Eleven Legged Water Beatles

As you lay down to enter the realm of dreams

Something is not quite as it seems

A scrabbling, scratching, at your bedroom door

As sweat begins to drip from every pore

So you pull your blankets up over your head

Telling yourself, if you can't see it, it's not real

Well honey, that's not quite the case

These are dangerous grounds we tread

Your door explodes in a shower of splinters

Behold the fearsome eleven legged water beatles

With pincers as hard as diamond and paper

Who will be your armored savior?

So the questions begin to fill your head

The emotions all tainted with a hint of dread and

while you're sitting there making up your mind

It's put me in an awful bind

Time is your greatest enemy, in ways unimagined

One foe who does not fear the bite of steel, yet

you find yourself with the familiar comfortable grasp

on the hilt of your sword, for all the good it will do

Yet as quickly as they come, they are gone

Driven away by the stray purple cats

and quarter rhino, quarter centipede halflings,

That guard your door each night

The rabbit's charm is lucky indeed

And the necklace burns so bright

Sometimes the only way to defend yourself

Is to stand down and avoid the fight

And when all is said and done

Will you be the lonely one?

Or will you embrace the wild, the weird, the wonderful,

your self-imposed solitary confinement

Sometimes the answer isn't obvious, so keep searching

Searching, long and hard, for answers to questions unknown

And one day, when you find that answer,

You'll sit upon the golden throne