Lee's knees shook slightly as she tapped her feet nervously, looking around the park for signs of Maddox. Just a couple of days ago, she had been released from the mental institution after nearly two years of treatment and counseling, and Maddox had told her to meet her at their favorite spot in the park today.

She sighed softly, pushing her hair behind her ear, looking down at her dirt stained Converse. Where the hell is he? It's so typical of him to be late for these kinds of things.

Her mind began to wander, and she thought of why he might have asked to see her here specifically. I wonder if he's going to do something sweet for me for my 18th birthday, she thought with a wide smile.

Then Lee heard a familiar tune coming from behind her.

"These are the eyes and the lies of the taken.
These are their hearts but their hearts don't beat like ours..."

She turned, what she saw made her cheeks blush and her lips curve into a Cheshire cat grin.

Maddox was walking towards her, carrying an old school radio on his shoulder with their song playing on it, a mischievous grin stretching his mouth wide. Lee launched herself off the bench she was sitting on and ran for Maddox, barely giving him time to set down the radio before she jumped into his arms, nearly knocking him onto his back laughing.

She clung to him tightly, inhaling his warm scent of buttered toast and coffee and feeling his strong arms wrap around her. "I'm so glad to be home," she whispered into his neck.

Maddox chuckled softly as he set Lee back down on her own two feet. "I'm glad you're home too, sugarplum," he said softly. He then bit his lip slightly nervously. "And I got a present for you, too..."

"Did you really?" Lee's eyes brightened as she grinned even wider.

"Well really, I got you a few presents," he said, laughing a bit as he slung his backpack off his shoulders and unzipped it. Inside were tape cassettes, all labeled by the months that Lee was away from home. "I went through all our old music," he said softly, "and listened to a new track each day. And I recorded vocal and guitar covers for you."

Lee's eyes watered as she looked at the cassettes inside the bag, looking through each one. "Oh my god... this is beautiful... and you really didn't have to do it for me," she said, softly blushing.

"Of course I did, babygirl... I missed you. This way I could deal with the loneliness, and also make you a gift for when you came back."

She giggled and stood up again, giving him an even tighter hug than before. "You're a crazy motherfucker. You know that, right?"

He laughed and held her to his chest again, kissing the top of her head. "So I've been told... and there's one more gift I want to give to you."

She pulled herself away, smiling wide. "What is it?"

Lee's heart stopped and stuttered when Maddox lowered himself onto one knee in front of her, reaching into his jacket pocket and pulling out a little velvet black box. No. He can't be fucking serious... this is actually happening.

He opened the box, revealing a twinkling ring, a diamond surrounded by emeralds and sapphires, her two favorite gemstones. "You know what I'm going to ask you, don't you?"

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The song that was playing on Maddox's radio is "The World Is Ugly" by My Chemical Romance.