The Mind of the Negative

Part One

The weather has been slightly stormy. Little rain bursts here and there, snuggled with the occasional wind. I personally think it's lovely, and I enjoy standing outside or sitting on the swing in my front yard. I like to play the flute I have, and listen for the nature creatures to respond. Recently while on the swing, a spider was crawling next to my legs. I shrieked and jumped off the seat. I don't mind spiders in nature, but if one gets on me, it'll be cared to death and half deaf from my screaming.

I went to the library too. I love to check out 8 or so books at a time. 8 is my lucky number, so I try to stick to it. My family has been having much bad luck lately, so every little thing counts. I like sitting on my bed, usually with candles lit or music playing, drawing anime or reading, playing with my cat Axel.

My birthday is coming up soon. I'll be 19 years old. It's so strange. If I could guess my age from my face I'd say 15. From my body, 19. I've been getting an interest into spa related stuff, like face masks and make ups, bubble baths and bath salts. There's nothing more relaxing than a hot bubble bath. And lucky for me a friend of the family got me a bunch of spa supplies, along with a chocolate cake. I'm what's known as a chocolate freak, so it makes me temporarily happy. I do suffer from depression. I get up some mornings and wonder why no one has ran me over yet, or harmed me in some way. I do not fear death, but I fear for a painful one for the people I love. I hope all who must pass, do have a calm, peaceful way of going, with their loved ones by their side. I wish for their life to be fulfilled.

If anyone is wondering why I write this, it is because I am a naturally negative person. I have a morbid way of seeing things. So if anyone out there wants to know, "What a negative person thinks", then read on.