Chapter 1 – Drama Queen!

"I just don't think I could date a meat head like him." I told Alice. "He's so not my type!" I said grabbing my lunch tray.

"Oh come on Nick!" She said shaking her hands together like pompoms. "The other girls on the squad think you guys look cute together!" She said her voice as peppy as always.

"You just need us to be a gay couple mascots, don't you?" I said accusingly. "It's bad enough I have to plan homecoming AND run around dressed up like a mountain lion on steroids." I said, sitting down at a table. "Anyway, you know my rule." I grin. "I don't date younger guys." I said, taking a bite of my sandwich.

"Getting scolded again Alice?" I hear Noelle ask from behind me. "Are you still playing match maker for the jerk Luis?" She sits down and takes a bite of her salad. "I just can't stand guys like him, he so superficial!" Noelle said, digging into her salad.

"Tell me about it, wasn't it just last week he was dating Sarah Greens and was all over Jonny?" I said, disgusted.

"Oh come one guys." Alice pleaded. "He's a good guy." Her tone didn't sound believable to me.

"Well I still won't date him, just leave him on the football field, far away as possible from me." I said, drinking a bit of my soda. "Oh, hey~ Alex." My smile brightens up. "How's it going girl?" She sits down next to Alice.

"It's been alright, I got a 27 on the ACTs" she said, sounding a little disappointed.

"That's amazing!" The peppy Alice said cheerfully. "I could never get that, my average is about a 23." She said.

"I agree that's a great score, plus your GPA is what, a 4.0?" Noelle said in a supportive, but annoyed tone. "So stop worrying so much." Turning towards me she asks. "So what are we going to do about homecoming?" Now all their attention on me, I smile. Like every year since our days in 7th grade; Alex, Alice, Noelle and I have been part of several dance committees. This year we are in charge of the homecoming dance.

"It has to be bigger than last year, it's our sophomore year, we NEED to prove ourselves!" Alice said, emphasizing the "need". I chuckle and pet her head.

"Don't worry I've got an interesting theme I know you girls are going to love!" I smile and pull out my note book.

"That's what we're counting on." Noelle said, slightly revealing her tongue piercing.

"Okay so last year's theme was "In the jungle"." I said as I open my notebook. "We all know how much of a disaster that was." I giggle a little at the mental image of the football team wearing lone-cloth. "So this year's theme will be "Midnight Frights"." I said, showing a drawing of a poster I was designing.

"That's my kind of dance." Noelle smiles, her eyes show a faint sparkle.

"Yeah, sounds super fun!" Alice said, grabbing Noelle's arm. "You must help us pick our outfits." Alice smiles at Noelle, and Noelle giving in pets Alice with a sigh.

"But…" Alex said, sounding a bit worried, "what is it about, is it a monster ball or a Halloween dance?" She asks. I hesitate.

"Well…" I close my notebook. "I haven't gotten that far." I said feeling a bit embarrassed. "I'm hoping we can decide that during today's meeting, you guys are coming right?" I ask giving them the "you better say yes" stare. "Well?"

"Yeah, we'll be there!" Noelle said looking at Alex and Alice. "Won't we girls." Her tone sound a bit forceful.

"Yeah, I'll be there right after practice." Alice said.

"I'll be a little late; I have to meet with Mr. Lowen to discuss my business presentation." Alex said, looking at her agenda.

Alright, I was just making sure." I said. The bell rings and we pick up our trays. "See you later~!" I wave to them and make my way to Chemistry.

"Hey Nick, I need a favor from you." I hear a familiar voice call out in the halls. I turn around to see Danny Thomson or "Dexter". He's the school's note taker. If you ever need great quality notes for a cheap price, he was your guys, he notes assures that you will pass the test if you study them.

"What is it now Dexter?" I ask, looking at a school clock. "I have to get to chemistry right now."

"Just give me a minute." He said, I sigh and gave in. "Well I got an order to fill, it's a big one," he said, in an excited tone, "but…" he hesitates, "I don't have the man power to deliver it."

