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"Your Life"
A game where the player can live the way they want...

Reim wakes up from his sleep, still feeling sleepy, after all that gaming from yesterday, He feels tired and got sleep right away, but that's a problem, cause today is not a holiday.

"Aaaaah, I'm late!" He shouted.

Then He rushed to the bathroom and take a bath, and dressed right away, and rushed downstairs.

"Why Freya didn't wake me up?!" He shouted while running.

"Because there's no school today"

Then he realized that Freya is sitting on sofa while watching TV, and then he just realized that Sofia is there too.

"Sorry for intruding, Sev" She said while still watching the TV.

"What actually happening here, and what do you mean with no school today?" Reim asked, confused.

"Just look at the TV and you will understand" Freya said.

Then Reim takes a look at the TV, it was a news, and the news was about...WHAT?

"Is this for real?" He asked, not believing what He sees.

"Yes, this is real" Freya answered.

Then the reporter start reporting from the location.

"Today, thousands of people around the world, are reported to be trapped inside a game called 'Your Life', they can't logout from the game and have been playing for hours, the game company cannot be entered or called, so no explanation about this problem is available" The reporter said.

Reim confused with this, why did a game won't allow the users to logout? And if people stayed for hours, or days in game, how about their body in real life?

"We've to save them" Freya said suddenly.

"But how? We don't even know the problem..." Sofia said.

"Don't worry, I know the GMs, I will tell you all about it later" Freya said.

"Really? Who is it?" Reim asked.

"You know them Reim, I'm sure you will be surprised when you see them" Freya said, smiling.

Now Reim is really curious, what did He mean by 'Someone he know?'

"Well, I think it's no use to just stay here and do nothing, so let's go!" Sofia said while opening her laptop.

"That's the spirit!" Freya said.

"Well, let's login and findout more about this!" Reim said, and all of them login to the game.

'LOGIN: Reim07'

Now all of them have logged to the game, they start to see around them, it seems normal, everyone is not scared or panicked.

"How can they are not scared?" Reim asked.

"Well, those who can't logout are those who defeated by virus monster" Freya said.

"Virus?" Sofia asked.

"We will talk about it later, for now, follow me" Freya said.

Then they walk to a big building, and entered it right away, then Freya guide them to what seem to be the director room..

*knock knock* Freya knock the door.

"You may enter" A voice said from inside.

Then all of them come inside, and Reim can't believe what He sees.

"Oh, you've come Freya, and you bring reim and Sofia along as well!" The director said.

Reim can't believe what He sees, the director is his father.

"Father, You are the director?!" Reim said in disbelieve.

"Yes I am, don't you remember that my company is a gaming company?" He said.

"Oh, sorry, i never know that" He said bluntly, He really don't know about this.

"At least you see the name of the company" Freya said to Reim.

Then Reim sees the sign besides him, it says 'D'neir Company, bringing smiles to the world'

"Well, I don't even know the name of your company" Reim said bluntly.

"At least know the name of your father company..." Reim's father said, facepalmed.

Then suddenly a Woman enters the room.

"Vreiss, We've located the location of the virus-oh"

Then She suddenly runs to Reim and hugs him.

"Oh, Reim, Mother really miss you, you know?" She said.

"Mother, stop it, it's embarassing" Reim said.

Then She releases him, and She turns to see Sofia.

"Oh, is that you, Sofia?" She asked.

"Yes, long time no see, Auntie" Sofia answered.

"You really have grown! You've grown to be a beautiful girl!" Reim's mother said.

"Thank you!" She said in a cheerful voice.

"So, how's your relationship with Reim, Sofia?" She said with a sly looking face.

Then Sofia's and Reim's face turn red.

"W,we're not like that!" Both of them said at the same time together.

"Then, why both of you are red?" She asked again, She really enjoy this.

"We're not!" Again, they said it at the same time together.

"Okay, stop it, We've a more important thing to discuss" The twin's father said.

"Oh, right" Then the twin's mother begin to read what written in a book.

"We've found the monster which said to take the players it has defeated to unknown place, it's located on the top of Blizz mountain" She explained.

"Thank you, mother" The twin's father said.

"So, we've to go to Blizz Mountain and beat the boss?" Freya asked.

