genesis base at a leisurely pace. Explosions could be heard and seen, but none of them reached either of them, as they just continued to walk in a composed elegant manner. All of the artillery that would have caused harm to the two had disintegrated before it could.

"Your homebrew chemicals and compounds are as strong as ever, Miasma." Pendulum compliments his partner.

That's right, the reason for the artillery disintegrating was due to Miasma. Hovering in front of them was something that looked like a purple cloud, all the artillery that made contact with it just simply dispersed, creating a safe area for the duo to casually walk on what otherwise looked like a battlefield from world war one. The purple cloud was created via Miasma's ability as a Realitist.

"Hold It!" A voice orders. The artillery had stopped firing off rounds, Genesis realised that it was not accomplishing anything.

"Well well, looks like the biggest fish has stepped onto the stage. Brian Jacubs, The S ranks Realitist of the American branch of Genesis." Pendulums said in voice filled with excitement; like a child who has woken up on Christmas morning.

Brian stood between the base and the two Reality Seven members, along with Brian was approximately forty other Realitists who were ranked between A and B.

"I didn't think he would show up straight away." Miasma states.

"I cannot let you of Venus go, you shall not leave here alive." Brian declares.

"Such a cliché line, but you know, when someone says such a line, they will always meet their demise by the end of the scene." Pendulum says as he grabs the arms of his coat and rips them off, revealing his bare arms.

"Miasma, Brian's mine, don't interfere." Pendulum orders

"Fine with me, mind if I go on ahead?" Miasma replies with a sigh.

"Yeah, go." Pendulum responds as he waves his hand

Whilst the two were talking Brian charged towards Miasma, a sword in one hand, and a axe in the other. He had no intention of letting the enemy set the pace of the battle.

Before he could reach him however, something swung horizontally in front of him, stopping him in his tracks. In front of Brian, a guillotine was penduluming from side to side at a high velocity; attached to the guillotine blade was a chain that was many metres long and reached into the sky, there was nothing actually holding the chain in sittu in the sky, but the last link was acting like it was attached to an invisible ceiling. The guillotine blade went back and forth many times in just a few seconds.

"Don't take your eyes off me." Pendulum said with a wry smile

"Grrr" Brian grunted in anger.

In just that brief move Brian could tell that his opponent's were not people he could fight at the same time. He wasn't even sure if he could defeat one of them, let alone both. In just a fraction of a second, Pendulum had created the guillotine like pendulum that could probably cut right through a human without even slowing down.

"Then, I'll be going on ahead." Miasma said as he started speeding towards the Genesis base. Brian knew that if he chased after him, Pendulum would just attack and kill him in that split second. Because of Pendulum he could not lift a finger against Miasma, so his only choice.

"Stop him! Don't let him into the base!" Was to order his subordinates to do so.

The Genesis operatives that numbered around forty readied their weapons. Miasma whilst running pulled his illuminating scarf down to reveal his mouth, his cheeks expanded like he had breathed in air ready to dive underwater, then from his mouth, he let out a blue cloud like gas at the Genesis operatives, most of them jumped out of the way, sensing the incoming danger, but three or four of them were caught in the blue cloud.

Miasma kept running straight ahead and entered the base. The people whom had been caught in the blue cloud instantly went pale and fell to their knees, they began coughing up blood whilst holding their throats, within about six seconds of hitting the blue cloud, they were on the floor, not moving, everyone can tell at a glance, they were dead.

Brian gritted his teeth at the horrible scene that was before him.

"Poison!?" He concludes.

"Correct," Pendulum answered with a sadistic smile. "Miasma has thorough knowledge of chemicals and compounds, using that knowledge in combination with being a Realitist, he can create all kinds of dangerous poisons. Those who got caught in that last attack died within a few seconds; but you can bet that every millisecond was pure agony."

Brian's face was showing true anger for a moment, but realising that Pendulum was most likely taunting him he calmed himself down before shouting to his subordinates.

"Go inside the base and back up team B, don't do anything foolish, just try to stall him, I'll deal with this guy and be there ASAP."

"Yes…SIR!" The Genesis operatives were shaken by the deaths of their comrades, but they shook themselves back to reality and then ran into the base, pursuing Miasma.

