Chapter 1: Wynterwether Prison

The gates of Wynterwether High stood high marked with electrocuted barbed wire for extra measures. I gulped. No fancy designs or anything, not even graffiti, just towering brick walls with few windows. Did my mom mess up my papers or something? Or did Molly mess them up because she didn't want me to interfere with her fame? Or did Hell just want me right there and then? This placed looked like a prison. It was supposed to be a boarding school for people who were gifted in the musical department and arts…

"Ung!" No matter what I did, the silver button did not go through the slit of fabric, I was starting to question whether not I had big hands or I underestimated my size.

"Need some help?" Molly asked. With that I finally put the button through. Yes! I knew I got the right size!

"No. I got it."

"Didn't sound like it."

"It's not my fault they're tight in the thighs and loose in the ass!" A child started crying. Great. Just great. Molly chuckled a little.

"I'm assuming you're not getting them?"

"Hel- heck no!" I yelled realizing there was a child in the area. I could feel a mother's glare.

Later Molly started teasing me. "You're supposed to be there in ten minutes and yet you don't have your hair straightened and you have nothing fancy to wear."

"Guess I'm just going for the 'fuck you' look then." My hair was pulled tight into a cheerleader ponytail and I was wearing my Charlie Brown shirt that said 'I'm just one big freaking ray of sunshine aren't I?' with comfortable jeans.

"Not to mention the cute boys. O.M.G! I BET THERE IS A TON OF THEM!"


"You're not wearing that."

"Uh, yea. I AM." I said. "If you want to make an impression, wait 'till next Friday." Me and Molly, sadly, came at different times. Apparently, I got accepted before her.

"Whatever." I was assuming it would just be like our other boring school.

The gates opened slowly. What surprised me though was that there were actually people staring at it in awe, like it was God's Palace or something of that sort. Jeez people. What did they do? Brainwash kids here? If so, does anyone want to cough up at least 4k so I can get back home? I can tell you one thing; I'm only here on a scholarship. I'm stinkin' dirt poor over here. I'm not the one saying my drumming skills are like, out of this universe.

"Welcome!" A cheery voice said. I snapped my attention to the girl who was standing in front of our group. I blinked once or twice. Now where am I? An insane asylum? The girl looked like freaking Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games, only with a longer, indented nose. "I may…" She trailed off showing us around. It was basically green…and brown. I admit I have slight ADD, but somehow it never affected me…sort of, well whatever.

"What's your name?" Blondie asked. No kidding. Porcelain skin, petite figure, blue eyes and, yeah, you guessed it, blond hair.


"Going for the guy look Alex?" She quipped. I tried not to glare.

"F.Y.I," I said trying not to snap at her, "Alex is short for Alexandria. I'm dressed like this because I feel no need to dress up for" -air quotes-"cute guys." She got the message, but I saw her trying not to laugh.

"I'm Elsie." She said. "I'm seventeen like you, I'm in advanced honors art, did some sculptures for the Natural Museum of Art and History, my favorite color is metallic silver, my favorite artist is my hometown teacher Mrs. Bethany Green, she inspired me in so many ways."

"Practicing your class speeches? Because if you did, I just totally fell asleep." She smiled.

"I like you."

"Huh. You're like number three on the list." She raised her eyebrows. "My mother, my best friend then you." I filled her in.

"Ah." She nodded slightly. "So who do you think you are going to get?"

"Huh?" I asked confused. She looked at me, eyes wide.

"Did you not just hear the headmistress?"

"Effie Trinket is the headmistress?" She cracked up then, laughing so hard.

"Jeez, you're awesome." She then filled me in. If you're into the musical part in school and are taking the class I am you get formed into a band with other people. Basically you're managing a band and you go into concerts and contests to get your grade. Usually it's a shot at getting famous. I really didn't read my coarse very well.

Later, Elsie ordered some hot chocolate while we watched the replay of Revolution on NBC on the new 90" plasma HD flat screen TV. "What teachers do you have?" She asked.

"Mrs. James, Mrs. China, Mr. Miller, Mr. Strezepeck, Mrs. Imbert, Mrs. Burton and Mrs. Carter."

"Cool! I'm in two of your classes! Yay!" I briefly smiled.

"Hey," I said after a moment, "is there a time to wake up or something around here?"

"No, not really. Although they don't serve breakfast twice so I recommend seven."

"Seven! Argh!"

"I'm guessing you're not a morning person."

"Got that right."

"Just because I like you, and out of the kindness of my heart, I'll order you something. Eggs?"

"Scrambled, two with bacon with toast and grape jelly." I said. "I'm tired." I finished.

"Just go to sleep, k?" She said. "I'll take care of it."

"Alright." I murmered into my pillow, pretending to go to sleep.

I couldn't sleep though. So much was going through my head. I sighed lightly and looked at the picture propped up on the nightstand. A single tear slid down my face. "Night Mawmaw." I said as I tried to sleep.

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