"Exactly, Blizz Mountain is located far west from here, You've to pass the Dawn Forest and to the town of Krop, then you can see the mountain" the twin's father explained.

"I see..., then let's go now" Freya said.

"Okay!" Reim and Sofia said together.

Then all of them walkout from the room, but Reim's mother stops Reim just before Reim get out from the room.

"Don't disappoint Sofia, okay? I know that She really like you" She said.

Reim blushed a bit, but actually He's happy to hear that.

"I won't" He said seriously.

His mother smiles to him, then He gets out from the room and from the building.

"Now, what will we do before we go?" Reim asked.

"I suggest buying some better equipment first" Freya answered.

Then Reim and Sofia go to the weapon shop and Freya to the magic shop, after that, they changed their equipment and change it with their best.




After that, they go pass the Dawn Forest, they manage to level up while passing the forest.

'Lv. 7'

'Lv. 7'

'Lv. 7'

Then they get out from the forest, but they look someone familiar on the road.

"Hey, that's Liz, Liz!" Freya calls her from afar.

Then Liz stops and turn around to see the group, and the group run to her.

"What're you doing here, Liz?" Sofia asked.

"Well, I want to know more about the bug monster, so i go the Blizz Mountain" She said.

"But it's dangerous to go alone you know?" Freya said.

"Well, I think it's better than just stading and doing nothing" She said.

"Well, how if you join us, we want to go to Blizz Mountain too" Freya said.

"That's right, You will be very helpful too" Sofia said, and Reim nodded.

"Well, okay then, thank you, everyone" She said.

"Okay, now, let's go!" Freya exclaimed, and they go to the next town, the town of Krop.


They arrived at Krop, and they look around the town.

"It's very quiet here" Reim said.

"People know that the monster is around here, so they go to other place" Freya said.

"Maybe it's the best for them" Sofia commented, and Liz nodded.

"Well, let's go to the mountain now" Freya said, and all of them go to the mountain.


"Wow, it's very high" Sofia said.

"And the boss is on the top of this mountain, sigh..." Reim sighed.

"Just sighing there won't take us to the top of the mountain, now let's go!" Freya exclaimed.

Then all of them start to climb the mountain, while climbing, they manage to level up until all of them reach Lv. 10, suddenly, when they are in the middle of the mountain, they see a Pegasus.

"Wow, it's a Pegasus!" Sofia said, excited.

"It's beautiful..." Liz said.

"Yeah..." Reim agreed.

"Ahh, I want to make it mine!" Sofia said.

"Then tame it and make it your pet" Freya said.

"How to do it?" Sofia asked, curious.

"You have to make it trust you as its master" Freya said.

"Okay, I will do it!" She said, She really wants that pegasus.

Then Sofia walks to the Pegasus, and She pets it in its head.

"It's okay, don't be scared..." She said in a soothing voice.

Then the pegasus looks at Sofia, and it seems to trust her, then a message appear.


"I think I will name you Gracelia" Sofia said.

Then an icon appears above the pegasus now known as Gracelia.


"Conngrats, Soft!" Reim said to her.

"Yes, with this you are a real cavalry!" Freya said.

Sofia smiles, then She looks to Gracelia, it snuzzling to Sofia.

"Stop it, it tickles" She said, then all of them laughed.

"Unfortunately, you can't mount it and fly to the top of the mountain" Reim said.

"Why?" Sofia asked.

"Then what about us!" Reim and Freya said at the same time.

"Oh, sorry, I forgot" She said honestly.

Then an unknown voice speaks to Reim

'It seems that my master is a kind person, right?' It said.

"Hmm, who's talking there?" Reim asked while looking around him.

"No one talks, Sev" Sofia said to Reim.

"Well, maybe I'm just imagining things" Reim said.

"Anyway, let's go!" Freya exclaimed.

"Yeah, to the top of the mountain!" Sofia exclaimed too.

Then they resume their journey, while on it, Reim could swear that He hears a voice talking to him, but Reim decides to think that it just his imagination.

Then they arrive at the top of the mountain, and they see the boss there, a giant dragon, an Earth Dragon.

'ROOOOOAAAAARRR!' The dragon roars very loud.

