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"Your Life"

A game where the player can live the way they want...

I open my eyes and see that I'm in the Plaza of Fijk Town. Everything looks normal. People are walking around me. Then I see someone is materializing besides me. It's Soft. After she finished materializing, I approach her immediately.

"Hey Soft." I greet her while smiling.

She replied my smile. "Hey Sev."

I look at her for a moment. Her equipment has changed to a better one. This is suspicious. How can she got those equipment in just one night?

"Soft. How did you get those equipment if You just play last night?" I ask her.

She was shocked to hear this. "Err, I play until late last night, so..." I can tell from her voice that she's lying.

"That's impossible. These equipment are expensive. There's no way you could got all the money in just one night." I keep insisting her.

Finally she gives up and admits it.

"Okay I admit it!" She shouts. "I play every day!"

I don't expect her to shout. And because of that, people around us are looking at us.

"It's good that you admit it. But you don't have to shout!" I tell her while trying to cover her mouth. But she keeps it away.

"But I've lied to You, Sev!" She starts to cry. More people looking at us. And that make me embarrassed. I immediately pull her hand. But she pulls it back.

"I'm sorry, Sev!" Her cry becomes louder. Actually this often happened since we were a kid. Every time She does a mistake, She will start crying and apologizing until I stop her. The problem is, This is the first time it happens in public.

"I'm sorry, Sev. I'm really Sorry!" She's apologizing again. Frustated, I kick her ankle to make her fall. Just before She falls to the ground, I catch her and bring her in 'bridal style'

"Stop crying Sofia. I already forgive you." I said while running in search for a quiet place.

"Really? You really forgive me, Sev?" She asked.. She has calmed down.

"Yes. Besides, I already know that You play often." I answered. There's no way someone could know about shops that sponsoring this game if He or She only plays for a short amount of time...

"Thank goodness. I thought you would hate me." She said in a raspy voice. She's like a kid...

Then we arrived at a narrow alley and I put her down.

"There's no way I would hate you Soft. So, stop crying!" I smile to her.

She looks relieved after I said that. "Thanks, Sev" She looks cheerful again.

"That's the Soft that I like." Ooooops. I said it unsconsciously.

"W, what did you just said, Sev?" She asked me. I see her face becomes red. I turn my face away immediately. Embarassed.

"N, nothing." I lied.

"M, more importantly, let's focus on defeating that virus monster so we can get out from the cafe." She said. Oh yeah, I almost forgot that we've to defeat virus monster.

"But where's that virus monster?" I asked.

"I don't know either..." She answered. Suddenly a quest notification appeared from nowhere


I read that quest again. It looks different to a normal quest. The Mastermind? He was the one that speaks earlier right? So He's the one behind the sending of all virus monster...

"So The Mastermind send this quest by himself? He really challenge us" I said.

Soft that has just finished reading that quest immediately closed her menu and turn to me.

"The important thing now is defeating that virus monster." Her voice has become clear and firm. There's no sign that she was crying.

"That's right," I said. "But isn't Arachnid Cave far from here?"

She smiles to me. Then She opens her menu and open her map.

"Don't worry. I've been there before." Then She reaches my hand and hold it tightly. After that, the scenery in front of me disappears...

The next thing I see is a mouth of cave. I see my surroundings. Now I'm in path that surrounded by a forest. And there's a mouth of cave in front of me.

"So this is Arachnid Cave..." I said while looking at Soft besides me.

"Yap. This is the dungeon after Blizz Mountain. Supposedly your level is enough." She said with an arrogant tone in her voice. Just because her level is higher than me...

"Okay. And because your level is higher than me, then you must be the party leader..." I said.

"Of course! Now, follow me!" She walks to the cave immediately. She's really confident. It's really different from her first fight where she is very scared...

Then we enter the cave. Before we venture deeper, she stops for a moment.

"Summon, Gracelia!" Then Gracelia the pegasus appears in front of us.

'Hey, Sev. How are you?' She said. I already know that I can talk with monster using my special skill, Monsterisator. This skill lets me to interact with monster. For now I only can ly talk with them. But my skill will surely develops.

"I'm fine. Thanks, Gracelia" I replied her greeting.

"Oh yeah, Sev. What happens with the egg that I gave to you?" She asked. Oh yeah, I completely forgot about it.

"Oh. I forgot." I said honestly.

"Seriosly..." She facepalmed. "Anyway, try to check your inventory. If it has hatched, you can summon it right away."