"You are quite a cruel man, Brian Jacubs. Telling them to go after Miasma. You just sent them off to their death's." Pendulum criticised "'Don't do anything foolish'? Ordering them to stall Miasma is in itself foolish!"

"We of Genesis will not give into your terrorism." Brian replies in a heroic like voice.

"If you had ordered them to flee I wonder how many lives would have been saved, ha ha ha." Pendulum continues to taunt.

"Don't underestimate Genesis, you scum!" Brian shouted as he ran towards Pendulum, who just remained stationary.

Another pendulum guillotine appeared and moved straight towards Brian, it would cut him straight in half if he was hit, Brian dodged by stepping to the side whilst running, however yet another one appeared, this time attacking him from the side rather than head on. Brian, had no choice but to jump back in order to avoid it, stopping his charge forward.

"You won't win if all you do is run." Pendulum states as several more of the pendulum guillotines appeared in several locations, this made running around for Brian much more difficult. "It's my turn to take the offensive."

Inside of the Genesis base (control room).

"One of the Venus members has slipped into the base."

"According to reports he attacks using poisons, all personnel get properly prepared, do not fight alone."

"The chief is currently facing off against the second, we must concentrate on the one who has infiltrated the base."

"Protect the Artefacts, the possibility that they are the enemies objective is high."

"Reports indicate that the one in the base wears a illuminating scarf, shut off all lights, use this to your advantage."

Inside Of Genesis Base (corridor).

The corridor was pitch black, the lights had suddenly switched off, Miasma continued to walk on, not paying it any attention. His scarf shined like a bicycle light in the darkness.

*Haah Haah!* There was heavy breathing coming from in front of him.

"Hmm, so you're trying to block out my poison by using gas masks are you?" Miasma analyses.

The many Genesis members charged towards the shining light that Miasma's scarf was giving off, however they lost sight of it momentarily.

"You're so foolish, if you block out my toxic compounds, I'll just switch to corrosive." Miasma coldly states

"AHHHHHHRRGGHHH!" Several piercing screams yelled out in agony, Miasma ignored them and just continued walking on until he found something that took his interest.

Inside the Genesis building fresh air was pumped into the building for a better working and comfortable environment, due to its location the base was also a sort of dormitory, so a comforting environment for it's employee's was a must.

"I guess I'll make the most of the ventilation system then." A menacing smile appeared on Miasma's face along with the words that escaped from his mouth.

Back outside the base.

Several pendulum guillotines were scattered around and their numbers were only increasing, then one of the guillotines sliced through the chain of another, releasing the blade from the pendulum, which from the momentum span quickly towards Brian, who moved out of the way to dodge it, however the blade kept going and cut off the blade to another pendulum, which in turn cut off another blade, creating a domino effect of one blade leading to another.

(I thought he was creating those things randomly, but they are calculated so that he can attack from multiple angles all at once by cutting the chains and using the blades like projectiles, I can't attack him in this state) Brian analysed to himself.

Every time a pendulum's blade was severed, a brand new pendulum guillotine appeared to take it's place, this meant that the attack would never cease.

The attacks were also unpredictable, this prevented Brian from attacking, he needed to use all his concentration just to evade the attacks.

(No choice but to gamble) Brian thought to himself as he threw his axe at Pendulum, but one of the severed guillotines deflected it. (NOW!)

Pendulum sensing something looked up into the sky and realised what was going on.

"Planning to give me a jolt huh?" He states

At that moment a big slim structure appeared, the lightning struck it, blocking it from hitting Pendulum, whom would have been in its direct line of fire.

"What the!?" Pendulum was shocked, Brian was standing right in front of him, swinging his sword down he severed Pendulum's left arm.

"So the lightning was just to distract me, very clever." Pendulum praised, he did not appear to be fazed by the fact his arm was torn off, but the pendulum guillotines had disappeared and heavy quantities of blood was pouring out of the wound.

Brian, deciding he now has the advantage charged in weaving his sword. Pendulum jumped back dodging the sword Brian kept chasing him and Pendulum kept dodging.