Because of the dargon roar, all of them step back a little.

"Urgg, it seems very strong!" Sofia said.

"Don't worry, we can defeat it!" Reim said.

"Right, we can and have to defeat this monster, for the sake of every players!" Freya shouted.

"Right!" Everyone shout together, and they run to the dragon.

'Lv: 12'
'HP: 3000'

"Jeez, this boss has a large amount of HP" Reim sighed.

"Then just do a lot of damage!" Freya said, then he throws a fireball.

'DAMAGE: 300'

"Not yet!" Then a lightning bolt strikes the dragon.

'DAMAGE: 300'

Suddenly, the dragon do a breath attack, and Freya can't dodge it.

'DAMAGE: 500'
'LightningFreyr: HP: 700/1500'

"Ugh..." He's thrown back by that attack.

"Freyr!" Reim said in a worried tone.

"I'm fine..." He said.

"Cure!" Liz uses cure to heal him.

'HEAL: 200'
'LightningFreyr: HP: 900/1500'

"Thanks, Liz" He smiles to Liz.

"Never mind" She smiles back to Freya.

Freya blushed, this is the first time He sees her smiling, and He had to admit, She looks cute.

But there's no time to relax, the dragon has readied its breath attack again.

"Dodge!" Reim commands all his teammate.

Then the dragon release its attack, but they manage to dodge it.

"Okay, now let's fight, Gracelia!" Sofia said to her pet, then She mounts it.

"Fly!" She commands, then Gracelia fly to the air.

Then they fly to the dragon, and Sofia stabs her spear to its eye.

'DAMAGE: 400'

The dragon growl, thenReim shot his gunblade.

'DAMAGE: 300'
'EARTH DRAGON: HP: 1700/3000'

"Okay, keep attacking and it will be down before long!" Reim said.

"Right, now attack it with al of your might!" Freya shouted, then He throws a fireball at the dragon.

"DAMAGE: 300'

"Okay, its HP is down to half!" Reim exclaimed.

Suddenly, the dragon flaps its wings and creating a strong wind, and Reim is thrown high.

"AAAAARRRRGGGHHH!" Reim shouted.

"Reim!" Sofia looks to Reim, but the wind also reach her, and She ends up thrown from Gracelia.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" She shouted.

"Float!" Liz chants her magic, and Sofia floats in the air, slowly, She landed on the ground.

"Phew, thanks Liz" Sofia smiles to Liz, and She smiles back.

Meanwhile, Reim is still in the air, almost falling down.

"Damn! if I fall my HP will drops to zero!" He says to himself.

'Don't worry Reim, I'm here' A voice said to him, it was the same voice from before, and suddenly, Gracelia appears below him.

"Gracelia?" Reim asked to it, and He falls to it.

'Quick, grab a hold' It says, and they start flying around.

While flying, Reim manage to get some shot on the dragon, making his HP down to the orange zone.

'EARTH DRAGON: HP: 1000/3000'

"Great!" Reim exclaimed.

"Good job Reim!" Freya said to him, while readying a magic.

"Take this!" He shouted, and He throws a fireball, but this time, it's larger than before, the fireball manages to find its way to the dragon's head.

'DAMAGE: 500'

The dragon then fly to the air and do some breath attacks, one of them manage to hit Sofia, but it only slightly reduced her HP bar.

"That's nothing" She smiles.

"Now, Burst!" She activates her Burst, and her spear glows brightly.

"Take this!" She throws her spear to the dragon, and it pierces right through its body.


Then the dragon fell down, and then it disappear.


'REWARD: 3000 EXP'

All of them manage to level up until Lv. 11.


Then a dragon's egg materialize in Sofia's hand.

"Well, I already have a pet, so, this is for you, Reim!" She smiles while giving it to Reim.

"Really, thanks!" He puts the egg to the inventory, "You're so kind, Sofia!" He smiles to her.

"T, thanks" She smiles back, She blushed a bit when He said that She's so kind.

"Anyway, with this, the virus monster has been defeated, so I guess the people that disappeared will be back soon" Freya said.

"That's a good thing to hear" Sofia said, while Reim and Liz nodded.

"Now, let's head back" Freya said while walk away, and the group follows him.