"Oh, okay." I open my inventory immediately and check that egg. The word 'hatched' attached on it. Then I can summon it right away...

"Summon, Retta!" I summon it with the name that I've just made.

Then a small dragon appears. It looks similar to the dragon that we defeated before. Just in a smaller size.

"Wah, so cute!" Said Soft while petting it. "Can you speak to him, Sev?"

I try to speak to him. "H, hey. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too, master. I hope we'll be good friends!" He said. Then He flies and rest on my head.

"Now, let's go, Sev!" Said Soft. Then She pulls my hand and go deeper.

When defeating the monsters in the cave, Soft only reducing their HP. And I'm the one who finished them. Seems like she gives me chance for leveling. Thanks to that, my level is only one level behind her.

"Sev, finish it!" Said Soft while giving me chance to finish this monster. Dark Bat.

"Yosh!" I shoot it quickly.

'DAMAGE: 600'

That Dark Bat disappears.


"Congrats, Sev!" She said while putting her hands around my neck. My face becomes red immediately.

"Yes, Soft. I can level up quickly because of your help. Thanks, Soft." My heart still beating . really fast.

"Never mind, Sev!" She said while smiling. She still clungs to me. This is one of many personalities of Soft. Sometimes she's haughty. Sometimes she's a crybaby. And sometimes she can be serious. As her childhood friend, I already know that her personality can change suddenly. Like now.

She releases her hands from my neck and pulls my hand. "Come on, Sev! We have to defeat that virus monster!" She said while pulling me. I immediately follow her and we're walking while holding hands now. She seems doesn't mind about it. And I'm embarassed to admit this, but I enjoy it.

The path that we walk on becomes wider and wider. Now we're in a very wide room inside the cave. I see my surroundings. I almost can't see anything because it's very dark.

"Sev, watch out!" Soft suddenly shouts to me. Something appears toward me. I jump to the left quickly and success to avoid it. I look back to see the thing that almost hit me.A spider web.

I immediately turn to see what in front of me. And I see a giant spider in there. I can't see it clearly because it's dark. But I can see it shots a spider web from its mouth. This time it targets Soft!

"Soft, dodge!" Too late. That web hits Soft. She falls and trapped in the wb.

"Ugh, I can't move!" She shouted.

"Wait, Soft! I will help you!" I run to her. Suddenly, a web passed just one centimetre in front of me. I look toward the giant spider and I see it runs toward me with an incredible speed.

"Damn!" I run away from it immediately. But its speed is faster than me. Just before it rams me, I block it with my Gunblade.

'Ugh! If this keeps up, not just I can't save Soft. But I will be defeated by it!' I said inside. Suddenly, Gracelia flies toward me.

'Reim. Use my power!' She turns into a light which hits me. I feel like I get a new power. Two wings grow in my back. A helmet which resembles a pegasus head attached to my head. And a white armor attached on my body.


I see my hands. My hands, no, my entire body is enveloped by a white aura.

'Reim, take your weapon' I hear Gracelia speaks in my head. I look upon me and see a spear flying in there. I take it immediately. This spear is different than a normal spear. It's very light that I can wield it with one hand. Two ornament wings attached on it. I hold it with my left hand. While my right hand is holding my Gunblade.

"Great! With this I can defeat that giant spider!" I shouted. Then I look to Soft. "Just wait, Soft. I will save you soon after I beat this monster!" I said. Then I see her smile.

"Okay, Sev. But make sure you beat that giant spider!" I give her a thumbs up. Then I fly to that monster immediately.

I stab it with my spear. Then I fly up and shot it three times. It shots web to me. But I avoid it quickly and immediately fly down and stab it with spear and slash it with gunblade that has already changed into blade form.


'HP: 6500/10000'

Great. I manage to reduce much of its HP. But it still has much HP left. If only I don't fight it alone...

Suddenly someone run pass me. I see it and it was Soft. She jumps and stab Arachnidos ten times with her spear.


'HP: 1500/10000'

"Soft!" I look at her as She jumps from Arachnidos body and landed right in front of me.

"Yap. That web already vanish. So I immediately come here to help you!" Said her while smiling. She looks relaxed. There's no sign of scared or nervous.

Suddenly Arachnidos runs toward me. When I realize it it already rammed me hard. I was thrown for around two metres. I immediately try to get up. But I can't move. Why?!