Brian was now at complete advantage and all Pendulum could do was dodge the attacks. This continued on for quite a while, until...

Pendulum began to kneel over, maybe due to the blood loss. Brian decided that this was his chance to kill him and charged once again towards Pendulum.

"WHA!?" The surprise did not come from Pendulum but Brian, who looked down at his ankles, holding one of his legs was Pendulum's severed left arm. To reply to his shock Pendulum said only a few words.

"It may not be connected to my nerves, but it is still connected to my reality."

Before Brian could react a pendulum guillotine hit against Brian's sword, knocking it out of his hand before disappearing.

"DAMN!" Brian cursed.

Pendulum then held out a cube like accessory that was dangling off of a chain before stating.

"This is check-mate!"

"An Artefact!?" Brian shouted in shock.

"Pandemonium Perimeter!" Pendulum called out the name of his Artefact.

A large light emitted from the cube but it quickly subsided.

Suddenly, restraining Brian was a wooden stock, it was the type used in ancient styled executions. It entrapped his neck and both of his hands.

"WHAT'S GOING ON!?" The reason for Brian's shock was not due to the wooden stock. "Why can't I manipulate reality!?"

"That is the power of my Artefact, it displaces all the world's reality within a certain area, and replaces it with my own. A Realitist can only replace the world's reality with their own, they cannot re-write the reality of other Realitists. Hence you cannot manipulate Reality within this area."

Brian's face began to grow pale as he heard Pendulum's explanation.

"You probably thought you were winning when you cut off my arm, but you're wrong." Pendulum states

"What are you talking about?" Brian asked in a shaky voice.

"Pandemonium Perimeter, my Artefact, requires the user to draw out the out-skirt of the area with their own blood in order to activate." Pendulum explains

"You don't mean…" Brian's shocked face was renewed from this new information.

"I let you cut off my arm, so that I could fulfil the conditions needed to use my Artefact." Pendulum concludes his explanation.

Brian fell silent after having it explained to him, Pendulum was just toying with him from the word go.

"Enough talk, time for the epilogue, 'the execution scene!'" Pendulum announces loudly in excitement.

A pendulum guillotine appeared and it began moving side to side like usual, however the top chain link which was pivoting the guillotine, began edging closer and closer to Brian.

"Tick, tock, tick, tock," Pendulum continued saying as the finger on his right side was imitating the movement of the guillotine. Brian's face got paler and paler as the guillotine got closer and closer. He was reduced to watching himself die, not being able to move, or defend himself, he was helpless.

Three minutes later.

"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!" Pendulum was laughing hysterically his arm reached up into the sky at a forty five degree angle, his face, arm, and coat were covered in blood, Brian's blood. The body itself was limply on the floor it's hands and head had being severed off from the neck and arms.

"Looks like your done here too." A voice calls out.

Pendulum turned around to face the direction of the voice, before saying.

"I really enjoyed myself today, Miasma."

"Just what did you enjoy?" Miasma asked.

"Baptising myself in my enemies blood!" Pendulum answered with a smile on his face like he was in pure bliss.

"So much so you lost an arm?" Miasma retorts.

"It can be re-attached without any trouble, so that doesn't matter." Pendulum shrugs it off.

"Anyway, I found the Artefacts, I guess we can leave the transporting of them to the grunts." Miasma says as looks at Brian's lifeless body.

"Our ride home will be here soon right?" Pendulum asked.

*BRRR BRRRR!* - As if to answer his question, a loud noise could be heard overhead, it began descending.

Several men exited and ran towards Miasma and Pendulum.

"Reporting! Miasma-sama, Pendulum-sama, you are both to return to base. Please leave this scene to us." One of the men said with a salute.

Neither of the two acknowledged the man. Pendulum just picked up his severed arm and began walking back to the plane with Miasma to his side.

The American Branch of Genesis which was composed of one S rank, thirty eight A rank, fifty B rank, seventy one C rank, twenty six D rank, Twenty E rank, and seventy seven non Realitist personnel, decimated by two members of Venus' Reality Seven. Number of Genesis survivors: ZERO!

Author Notes

By far my favourite current chapter of this series I wonder if anyone has actually read it though. Oh well who care I like writing it.