"So?" I said to him. "What does that have to do with me?" I look at the clock again.

"Come on Nick, you're "the bridge of clicks", if anyone can help me it's you." He gives me a sheepish smile.

"Alright, geez! I'll help you." I grab a sticky note. "Here call me at this number later and I'll set you up with whatever you need." I stick the note to his forehead. "That's two favors you owe me." I give him a wink and leave for class.

"Hurry up Nick you'll be late!" I hear Mr. Falli call from his classroom door. I speed up, barely making it when the bell rings. "Safe, only by a hair." Mr. Falli smiles and directs me to my seat. "Alright guys, did you all do your homework last night?" Mr. Falli asks. Who wouldn't? His assignments are easy to understand and if we get them done we get to do a ton of crazy experiments. "Awesome, the whole class did it." He said. "You know what that means… we get to work with liquid nitrogen!" His excitement fills the room. "Well I get to," He smiles childishly and picks up a metal cylinder, "if you guys did it the school would fire me, so instead I'll have you guys watch me freeze all sorts of cool stuff." I eagerly sit in the front of the room to get a better view.

"What are you going to freeze first?" I hear James ask from the back. Mr. Falli smiles and raises a rose.

"I saw this cool video on YouTube were they were freezing several things and one of the was a rose, and I thought it would be fun." He scans the room. "Would anyone like to be my lovely assistant for this trick?" My hand shots up. "Okay Nick come up and assist me on this one" He said, handing me the rose so he can put on his gloves. "Okay class we all know what happens when we place an object in liquid nitrogen right?" We all nod. "Then I won't have to explain all the boring stuff and get to the fun part." I hold the rose up for him so he can grab it with the clamps. I giggle at the sight of him in his geeky lab goggle. He submerges the rose beneath the fog the spills from the metallic cylinder. We wait a few seconds and he pulls the rose back up. It looks beautiful. It looks like a crystallized rose, like the enchanted rose for "Beauty and The Beast". "And there you have it, neat isn't it?" He smiles and hands me the frozen rose. "For you." He teases, but I take it anyway.

"Why thank you." I sit down as the nest helper stands up. The class ended quickly, freezing all sorts of things from pencils to a grape, class flew by. At the end of class when he bell rings we are told pick up tonight's homework. I place the rose in an outside pocket of my bag. "Thanks again, for the rose Mr. Falli." He smiles.

If you liked it that much, maybe I should give the Mrs. a bouquet of them." We laugh and I wave goodbye. As I open my locker I notice Natalie Peterson walking up to me, I groan and completely open my locker in an attempt to ignore her. I pick up my Geometry text book and just as she walks up to me I slam the locker and walk away.

"Well!" She said, as she catches up. "Aren't you rude!?" She sounded offended.

"What do you want?" I said sounded displeased. "And hurry up I don't have time to waste on you of all people." I hurry my pace. Natalie and I go back to the 7th grade. She confessed to me, when I told her I was gay she didn't take it so well. By the end of the week she had spread some dumb rumors about me cross-dressing and going out to pick up older guys.

"Yeah? Well I don't have the time for your BS either." She said, snapping back to me. I roll my eyes. "Anyway I heard you're the head of this year's homecoming dance committee so…" I guessed what was coming next.

"No." I said flatly, before she finishes the question.

"What?" She asks surprise.

"No. I'm not leaving you in charge of anything." I said.

"And why the hell not?" She was clearly angry by now.

"Because you don't work well with others, your super egoistical, your creativity is on the same level as that of a kindergartener's and you don't follow directions." I give her several reasons, but the main reason is because she's a cheating, lying, manipulating bitch. "I've already assigned the jobs to other people anyway. Now I have class." I wave.

"Urg, Nick you're such a dictator!" She said, starting another one of her acting routing. "This is the great nation of the United States, I have rights you know!" I roll my eyes.

"Yeah, like I have the rights not to have to listen to your whining." I reply. "And Natalie, would you drop this subject, you're not going to get anything from me." As I enter the class room I look back. "And stop acting like such a Drama Queen!"