'DAMAGE: 1000'
'REIM07: HP: 1000/1000'

I lie down in ground and my body can't move. So its attack make paralyzed status, huh? I was careless! If I stay like this then I can't do anything!

Then I see Soft takes an attacking position. She looks at me for a moment. She smiles to me. Then she runs toward Arachnidos.

Suddenly one of Arachnidos's leg hit her in midair. She fell down immediately. Just before she falls Arachnidos rams its body to Soft.

"SOFT!" I shouted.

'SoftNightLight: HP: 100/2000'

She was thrown and fell right besides me. I see her eyes shut and She doesn't move again.


This is the end. There's nothing that I can do to defeat that monster. With my paralyzed status, I can't move. Soft's unsconscious. And that monster soon will finished us off.

'You want to give up just like that?' Gracelia speaks in my head.

'Come on, master! You can do it!' Retta that was hiding speaks to me.

"But how? There's nothing that I can do now." I answered with a low voice.

'You want to die just like that?' Gracelia speaks again.

I stay quiet.

'You want to let Soft die just like that?'

My heart's beating fastly. If it's me that die then it's all right. But to let Soft die? I won't let it!

I feel a power awaken inside me. I try to move my fingers. It moves. I can move again now. I stand up immediately and take a fighting position.

Arachnidos shots some wb to me that I quickly avoid. Then it shots some more web continuosly. I avoid it quickly and fly up.

Time to end this! "BURST!" I activate my BURST. Five gunblades appear and flying around me.

I fly down immediately and stab it with my spear that make its HP down to zero. The only thing left is to finished it with a BURST finising move.

"This is the last attack!" I slash it with my gunblade. The other gunblades that was flying around me stab it too.

'BURST finishing move. Six Gunblades Rush'

I fly up and see it disappears.

'REWARD: 5000 EXP'

I immediately fly to Soft and landed besides her. I'm really worried. She's still unsconscious. Her body's not moving. I hold her hand and She awakes.

"Sev." She said with a low voice. Thanks God. She's already awake.

"I did it Soft. I already defeat that monster!" I hold her hand tightly. I don't want this to happen again.

"Sorry, Sev." She speaks with a low voice. I'm shocked to hear this. "I want to defeat that monster. But I only bother you. Sorry, Sev!" She starts to cry.

"No, Soft. I'm the one at fault. If only I was stronger. I must be able to defeat that monster!" I said.

"Sev..." Her voice is still weak. It's not good to let her like this. She should get some rest.

"It's allright. Now, rest! We already defeat that monster, so we can get out from the cafe. After this I will take you home. After that, get some sleep!" I said. What we feel in this game will be bring out to the real life. So she would feel tired too in real life.

"Thank you, Sev." She suddenly get up and hugs me. My body freezed immediately. "I love you."


My face became red immediately. My heart skipped a beat. I don't know what to do now. Well, actually I'm happy to hear that. But this is too sudden!

"Soft, what are-" My words are stopped after I realize that She's sleeping in my arms now. Well, for now I have to logout...

Soft's body starts to disappear. Automatic logout. If a player sleeps in Your Life, He or She will be logged out automatically.

Now it's my turn to logout. Oh yeah, I forgot to complete my quest. I immediately open my quest menu and press the quest button. Then I press the 'complete' button.


This is just a normal quest complete message. I'm dissappointed. I think I will get some info about The Mastermind.

Suddenly a message appears in front of me.

"Very great. You defeat my creation again. If you want to know more about me. Then you have to defeat my other creations. Don't worry! If i make another creation. I will make sure that I tell you. Bye!"

That message turns into pixels. I will talk about this with Freyr later. For now, I will logout...

After I press the logout button. Everything around me disappears. The next thing I see is Soft's sleeping in front of me.

I look around. It's very quiet. It seems that everyone has gone earlier. I immediately bring Soft in'bridal style'. I ignore the gaze of people that looking at us in our way home.

I enter Soft's unlocked house. I immediately go to her room and put her in her bed. After I'm sure that that she's still sleeping, I get out from her room.

"Sleep well, Soft" I whisper while closing the door slowly. I immediately get out and walk toward my home.

"I'm home!" I said while putting off my shoes. Freya got down from the second floor immediately.

"Welcome home, Sev. I've known what happened." His face looks serious. Seems like father has already told him about this 'virus monster 02 incident'

Maybe this is the right time to talk about it. "Freyr, do you know about The Mastermind?"