A branch of a tree scrapes against my side

The long green grass tickles my tummy

My nose twitches as I smell the crisp morning air

My ears flick towards distant sounds

My eyes are soundly focused on the target in front

As I creep forward

My eyes lock onto the prey in front of me

I can see the rest of the pack closing in

My paws step quietly in the long grass

I can smell the scent of the deer

My mouth is watering from the thought of food

As I prepare to pounce

A growl escapes from my mouth

My paws feel the cool morning air

I can hear the barking of the other wolves

I can see the fear in the eyes of the beast

My prey makes to run

As I launch towards the deer

My claws dig into the flesh of the deer

My jaw locks into the neck

The rest of the pack have grabbed on

The deer begins to bolt but stumbles

We crash onto the floor

As we savage the deer

There is blood around my mouth

I can see the deer's eyes looking at me

Though the eyes aren't seeing

Deep down there is guilt

But we wolves have to eat

As we turn and stride away