Chapter 2: Our Band

"Alexandria Summers Brown?" My head snapped up at my full name. The teacher was looking at the class. Oh. I'm an idiot. She was doing role.

"Here." I think I shrank back in my seat from the attention. Mrs. China was the music teacher…as well as the math. I thought that was strange.

Class seemed to go on forever. In Mrs. China's class there is no window (go figure) and the clock is stuck at 10:35 forever, it gains a second then it loses a second. "Now," Mrs. China said. "We will be forming our bands." I tuned in then. "I will be drawing your names from hats, so not complaining." She drew one name from one hat then moved on through the others then said that was a band. Pretty easy if you ask me. Although the harder part was that we had to manage ourselves, make our own songs and all that.

"Kris Palmer, Dawson Black, Dakota Black, Eli Gallagher," she called the first four names. There was only one more hat to go. Sure, they all looked cute. It was ironic that the brothers, Dawson and Dakota, were in the same band. From what I've already heard Dawson was a major player. Maybe if it becomes a boy band I'd listen to them. Most boy bands sound whiny to me. I like One Direction although I don't love them. One the other hand, I love The Wanted. Mrs. China reached into the last hat and pulled out the name. "And Alexandria Brown." I blinked several times. I stand corrected. Several people made a collective gasp. I heard some whispers about me rigging it or something and I absolutely felt holes in my head from the glares. What? I could act like a guy if I wanted to; I certainly had the attitude for it. "This will be your groups for the rest of the year. You're expected to make an album for your final grade. You can come to me for help but I'm expecting you guys to take your time wisely." And with that, I had to work with four guys.

"What should we call our band?" Kris asked.

"How about 'Four Sexy Guys And An Ugly Girl'?" Dawson suggested, earning a look from his brother. It hit a nerve, I was about to explode on him and wipe that devilish grin off his face but I didn't want to put any points on me. After all, I wasn't rich and they could sue me for damages, these of which I could not pay. Luckily, they didn't get the hint. If I was mad, I would fume silently…unless under special circumstances. Dawson made me want to kill him.

"I think that may hurt her pride." Dakota said looking at me apologetically as to apologize for his brother. I shrugged as if to say even with that he was still a dick, but of course, he didn't know that. They kept on bickering to each other. Eli seemed to stay silent, looking at me with interest. I felt the urge to change right there and then though because I was embarrassed that I wore an angry bird shirt that said 'bird power' and jeans. It was starting to get annoyed listening to them. They sounded like girls bickering about whether to go into Victoria's Secret for the first time or not.

"Look," I said speaking up. I think they got the message of my annoyance. "You sound like girls bickering whether or not to go into Victoria's Secret for the first time." Did I just say that? Did my brain just not want to filter my thoughts or something? Kris looked like he was about to die of laughter, so did Dakota and Eli. Dawson looked impassive. "We're wasting time deciding what our name should be. We could just go into one of the recording rooms and slap some tune together and go from there."

"That sounds great." Eli said finally speaking up.

"Yeah." Kris agreed. Dakota nodded. Ha-ha. Four to one. Dawson didn't look happy.

The recording room was huge. It was more of a hangout place than a recording studio. Beanbag chairs, feather pillows and I think you get the clue. I went over to the drum set and the other guys took their places. I held up three fingers and counted down then put a steady beat. Eli then played some little tune on the electric piano. Dawson, Kris and Dakota joined in.

We played for a while. It sounded good. I kind of made it die down since my wrists were hurting. I felt relaxed…that was until I realized there were four other guys there. "You're so cool." Dakota said lightly. Looks like it made us all tired. And we had all day to go.

"I get that a lot."

"You're a really good drummer. I-" he started.

"Are you kidding me?" Dawson cut in. "She messed up the whole gig." He laughed a little bit. "Good drummer, psh." He added.

That is when I snapped.

"How can you judge someone you don't even know!? How do you think I even got into this stinking place!? Because my drumming skills are like a kindergartner trying to spell their name? No! I'm not ugly either! I'm freaking gorgeous compared to those idiots you call pretty! Half of them are plastic surgery addicts! Now you're going to have deal with me for the rest of the year because if you don't then you'll fail!"

"You think I don't know you?" His voice was scarily calm.

"Do you?" I asked now calm before walking off, flipping the middle finger at him. Just as I did the bell rang.

Dawson's POV

"Dude," Dakota said to me as he sat down right next to me in history. "Why do you act so mean towards her?" Ah, Dakota. Dakota. Dakota. Dakota. He always has to be the nice guy. He's wooed so many girls I cannot even count…and yet they called me a player.

"It's none of your business." I growled still pissed off.

"Well, certainly it is. Eli is starting to think she's one of your exes." My eyes widened then narrowed.

"What makes him think that?"

"Uh, hello?" Dakota said as if I were an idiot. "We were right there."

"She's not one of my exes…and to tell you the truth, I don't think she's anything anymore." Dakota blinked slowly.

"I think I'm missing out on something…"

"No. Not really." I said bluntly. "Now Dakota, what really did you want to talk about?"

"I think Elsie is-"

"Shut. Your. Fucking. Face." And that was the end of that. I had enough problems on my hands already.

Yes, I still had those nightmares; I still hated the guy's guts but they aren't as bad. But seeing her again after so long makes me cringe. Because I was remembering every vivid detail about it. And the fact that she doesn't remember a single thing angers me.

This was going to be a long year.

Alexandria's POV

I tried to put the stupid asshole out of my head but I couldn't. Questions kept on popping in and out of my head. Did I know this guy or something? Why did it seem like he knew me? Am I like, so totally right about being at a mental place?

"Hot chocolate?" Elsie held it in front of my face.

"I'm assuming you order it a lot?" I asked taking it out of her hands.

"Yeah, it gets cold around here in the winter. You were just lucky to come when the high was seventy." I laughed. I took a sip of it and then shoved it away because it was hot. "Hey Alex…I know you're new but…" Her tone changed drastically.


"I'm dating this guy. His name is Dawson and-"

"Holy shit." I said cutting her off. "Is that the son of the bitch who claims to know me?"

"Uh, yeah…" She said. "He was really nice to me but I'm getting rumors from all over the place about him being a-"

"Dump him."

"Ok…I really like him though…"

"You should go around the place asking other girls, even I'm new I can still point out who's an asshole or not."

"Yeah, I'll try that…" I didn't know Elsie could be this insecure. "How do you know him?"

"Oh, jeez." I muttered. "I know him because I'm in his band. Along with his brother, Kris and Eli. And somehow Dawson knows me from somewhere. And now I have to make an album with him."

"Oh." She said simply. Then, "could you find out more about him?" I stared at her for a moment. Chicken….cluckity, cluck, cluck, cluck. Then answered her.

"Sure." Wait what? Did I just say that? Is my brain failing? Do I need to go to a doctor to prove my thought filter is right? Argh!

"Thanks!" She said. "You're so awesome!"

"If I had a penny for every time I heard that one I'd be a millionaire." I muttered.

As we watched modern family the events of the day slowly sank in. They could've been a hot boy band. But there had to be a girl. And now I have to make an album with them? God help me.

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